Each vehicle can have a specific purpose, including all of its supporting components inside the vehicle. One of the most important components is the tire since this leads to performance when driving. Mainly if you drive a car for the off-road purpose. You need to make sure to select the best component and tire to get a safer and comfortable way when passing hard terrain. Therefore, to help with this matter, you can consider selecting suitable tires such as BFG KM2 and KM3. If you need to make a comparison between BFG KM2 VS KM3, then it is recommending to read the following information first.

About BFG

BFG stands for BFGoodrich, an American company that specializes in radial tires. This company was founded in 1870 and acquired in 1990 by Michelin. As the first tire company in America, this brand delivers great technologies every year. With this good performance, the brand is consistently used for racing cars every time and trusted by many winning race cars every year.

BFG creates various series of tires. Most of the designs focus on an off-road vehicle. Therefore, selecting this tire is more suitable for a vehicle that passing hard terrain. For example, for light trucks and SUVs. By using the brand for those kinds of vehicles, it can work in the best performance and result in better driving.

Along with many series that has been produced by the brand, currently, BFG produces KM2 and KM3 tire. With the technology of all-terrain and mud-terrain specification, the series also suitable for the off-road purpose. For those that need to get information related to the difference, the purpose, and the features of the series, the following information is a good way to start. Read also: Bridgestone Potenza VS Driveguard.

BFG KM2 Features

BFG KM2 is more suitable for all-season cars. Therefore, it is important to see the type of your vehicle before deciding which one is more powerful and perform when using. Overall, this excellent tire completed with the following features:

  • Great off-road performance, with its super-tough sidewall compound plus the feature of 3-ply construction, resists, it can cut and bruise the edge of rocks and another typical hazard. Therefore, it will give better and safer riding.
  • Provided with a flexible zone that benefits to overcome any obstacle linear to the tire. It can conform and grab all potential obstacles through the aired-down technology.
  • The technology also less noise so that it will give a more enjoyable moment while driving.
  • Includes standard 6 years of warranty from the manufacturer that covers defects in workmanship. It also covers material as long as it is used according to the recommended use of the tire.
  • Deliver with great specification and available in two sizes. So that the user can select the size according to their needs.

BFG KM3 Features

BFG KM3 launch to suit various types of SUV cars. That is why this series giving a wider selection of sizing for various types of SUV cars. Deliver with great performance and specification, the tire consists of the following features:

  • It provides perfect performance when using in mud terrain. It has strong power to mud and lose the soil in sudden with the Terrain-Attack Tread design. So that it will give a good grip from any angle in each tread block.
  • Complete with Mud-Phobic Bars that can help to release any compact mud in the tire to keep continue the traction.
  • Include a perfect technology to help the vehicle climb hard terrain. With the advanced UTV specific tread compounds, it can enhance the grip on the rock. It also works best on slick surfaces and provides a stable tread foundation on rocky soil.
  • The technology provides though sidewall rubber that can resist any split and bruise. Complete with the Advanced Deflection Design that can prevent any hazard such as snagging and splitting.
  • Includes standard 6 years of warranty from the manufacturer that covers defects in workmanship. It also covers material as long as it is used according to the recommended use of the tire.
  • Deliver with great specification and available in twelve sizes. So that the user can select the size according to their needs.

Pros and Cons

If we look at the detail of the features above, the selection of the best tire will refer to the type of vehicle. However, in general, KM2 is only provided for two sizes, while KM3 is more vary since it can work for 12 sizes. Therefore, you may need to check the size of your tire before considering the type of the tire. Plus, make sure that you use this tire according to each purpose. If KM2 is more suitable for all-season cars, then KM3 is a perfect selection for SUVs.

The Price

Not only considering the features but to see the overall price of each type will also important. At the moment, BFG KM2 is selling around $260, while BFG KM3 is selling around $246. Therefore, it can be said that both are in a similar range of price and not significantly different. This is not surprising since BFG commits to deliver the tire at the same performance. Unless that some features might not specifically similar, depends on the needs of each car according to the recommendation vehicle that suits each type.


- Incredible traction for deep dirt, mud and rocks.- 5% better mud traction
- Superior rock climbing and smooth surface traction.- 8% better rock traction
- TriGard 3 layers of polyester to protect against punctures and bruises.- 27% stronger side walls


After reading the explanation above, it is clear that both have similar performance and toughness. However, it can be seen that each type will work best on different kinds of cars. Therefore, the main consideration is the type of vehicle before choosing between BFG KM2 VS KM3. If you have a type of all-season car, then BFG KM2 is more suitable. However, if you drive an SUV, then BFG KM3 is more preferable. Since their performance can give the maximum benefit if the tire using for the suitable vehicle.

In terms of price, both are at the same level of price. Therefore, no further comparison on the overall price of each tire. Anyone who wants to select the tire is recommended to concern about the specific use and details of the tire. So that in the end, you will get the most suitable product that can lead to the optimum to perform while driving.