Nexen Roadian HP VS Toyo Proxes

Choosing a suitable tire is crucial to let you drive with confidence. The Nexen Roadian HP Vs Toyo Proxes are perfect for road drivers who want high traction in dry and wet conditions. These tires perform well and offer excellent handling with great value for the cost. They will fit a wide range of vehicles and are ideal for your daily driving. To know more about the tires, let’s see below which of them may perform better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is High-Performance Tire
  • What are Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes
  • What are the Features of Nexen Roadian HP
  • What are the Features of Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes
  • How is the Performance of Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes
  • How is the Comfort of Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes
  • How is the Snow Traction of Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes
  • Nexen Roadian HP Vs Toyo Proxes

High-Performance Tire

There are so many tire types, so it can be challenging to find the one that matches your application. Usually, a typical car will come with an all-season tire out of the manufacturing facility because this is a versatile solution for almost any road condition. Drivers who will also do some adventure later may want to change into an all-terrain instead, which also carries all-season abilities. The mud-terrain will be ideal if you use the vehicle for mudding, climbing hills, etc.

There is also another type called high-performance tire or sport tire. What are high-performance tires used for? As the name suggests, they are more on the performance side, so if you often drive fast, they will be ideal. The performance tires are designed to offer sporty handling and fast response with superior grip to keep your vehicle in contact with the road. It is often chosen by people who drive with a “feel the road” kind of preference.

Are performances tires good for daily driving? Absolutely. The tires are almost like an all-season, and they will behave similarly for typical daily driving. However, performance tires will be superior when it comes to dry and wet traction so that they will be ideal for drivers living in a place with only two seasons. But, as you can expect, they are not made for winter and are not made to be used on snow. The snow traction will be far less than those all-season tires.

About Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes

Like most products, there is no single option that will satisfy everyone. High-performance tires are ideal for drivers who want precise handling and fast response from the vehicle. They don’t necessarily make you drive faster because there are many factors to consider, but they will suit the application compared to other tire types. You can also use them for everyday driving as long as the tire will not work on snow or very low temperature because the compound and tread pattern won’t provide sufficient grip.

There are so many high-performance tires, and since the main application is sporty driving, they can be quite expensive. But, it doesn’t mean we can’t find a better value for the budget if you want to try how they perform with your car. Nexen and Toyo are some of the famous names in the market for their affordable tires. They carry a wide range of options from mud-terrain such as Nexen Roadian MTX Vs Toyo Open Country MT to high-performance tire like Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes.

These tires are alternatives to many famous high-performance summer tires that you can opt for. If you have a performance car, it makes sense to pair them with a similarly expensive set of summer tires, but for us who only enjoy the handling of a sport tire, the Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes are very promising. Not only more pocket-friendly, but the tires are also working well on the road whether you often run on dry or wet asphalt.

Handling is nice, and both tires are responsive though they are also slightly different in character. We think Roadian can be a bit stiff at times and a bit noisier than the Proxes. We are talking about Proxes A/S for the comparison because Toyo has a line of Proxes, including Proxes RR, Sport, ST III, and many more. We choose this A/S since this is the all-season model from the collection, while the rest are specifically summer and competition-rated models.

Nexen Roadian HP Features

There is so much of a tire than how they look and are priced. Let’s see what the Roadian HP can offer first. As you can see, this tire uses a directional tread pattern while the Proxes is asymmetrical. This V-shape design helps the tire evacuate water more effectively and provide excellent wet traction. This type of design also excels in high-speed handling, which can be found on many similar tires. The shoulder is also precisely crafted for cornering stability.

The high-performance tire also uses a different compound than regular tire because they are generally softer to provide the grip. The standard material is still silica-based with some tweaks to match the application, and they will work well for both dry and wet traction. Additionally, there is a rim protector too in this tire to protect the wheels.

Toyo Proxes Features

Similarly, the Proxes is also made with a newly engineered silica compound. This material is claimed to provide excellent traction in all weather conditions or to give it an all-season ability. Unlike Roadian HP with its directional tread pattern, this tire comes with an asymmetric design. This type of pattern is often used for all-season tires because it is helpful for dry grip and water dispersal. It is also suitable for snow traction. It has large tread blocks on the outer area for handling.

Typically high-performance tires like Proxes are made with wider blocks to increase contact pressure, which is necessary for accuracy when braking and maneuvering the vehicle. These tires have plenty of small sipes across the pattern to help with irregular wear and reduce the sound when driven. You can find an alignment wear indicator here to promote more even wear. It has a rim protector to prevent damage to your wheels.

Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes Performance

Now for the most important part, let’s see how well the Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes perform in action. Both tires are impressive, and they are perfect for daily driving or even application that require you to carry a heavy load. The handling is good, and they are very responsive, but the steering feels a bit stiff on the Roadian HP. Some people don’t find this issue, so it is probably our vehicle, yet they are responsive and confident outside this small difference.

Cornering is accurate, and there is no issue with braking every time. The Proxes does stop the vehicle slightly faster than Roadian HP, probably because of the tread design. We also don’t have any complaints about the wet traction for Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes. They perform just like when the road is dry; cornering, braking, and acceleration are almost identical. We have heard some people with 18-inch Roadian HP experiencing some sliding, but most people find the tire similarly impressive in both conditions.

Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes Comfort

We notice that Roadian HP’s road noise can be pretty loud, at least for the 20-inch and probably also the larger tire sizes. It seems not the case for the smaller tires because most people have found them comfortable to drive. The Proxes should not be a concern regardless of the size unless you push them to perform higher. As for the comfort, we have no complaint when driving on the highway, but you can sometimes feel the road bumps quite prominently with any of these tires.

Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes on Snow

Lastly, for the snow driving, the Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes are not made for the application. Yes, you can still drive them when the season changes, but there is much less traction from the two during these cold days. Cold weather is not the issue, but the tires will lose much of the performance once the road gets too cold or covered in snow. We highly recommend changing into the proper tire for the season if you live on a snow-covered road during winter because it is safer.

Nexen Roadian HP Vs Toyo Proxes

Both Nexen Roadian HP and Toyo Proxes are good tires for the price. The OEM tires are often quite expensive, and if you burn the rubber fast, it is probably wise to get something that won’t cost so much. They are about the same price point, but sometimes you can find Nexen at a lower price for the same size. Performance-wise the handling of Proxes is lighter, so it can feel more responsive and fun to drive. The noise level may vary, but we think Proxes is quieter or about the same as an all-season.

The Roadian HP can be pretty noisy, especially on the larger sizes like 20 inches and above. Roadian HP offers 17 to 24 inches for the sizes available, while Proxes is from 16 to 22 inches. The snow performance is the same; none are as versatile as all-season.

Nexen Roadian HPToyo Proxes
- Can be found cheaper- Affordable high-performance tire
- A bit loud on the road- Very quiet
- Can be heavy to steer- Light to handle
- Larger sizes available- Less tire sizes


Both are good tires on the high-performance budget section. We will recommend Proxes if you can find the size here because it is similarly affordable and more comfortable for driving on the road. It feels lighter on steering and not as loud as the Roadian.