Michelin Premier vs Defender 

Though tires are the most crucial aspect of a vehicle, some drivers usually think about them in the same way. The most expensive tires are the best ones. Is it true? In some cases, it’s not always the actual thing.

Most of you would probably think that Michelin Defender and Michelin Premier are the same things. They are Michelin tires, so what’s the difference? It is not wrong to think that way since they’re the same in suitable vehicle types and characters. Michelin Defender and Premier are best for coupes, sedans, or minivans. They also work well on asphalt for any season.

Not only offering quality that is expected from Michelin tires, Defender and Premier also have the quiet performance that will not disturb the passengers. They won’t be bothered by how noisy they are.

When choosing a set of tires, there are two main aspects to consider: speed and durability. If you really want to chase for durability, control, and longer tread life, Michelin Premier is the one for you. It has a better grip in any surface conditions (especially in drier environments).

Meanwhile, if you prefer full-speed tires, you can go with Michelin Defender. Since it has the “Defender” in it, you can expect a more substantial and more durable tread life and a comfortable ride. Though it lacks speed, these tires can give you the ultimate comfort.

Now you might ask, what are the actual differences between Michelin Premier and Defender. Which one is the most suitable to buy?

We divided them into several factors, such as tire types, thread compounds, and dry road/wet road performance. Here’s the full explanation of both Michelin Premier and Michelin Defender:

Michelin Premier

Now, the first set is Michelin Premier. If you’re not familiar with it, Michelin Premier has two varants : The A/S and LTX. Now, what’s the difference? The AS Model has the EverGrip technology that provides a better grip in dry surfaces. Completing this feature, there’s also the Comfort Control for a more enjoyable ride. Read also: Toyo Open Country MT vs Nitto Ridge Grappler.

On the contrary, the Premier LTX Model doesn’t have fancy features. Instead, it’s offering better control over wet surfaces. This features provides more safety and control during rain or storm. When the temperature goes down, the silica in the tread compound will expand to reach a better grip during the wet conditions.

In the tread compound, the AS model uses the combination of sunflower oil and silica. These ingredients will balance the flexibility and tire’s strength altogether. While expanding the flexibility with sunflower oil, silica will control the expansion by improving the strength of the tires.

Though the same materials are used for the LTX model, there’s something different. This is the steel belts that are used in the LTX. What they do is providing a more comfortable and enjoyable ride without disturbing noises.

Now, we’re talking about the performance. The Premier AS has the hidden grooves functioning as a replacer when the tire wears down. So, with these around, the driver can be more confident when driving on drier surfaces, even on tight corners when shot braking is needed. The overall driving experience will be seamless and delightful.

You can say Premier LTX might perform better than AS. The main reason for this is the tread that’s softer than usual. Plus, the sidewall is relatively robust as well. While the AS model provides a better grip on dry roads, LTX works wonderfully, maintaining tread life.

But AS is not totally worse. While being less significant in performance, Premier AS still has the beautiful expanding grooves and high-grip rubber compound combo. You can still have an enjoyable riding experience.

It’s like one is always trying to top another. While missing the two features, LTX shines with the tread from sunflower and silica mixture. This fantastic creation works in harmony to maintain strength and flexibility at the same time. It can be an efficient way to cut the cost of tires, since you can use Michelin Premier for a longer time.


A little bit similar to Michelin Premier, Defender also has two types : Defender LTX M/S and T+H. Now, what is all of this?  If you prefer a full-package set, the Defender T+H is the best with its three main safety features : Comfort Control, Max Touch, and Intellisipe, which also available in the T or H speed ratings.

This tire set is considered an all-season tire, the all-rounder that always comes with a warranty for 70,000 miles. Though the Defender LTX M/S does lack the Comfort Control part, it replaces it with something called EverTread Compound. Also, this tire set offers an extra speed compared to the T+H version.

By mentioning this, we can understand that these tires have different tread compounds. The T+H has silica in its tread, which means it can help by expanding when the vehicle is on slippery surfaces to provide better grip. That’s why we can also say that these tires are more suitable for wet roads.

But don’t worry, during a test of speed, braking distance, road noise, and cornering, all the Defender tries have been successfully passed it. So, no matter what model it is, you can always get these factors.

Both Defender LTX and T+H have their beautiful features. The first has MaxTouch technology, which helps to provide a firmer grip in the dry area, and at the same time, also make sure that braking at high speeds can be achieved successfully. Meanwhile, T+H works wonderfully on wet surfaces with IntelliSipe technology so that you can be more confident.

Though this feature is also present in the LTX model, it’s better in T+H because it has the lateral grooves that can further optimize this feature.

Michelin Premier vs Defender 

Michelin PremierDefender 
- Size: 215/45R17- Size: 195/65R15 91H
- Section Width: 215 Millimeters- Section Width: 195 Millimeters
- Rim Width: 8 Inches- Rim Width: 7 Inches
- Load Capacity: 1201 Pounds- Load Capacity; 1356 Pounds
- Tread Depth: 8.5 32nds- Tread Depth: 10 Millimeters


Now, we’re pretty sure that you get the point here. Michelin Defender is the name for practicality. Though it doesn’t have a lot of speed, many would prefer its selling points by providing a 90,000-mile tread warranty, which already tells you how durable the tread life is.

On the other side, Michelin Premier has a higher speed rating with softer tread. It’s not a question that these tires are made for faster driving sessions. While having a less durable tread, the buyers can also get a warranty, but also lower.