Firestone Destination MT2 Vs BFG KO2

Choosing the ideal tire for your vehicle is crucial because it will affect the overall performance. Firestone Destination MT2 Vs BFG KO2 is suitable for drivers who will bring their vehicle to commute and some adventure. These tires are designed for high traction, especially on the unruly surface. They mostly perform similarly, but they are not identical so before you make the option, let’s see below about which works better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are the Differences Between AT and MT Tires
  • What are Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2
  • What are the Features of Firestone Destination MT2
  • What are the Features of BFG KO2
  • How is the Road Performance of Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2
  • How is the Off-Road Performance of Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2
  • How is the Snow Performance of Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2
  • Firestone Destination MT2 Vs BFG KO2

All-Terrain and Mud-Terrain

Like how we choose the ideal footwear based on the activity, the tire needs to follow the same idea. The tire is made to cushion the wheel, protect it, and gain traction, which performance will vary based on what type of terrain or tire you have. The original equipment is an excellent solution when you need to change the rubber, but we can try a better alternative for the performance or cost. Overall, it is wise to consider what type of terrain the vehicle will tackle.

If you are here, we assume that this vehicle will be both on the road and mud or loose surface. Looking for an ideal set of tires can be time-consuming because people can have different experiences with the same variant. For those who also love adventuring, an AT and MT tire will be a great solution to consider. They are easy to notice because the tread pattern or design is more aggressive than typical all-season or summer tires.

What is the difference between all-terrain and mud tires? They are designed for different types of drivers because MT focuses on the off-road section while AT is trying to balance the road and off-road performance. You may notice an MT tire by the tread pattern because it is made of large blocks optimized for off-road traction, such as mud or sand. Mud tires are also not suitable for daily road driving because they wear fast, are less comfortable, and can be pretty loud.

About Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2

On the other hand, AT tires are still ideal for daily driving, but the traction level will not be as good as an MT if your primary purpose is to have fun. Not everyone will have the same goal, so it is wise to consider what you need the most and match it with the type of tire available. Almost every tire manufacturer has a varying collection based on what the customers need. Firestone and BFG are well-known and highly praised brands for their tire quality.

For those not very familiar yet with Firestone, this brand is known as the affordable solution if you want to optimize the budget. This is an American brand and has been operating for the last Century but now is owned by Bridgestone, so don’t let it surprise you if they have similar tires in the collection. BFG or Goodrich, on the other hand, is a famous name among off-roader enthusiasts. This company has some of the currently most popular truck and SUV tires in the market.

Both companies equally have an excellent reputation for counting on quality and performance. For those driving on gravel, mud, sand, and other unruly terrains, the Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2 will be great options to consider. We have talked about the other Destination tire, such as in Firestone Destination LE3 Vs Continental Crosscontact LX25, and how the tire performs on the road. The MT2 is a mud terrain, so its primary focus will be off-road traction.

Since the tire is not something that will stick forever on your wheels, the initial cost is an essential factor to consider, and between the two, BFG KO2 will be more expensive. Is BFG KO2 worth the money? Yes, this tire is currently about $40 more costly than Destination MT2, depending on the size, but its overall performance makes it ideal for more people. The main difference between Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2 is the focus of the tire. With MT2 being a mud tire, this variant is better for off-road.

Firestone Destination MT2 Features

Before checking on how the tires work, let’s see the technology behind these famous adventurers. The Destination MT2 is made of a chip and tear-resistant rubber compound paired with an aggressive, high-void tread pattern. It has 23-degree attack angles for optimum pulling power when you drive on a loose surface. Compared to the previous MT, this new iteration is featured with more aggressive serrated upper sidewall lugs for side bite and traction on soft terrain. Between the tread blocks, Firestone put stone ejector to clear debris.

Improved from the original MT, the MT2 is added with 20% more biting edges for better wet traction and reducing slippery when driving on snow. This tire is made with three polyester casing plies intended to increase puncture resistance on the internal construction. At the same time, the two high-strength steel belts and nylon reinforcement will stabilize the tread.

BFG KO2 Features

BFG KO2 is an old favorite based on the original KO that first launched in the early 2000s. The KO2 is pretty new as it was released in 2014, just two years before marking the company’s entry into the off-road industry. The Baja T/A KR line inspired KO2 and is now featured with CoreGuard technology to improve split and bruises resistance on the sidewall. The shoulder is thicker, and BFG claimed it is increased to 20% stronger than the previous KO.

The tread compound is improved to ensure they will last 15% longer on asphalt and 50% longer when driving on gravel. It introduces Mud-Phobic bars with serrated shoulders combined with stone ejector and more siping. The company said this combination would improve the overall performance of KO compared to the first series. KO2 is made of twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon on top of its three-ply polyester cord sidewall construction on the internal structure.

Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2 on the Road

Now for the most important part, let’s start with the road performance of Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2. Some people may plan on installing these tires on their everyday vehicles. What to note is mud tires, including Destination MT2, will be less comfortable for road driving. The loud whine of this tire is noticeable from inside the cabin but surprisingly not as loud as some popular MT models. The steering response is also outstanding, with a bit of stiffness.

BFG KO2 is an all-terrain tire, and as an AT, the focus is balanced between road and off-road. This tire is impressive for driving on the highway and everyday driving because it feels like typical all-seasons. It is a bit heavy and chunky than most all-seasons, but the input and road noise response is excellent. We have no complaint about the dry and wet traction because the two provide traction and channel water away from the contact patch.

Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2 for Off-Road

Next is the off-road performance, which is disappointing for the either tire. Both Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2 are impressive and similar, with MT2 coming slightly higher. We think the MT2 is better on loose surfaces such as mud or sand because the tire is easy to float and clean itself effectively, especially on mud. The tread pattern is less complicated, and it seems the design is ideal for helping the tire paddle on a loose surface with less obstruction.

However, for the gravel and driving on a hard-packed surface like rocks, the Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2 are very similar. They can handle high-speed well, and you can even still play around with the tire to see their limit.

Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2 on Snow

Lastly, for the snow performance, both Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2 are designed to provide traction on this slippery surface. The KO2 comes with a 3PMSF label for snow application, while Destination seems to skip this and give it to the XT variant. Snow traction is good on both tires, but KO2 is better, especially on light snow and ice. We think they will be acceptable for winter application and MT2 is still very good but somehow not as grippy as the KO2.

Firestone Destination MT2 Vs BFG KO2

Both Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2 are good tires for people going on an adventure quite often. The main difference between Firestone Destination MT2 and BFG KO2 is that MT is a mud tire and KO2 is an all-terrain. The overall performance is better on the KO2 because it is an all-rounder choice that makes it ideal whether driving on the road or off-road. The snow traction is also better on the KO2, and it comes with a 3PMSF label for snow application.

Firestone Destination MT2BFG KO2
- More affordable- Expensive
- Louder road noise- Quiet road noise
- Better at mud and sand- Better all-rounder
- Good on snow- Better on snow


The choice is all yours and based on where you will drive most often. We recommend KO2 if you combine highway and off-road or for everyday driving. But, if the vehicle is for adventuring, MT is a suitable option; moreover, it is also more affordable.