Toyo Open Country MT vs Cooper STT Pro

Installing a new set of tires is not just about the look but also for their overall performance in which you will be driving the vehicle on. Rugged tires such as Toyo Open Country MT Vs Cooper STT Pro are perfect for drivers who will be spending a serious amount of time adventuring especially on loose surfaces. They are great to handle muds and typical gravel roads but, before deciding to choose one, let’s see what you can achieve with these tires here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are Off-Road Tires
  • What are Toyo Open Country MT and Cooper STT Pro
  • What are the Features of Toyo Open Country MT
  • What are the Features of Cooper STT Pro
  • How are Toyo Open Country MT and Cooper STT Pro on the Road
  • How are Toyo Open Country MT and Cooper STT Pro for Off-Road
  • Toyo Open Country MT Vs Cooper STT Pro

Off-Road Tires

Tires are made of rubber and this just explains why they will not last forever. Even our vehicles can reach a certain age when they are no longer reliable without major parts improvement or exchange but with tires, they will require more frequent investment on the good part. Tires are directly affecting how the vehicle works due to its function to always be in contact with the ground or surface so a good set of tires are always those who can deliver the adequate performance for your type of application.

Just like bike helmets which can be easily separated between on and off-road, you can do the same for car’s tires as well. There are on-road tires such as summer or performance tires and all-season while the off-road section is where the mud terrain and all-terrain are categorized. The all-terrain as the name suggests is more of a jack of all trades since they can be used on both conditions but, it will not be the best performing on either on or off-road.

Due to the typical terrain where the tires are mostly used, you will want either all-terrain or mud terrain when handling unpaved roads whether it is slick mud, sand, gravel roads, or rock hills. All tires made with off-road application in mind will give you a firmer grip on surfaces with boulders, rocks, mud, sand, and even snow. You can easily tell them apart based on the design because most, if not all of them are coming with rugged and aggressive aesthetic.

The structures of typical off-road tires are rigid and robust compared to the street variants so if you are often going to have an adventure on rugged terrains then they will be the excellent choice to provide enough traction. The aggressive looks are not only for decoration and to make your vehicle look cool but because they need it to firmly grip on rocks, mud, or sand. As opposed to the look, off-road tires are typically softer in material to provide enough flexibility when handling the terrain.

If you are wondering about choosing whether to go with a mud or all-terrain tires, do consider the type of application where the tires will often meet. When it comes to sticky mud, MT tires with large blocks and large gaps between them can clean easier. They are also great for rocks but if you often meet sand or will have a more balanced application between on and off-road, AT tires are typically more comfortable for both conditions, especially on the road.

About Toyo Open Country MT and Cooper STT Pro

Depending on the tires as well, they are certainly not made the same and the experience among users can often vary as well so it can be difficult to decide but as long as we match the tires with the type of application, they should work well or be reliable until it is time to replace the set. For those in the market currently looking to replace the old tires, we do recommend to stick with popular or well-known names because they tend to be more trusted.

Tires are available from numerous brands out there but we are sure most people are familiar with quite plenty of them such as Toyo and Cooper. Both of them are very famous for the wide range of collection, especially when it comes to the off-road tires such as Cooper AT3 Vs Toyo AT3 which both are good options on the more versatile application. For those who need more specialized tires for the challenging roads, we can opt for either MT or AT lines from the two companies.

Off-road application calls for not only rugged design but also reliable performance when handling the typical terrains and these sound like what Toyo Open Country MT and Cooper STT Pro are suitable for. Many must be familiar with the tires already because they are quite the favorite among enthusiast or daily users who desire the amazing traction. They are often rated high for the ability to grip loose surfaces really well including mud and overall working as your daily driver too.

While not specifically labeling its tire as an MT variant, the STT Pro is a maximum traction type which makes it very similar or just like what MT tires are designed for, mud, loose terrain, rocks, and unpaved roads in general. Most people seem to like both but we did notice that Toyo will be the better option here mostly because the tire can hold its performance fairly better as its age and with more serious application they will wear faster tool. For those who buy only for the look however, we do think both Toyo Open Country MT and Cooper STT Pro are just as attractive.

Toyo Open Country MT Features

Now let’s see the tires first and looking at the two, they are indeed very attractive to be paired with 4WD or most light trucks. With the Open Country MT, the prominent part is the open, scalloped shoulder blocks which are designed to improve the off-road traction, especially on loose surfaces like muds and sand, hence the vehicle can pull itself away from the mess. The open shape also helps channeling muds away from the tire to provide self-cleaning ability.

On the upper sidewall we can see some tread as well to aid when in deep mud or snow and for off-road handling. In the middle of the contact surface there is a set of hook-shaped blocks which acts the same as the shoulder blocks for it will give the tire an excellent traction to keep your vehicle moving. On the tread blocks there are modest siping to help when dealing with wet surfaces, especially on the road. On the construction the Open Country MT is made with 3-ply polyester construction for great durability and impact resistance.

Cooper STT Pro Features

Moving on to the next tire, STT Pro from Cooper’s Discoverer line, this tire has deep tread depths with alternating cleats and scoops on the shoulder area to help with traction on loose surfaces like muds or other softer terrain. It also has an anti-stone retention feature at the base of these tread grooves in order to help the tire preventing small stones from getting stuck and damaging the rubber. The lateral and circumferential channels will handle hydroplaning really well while siping are cut through to provide additional biting edges.

Similar to Open Country MT, the STT Pro is also made with 3-ply polyester casing in order to make the tire long lasting while the construction has two, wide steel belts combined with a single nylon cap to strengthen the tread. As for the sizes available, in comparison Toyo has larger options for 24 and 26 inches while the STT Pro is only up to 22 inches.

Toyo Open Country MT and Cooper STT Pro on Road

Now for the most important part which is the performance of Toyo Open Country MT and Cooper STT Pro. Starting from on road application, the two are very well mannered despite being an MT choice and noise wise they are not prominent too, unless you have the used one, the more wear applied, the louder these tires will get. But compared side by side, we do think Cooper is producing more hum than Toyo. What they are very similar is in handling.

Compared to, for example typical AT which probably comes as stock on your vehicle, the handling of these tires is a bit difficult. It is not that the truck is hard to steer but they feel less responsive and somehow firm when cornering and this part we have to be extra careful with when speeding. Hydroplaning is not an issue and still working really well for typical daily application but these tires are not as grippy when dealing with wet pavement.

Toyo Open Country MT and Cooper STT Pro for Off-Road

The next part is how great Toyo Open Country MT and Cooper STT Pro are for off-road and this is exactly why they are highly rated. The two are just very reliable no matter where you bring them to but, in comparison, sticky mud is probably where Toyo will shine brighter. The tread design on this tire handles loose surface very well as it tows the vehicle, moving away from the spot. The STT Pro is great too but the gaps get clogged often.

Another satisfying part from both tires is their rock climbing and even some sand. We are very happy with how they grip on hard pack, uneven surface and even on very narrow road as well, these tires are proven to keep your vehicle in motion.

Toyo Open Country MT vs Cooper STT Pro

Overall both Toyo Open Country MT and Cooper STT Pro are impressive tires as your daily driver or for a more serious off-road application. Their handling on dry roads is probably worth noticing in case these are mostly used on daily level but comfort wise they are still very good. The off-road section too, these tires are not lacking at all and even with STT Pro get clogged often, with a little bit of effort we can clean the tires in no time. If you use larger sizes however, Cooper only carries up to 22-inch sizes in their collection.

Toyo Open Country MT Cooper STT Pro
- More expensive- More affordable
- Slightly less noise- Slightly more road noise
- Available at larger sizes- Less sizes 
- Better at self-cleaning- Get clogged often


You can go amazing with any of the two since they are pretty balanced for on and off-road application. But, for slightly lower road noise and better self-cleaning, we will recommend trying the Open Country MT.