Goodyear Wrangler SR A vs Michelin LTX M S2 

Goodyear Wrangler SR A and Michelin LTX M S2 are all-season highway tires that are particularly popular on trucks and crossover utility vehicles. They are often found not only as standard tires on new cars but also as replacement tires, hence underlining their popularity. So, how do Goodyear Wrangler SR A vs Michelin LTX M S2 compare against each other?

We will answer that question by discussing the following aspects:

  • The comparison of the tires’ grip and steering performance on dry roads
  • How they perform on wet roads and on snow
  • Whether Goodyear Wrangler SR A and Michelin LTX M S2 are good for off-road rides
  • The comparison of their noise levels and overall ride comfort
  • The durability and mileage of Goodyear Wrangler SR A vs Michelin LTX M S2

Goodyear Wrangler SR A vs Michelin LTX M S2: Dry Performance

Goodyear Wrangler SR A is typically found as an OEM tire on various pickup trucks, but people also buy it as a replacement tire for their crossovers and SUVs. As an all-season highway tire, Goodyear Wrangler SR A claims to be reliable in all kinds of weather condition. See also: Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max vs Michelin Defender. Read also: Pirelli Cinturato P7 vs P Zero.

To ensure solid performance on dry roads, Goodyear Wrangler SR A comes with independent tread blocks, wide contact patches, and lateral grooves. The result is a solid grip from the numerous biting edges. The tread design is also optimized to reduce vibration and noise and maintain a quiet ride.

When tested, the tire indeed feels solid and responsive. The tire provides exceptional directional stability. It makes you feel confident and in control. The traction is also very good when cornering, and the braking distances are pretty short. If you mostly drive in the city or on the highway, Goodyear Wrangler SR A is a good choice.

Michelin LTX M S2 is an all-season highway tire designed for vans, trucks, and SUVs. It is actually a new version of the original Michelin LTX M S, which was also a best-seller in the past for quite some time. As a new version, it offers the latest technologies in tire design and tread pattern.

The special silica-enhanced tread compound on Michelin LTX M S2 is designed to shorten braking distances and prolong tread life. Meanwhile, the symmetrical tread pattern and the 3D Active Sipes offer enhanced traction and handling on dry roads.

Michelin LTX M S2 definitely excels as a highway tire. The performance on dry roads is very impressive. The handling is smooth, responsive, and confident. The sidewall part of the tire is slightly stiffer than the center, and this allows for solid performance when cornering and changing lanes. Stopping is quick with short braking distances.

Goodyear Wrangler SR A vs Michelin LTX M S2: In Rain and Snow

Unfortunately, the performance of Goodyear Wrangler SR A on wet roads is not as good as it is on dry roads. Although the tire comes with wide circumferential grooves, plenty of zig-zag sipes, and the company’s WetTrac technology on the symmetrical tread pattern, all of which are meant to enhance wet traction and combat hydroplaning, Goodyear Wrangler SR A still disappoints.

The tire tends to lose traction easily on wet roads. It still feels safe when you drive slowly in a rainy day, but it will make you sit on the edge of your seat if you try to pace up. The tire also suffers a bit of understeering on wet roads. Braking distances here are pretty good, but not great.

On snow, it becomes even worse. Goodyear Wrangler SR A lacks grip and traction, even in only light snow. It feels slippery and unsafe when riding on such a condition. So, this tire is not recommended for the winter.

Michelin LTX M S2, on the other hand, nails wet roads as well as dry roads. After all, it comes with a bunch of special features that are aimed for wet performance. The silica inside the tread compounds helps to improve water evacuation, and the zig-zag 3D sipes increase contact points to improve traction. The company’s MaxTouch design further ensures an optimal contact area on the tire for solid cornering and stopping in wet conditions.

Even when driving in a heavy rain, Michelin LTX M S2 always feels safe and stable. You won’t need to worry about slipping or hydroplaning. The steering also remains smooth and responsive.

Although Michelin LTX M S2 is not intended to be a substitute for a dedicated snow/ice tire, it does provide decent performance on light snow. There is sufficient grip and traction so that you can drive safely in early winter. It is also reliable enough for driving in winter’s slushy warmer days. That said, you still need to be careful, especially if the road is covered by a layer of solid ice, in which condition the tire struggles to gain a solid grip.

Goodyear Wrangler SR A vs Michelin LTX M S2: Off-road Driving

Goodyear Wrangler SR A is also not very recommended for off-road rides. To be fair, it is quite rugged, as it is reinforced by two high-tensile steel belts inside it. So, it can resist shocks and impacts to some degree. Driving through dirt with uneven surfaces or shallow mud is still possible.

The problem seems to be the tread compound, which is rather soft. It can get punctured easily on rocky terrains. As reported by some users, Goodyear Wrangler SR A is also vulnerable even if they are only driving on mild gravels.

Michelin LTX M S2 offers a generally better off-road performance. It is also reinforced by two high-tensile steel belts, which are wrapped by nylon for increased strength. If you often need to carry heavy loads, you should consider either the D-size or the E-size tires, which are reinforced by three steel belts.

Michelin LTX M S2 can take on mild gravels and dirt roads without any complaint. It has decent grip and power to bring your vehicle forward through such terrains. The tread is tough enough to resist punctures most of the time. It does struggle a bit in shallow mud and sand, but it can still work as long as you don’t bring it to the deeper areas.

Goodyear Wrangler SR A vs Michelin LTX M S2: Comfort and Mileage

Goodyear Wrangler SR A is one of the best in terms of highway comfort. It is smooth and very quiet, even at the higher highway speeds. You also won’t feel much vibration in the cabin.

However, the mileage of Goodyear Wrangler SR A is not very good. The tread seems to be soft and tends to wear quickly. Some users say that even though they have rotated their tires, Goodyear Wrangler SR A still suffers from uneven wear. Nevertheless, the tire has a 50K-mile warranty, which is pretty good.

Michelin LTX M S2 is good in terms of comfort, but definitely not the absolute best. It is generally smooth and quiet. It can even absorb road vibrations and minor bumps quite well. But it may produce some noise when you pace it up. One way to combat this is by ensuring that the tires are balanced properly.

The mileage of Michelin LTX M S2 is excellent. It usually lasts for quite a long time – about 50,000 to 70,000 miles, depending on your driving frequency and terrain. The tire also does not suffer from uneven wear. It is backed by a 70K-mile warranty from the manufacturer.

Goodyear Wrangler SR A vs Michelin LTX M S2

Goodyear Wrangler SR AMichelin LTX M S2 
- Excellent dry-road performance, very quiet- Excellent performance on dry roads but not very quiet
- Struggles a bit on wet roads- Excellent traction and steering on wet roads
- Not recommended at all for snow- Pretty good on light snow and slush
- Soft tread, can get punctured easily on gravels and rocks- Quite tough, reliable for mild off-road terrains
- Tends to wear unevenly- Even wear, very good mileage


Between these two all-season highway tires, Michelin LTX M S2 is generally better and more recommended. It is truly all-season, offering great performance not only on dry roads but also in rain and snow. It is also quite reliable for light off-road terrains, and the durability is exceptional.