Bridgestone Potenza VS Driveguard

One of the important concerns, when you want to get the best performance from your car, is by selecting a suitable pair of tires. A good tire will lead to better driving and road performance. Especially running a sports car at high speed and on various terrain. You need to make sure that you have selected the most suitable tire so that it can support your car perfectly. Some of the good choice in the market is Bridgestone Potenza and Bridgestone Driveguard. Both are creating to support various cars with specific features and capabilities. For more information regarding the comparison of Bridgestone Potenza VS Driveguard, see the following paragraphs.

About Bridgestone

It is always better to get introduced to the parent brand first. Most of you mainly if you are familiar with a racing car, must have been familiar with Bridgestone too. This is one of the famous brands in the world supplying various types of the tire. Either for car, SUV, truck, or another kind of vehicle, this brand is committed to giving their best effort on delivering great products for their customer.

Bridgestone offers various kinds of tires that suit specifically for certain types of cars. Therefore, make sure to carefully select the suitable series to avoid the lack of performance of your tire. Including when this brand decides to launch Potenza and Driveguard. Both look similar, but each has been created with different features and insert with some different technologies. Let’s take a look further for a better description of Bridgestone Potenza VS Driveguard. Read also: Bridgestone Potenza vs Turanza.

Bridgestone Potenza Features

The first tire to discuss is Bridgestone Potenza. This product is created to deliver ultimate handling and response. Mainly if you are taking a sharp turn with maximum precision. This tire will give you the best performance without any danger or risks. Furthermore, the tire also completed with various excellent features such as listed in the following:

  • Provide an advanced shoulder stiffness mainly for an extreme corner. Therefore, whenever the vehicle makes the turn, the tire will not experience the risk of deforming. With these features, it can deliver nice reinforcement and protection to the tire in every twist and turn of the road.
  • It also has an optimized contact footprint that will give the tire a strong cornering ability. It also can help to provide better traction. So that it will finally result in responsive and remarkable driving at all.
  • The tire is also created with a finely tuned pattern of treats that can affect the way you handling the car. With this product, you can get the best traction and performance while driving.
  • Bridgestone Potenza is also complete with a unique tread compound. This feature comes from the unique compound in the product that can affect enhanced traction. It also can result in better resistance right from the start.

Bridgestone Driveguard Features

The next item that can make you feel the same curiosity is Bridgestone Driveguard. This is also an excellent product from Bridgestone that able to give you many advantages. These benefits include all specific features of the tire that consists of the following bullet points:

  • The tire offers a quiet sound while riding. Therefore, no need to worry about noise disturbance while driving. With this excellent comfortable quiet ride, you will get an enjoyable moment mainly if you drive for long hours.
  • The product is excellent for fast speed. It has been proving that Driveguard will able to keep the best performance even at the speed of 50 miles per hour. No matter of air pressure loss or any puncture, this tire will not lose its performance.
  • Another feature is that this product suitable for any kind of road conditions. Either you will use it to drive on heat waves or snow flurries. All hazards will not be a matter when you decide to select this type for your car. That is why this product is excellent for all seasons.
  • Provided with a cooling sidewall design that can help to minimize heat. Furthermore, it leads to economized tire mass for better and comfortable lower rolling resistance.
  • Include the technology of nano-engineered sidewall. So that it can give support perfectly when the air pressure gives out.
  • Complete with an enhanced bead core that can help to decrease heat generation. It is also able to make this tire mounted on conventional rims. That is why it gives a different technology from another similar brand in the market.
  • Includes TPMS technology that enables the tire to give dashboard alerts accordingly.

The Price

Of course, the price will be driven by the size of each tire selection. Therefore, it might not specifically able to compare the unit price of Bridgestone Potenza VS Driveguard. However, you can get preliminary information about the price range of each product. Bridgestone Potenza is selling start from 108usd up to 324usd. While Bridgestone Driveguard is selling start from 130usd up to 350usd. This makes Driveguard slightly more expensive than Potenza.

Bridgestone Potenza VS Driveguard

Bridgestone PotenzaBridgestone Driveguard
- Performance focus- Quiet on the highway
- More aggressive- Very good traction and braking on dry surfaces
- Create more noise- Excellent wet performance
- Not as good at snow- Long treadwear warranty


From the information above, it is clear that Bridgestone always delivers stunning products no matter the purpose of their launch tire. The same way when the brand provides Bridgestone Potenza and Bridgestone Driveguard. All were created to give the best performance for all-season cars with various brands. Therefore, no need to worry about the benefit, the performance, and the quality. All are delivered with excellent technology.

One thing that you will need to consider is the purpose of each type. Such as Bridgestone Potenza that will be a more suitable selection for Nissan and Lexus. But when it comes to Bridgestone Driveguard, this will be more suit for Porsche and BMW. Even though you can always use both products on other types of car, but it might give you the best result as expected. Another concern is the overall price between Potenza and Driveguard. With a slightly different price, some of you might prefer the more economical tire. But some of you might concern about performance rather than the price. So, the final choice always in your hand. The most important conclusion is that Bridgestone Potenza VS Driveguard will pretty sure not to let you down at all.