Cooper Discoverer Vs Adventurer

Cooper is one of the most popular tire brands in the market with lots of collections to choose from such as the Cooper Discoverer Vs Adventurer that cover both on road and off-road application. These tires are very similar but also different and you may like one of them better as well for what they can offer. Before deciding the option, we will talk about what you can expect from the tires below so we know which of them will be the more promising choice.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are the Tire Types
  • What are Cooper Discoverer and Adventurer
  • What are the Features of Cooper Discoverer
  • What are the Features of Cooper Adventurer
  • How are Cooper Discoverer and Adventurer on the Road
  • How are Cooper Discoverer and Adventurer for Off-Road
  • Cooper Discoverer Vs Adventurer

Tire Types

Car tires are made of rubber and this compound is not going to last forever which is why during the time we own a vehicle, there will be several times we will need to change the tire set or rotate them to get even treadwear and longer application. The choice of tire matters as it affects the vehicle performance but just like running shoes, while all of them are called tires, not all tires will be fitted to the vehicle and work properly for our application.

When it comes to tires, we have more than plenty to choose from. You can shop based on various factors from the vehicle starting from the sizing, type, as well as the brand or manufacturer itself. But, even similar tires from the same brand can be different which is why it is best to look for the options that are not only going to work for your type of vehicle but also work for the type of driving, and what will be the most important for your application.

In general tires can be separated into on and off-road type based on where they are designed for. On road tires are usually called Highway tires, Summer tires, or All season tires, depending on what the focus is. They share similarities for being the most fuel efficient and the most comfortable to use for the regular daily driving on the road. They are also designed to handle road traction really well both on dry or wet pavement. For the more specific type like summer tires they have more contact patch for increased control.

On the other hand off-road tires are usually called Mud terrain, Winter tire, or All terrain tires. They are those we are installing on trucks or SUVs if you are driving both on and off the road. They share the same similarities for being chunky and look aggressive that many users are installing them for the look as well. The design is meant to improve traction when driving on the harsh terrain or providing biting edges as you bring the vehicle for adventure.

Both tires have their own pros and cons so there is no answer that will be the perfect choice or have a perfect score in all applications. To achieve something we have to sacrifice the other advantages as well and this is why finding the ideal choice is wiser because not all of us will drive on the same terrain or have the same type of application and what are the most important aspects from the tire to consider. Read also: BFG KM2 Vs KO2 here.

About Cooper Discoverer and Adventurer

If you don’t want to spend too much time looking around the collection of tires, we can just choose the one coming with the vehicle or stock tires because they will most likely be ideal for what the vehicle is designed for. We can shop based on the brand that you like since most of them must be carrying a wide range of options already for various applications. Personally, we prefer to shop from well-known names just for convenience.

Famous manufacturers are not only easy to find but chances are they carry a wide range of sizes and tire types to match with the driving habit and budget. Among those, Cooper is one of the best choices if you are in the market for reliable tires but still priced well. Recently it seems Goodyear just acquired Cooper but the change in collection or price will probably not be so significant. Among the tire collections, you can choose from various options starting at the budget range to those better-performing tires.

The amount of collection can be quite confusing however because so many of them are similar to each other such as the Cooper Discoverer and Adventurer line. The latter is probably a less popular choice among the tire lines made by the company since we rarely hear people talking about them but similar to the Discoverer line, the Adventurer is also a good alternative to opt for. In comparison however, it is not rated as high performance like the other line and probably best for budget shoppers.

The two lines have several tires to opt for based on the application but today we are going to talk about the all-terrain type and for Discoverer, we have plenty to choose from, especially the AT3 variant which now also becomes 3 different tires with similar features. The specific tires we are comparing today are the Discoverer AT3 4S and the Adventurer AT which are both all-season and all-terrain type. In comparison the Discoverer is performing better for the overall application but Adventurer is not a bad tire as well.

Cooper Discoverer Features

Before checking what the Cooper Discoverer and Adventurer can offer, let’s see what’s interesting from these tires first starting from the AT3 4S. This tire’s all-season label is made for versatility and this includes winter performance because they used the proprietary technology Snow Groove which is shaped like a saw tooth on the edges of these tire blocks in order to trap snow and provide better traction. The Aqua Vac channels in between the tire blocks are deep grooves to prevent hydroplaning.

Across the tire’s width, there are 5-ribs made of blocks to help provide better grip when you bring the vehicle for some off-road adventure while also improving the wet and dry traction. We can also find zigzag sipes on these tread blocks which are meant to help with traction and stability as well as preventing stone drilling.

Cooper Adventurer Features

Similarly the Adventurer AT is also designed with 5- aggressive ribs in order to help the tire for their all-terrain and all-season traction. In each of these tread blocks are featured with siping as well for the wet traction and better grip on slippery roads. In comparison, the tread blocks are more aggressively shaped here with crucial angles that seem to almost lock into each other. The gaps between blocks are narrow but the lugs are wider than and not as straight as those in Discoverer.

Cooper Discoverer and Adventurer on the Road

Now for the most important part, let’s see how the Cooper Discoverer and Adventurer are performing in application. Starting with the on-road performance, none of these tires are disappointing but side by side, the AT3 4S is the more responsive one. They are great for regular and daily drivers with prominent grip but the Adventurer is slightly less firm when on the pavement compared to the Discoverer. Not surprisingly the wet traction is also better on the Discoverer line.

Probably thanks to the higher amount of siping and wide lugs, this tire behaves well when steering on wet roads or while it is raining. The traction attained is not as much as when you are on dry pavement but it is still better and more confident to drive with. As for the comfort, they are similar to most AT tires, pretty quiet but the Adventurer did make more noise while it is not too loud at all and still manageable.

Cooper Discoverer and Adventurer for Off-Road

Next is for the off-road performance and since both the Cooper Discoverer and Adventurer in this comparison are meant for all-terrain, they should be able to handle rough surfaces without any problem. In this part, while the on-road application is won by the Discoverer AT3 4S, the off-road application shows that Adventurer AT is the more promising tire. The unique design of these tread blocks are great to grip and bite to the surface such as hard pack gravel and rocks really well.

But, when you move to a snowy road, the saw tooth of the Discoverer AT3 4S becomes more apparent in terms giving better traction on this slippery condition, similar to when driving on wet roads. The Adventurer on the other hand is rather slippery with snow and the vehicle is becoming more unpredictable. The Discoverer tire also comes with the 3PMSF rating in case your application calls for such a snow tire.

Cooper Discoverer Vs Adventurer

Both Cooper Discoverer and Adventurer are good tires and they are worthy to try as well. But, the two are not exactly the same and won’t give the same experience since overall the Discoverer line is better in terms of the balanced satisfying performance. This tire specifically the AT3 4S is better for dry and wet roads for its firmer grip as well as more reliable snow traction but when it comes for general off-road application, the Adventurer AT is working slightly better.

Cooper DiscovererCooper Adventurer
- Slightly more expensive- Affordable
- Available for larger sizing- Less sizing options
- Better on road performance (AT3 4S)- Better off-road traction (A/T)
- Quieter- More on road noise


You can go well with any of them based on which seems to fit within your driving habit the most. Personally however, we will recommend getting one from the Discoverer line such as the AT3 4S because this tire is overall more balanced in giving a satisfying experience.