Michelin Pilot Sport VS Latitude

Selecting the most suitable tire, mainly if you drive a sports car can consider difficult. Not every tire will work for your sports car. You will need to figure out what sizing is the best and what product will fit with your common speed while driving the sports car. Therefore, you need to get a careful selection on choosing the suitable tire for this kind of car. Some of the recommended product for the sports car is Michelin Pilot Sport or Michelin Latitude. Both are produced by Michelin for a similar purpose. For more information about Michelin Pilot Sport VS Latitude, you may need to check the following paragraphs.

About Michelin

Before discussing the specific features in each tire, Pilot Sport and Latitude, it is better to get introduce to Michelin first. Most of you must be familiar with the big name of Michelin. This is a reputable brand for various types of the tire in the world. Moreover, it is the largest manufacturer in the world before other similar brands such as Bridgestone or Goodyear.

This French multinational tire manufacturing has come with a various selection of tires for family cars, sports cars, motorcycles, SUVs, and many more. This is also a concern when the brand launches Michelin Pilot Sport and Michelin Latitude. Each product comes with specific features and purposes according to the official purpose and research did by Michelin. For more information relates to this information, the following will describe in more detail. Read also: Michelin Pilot Sport vs Bridgestone Potenza.

Michelin Pilot Sport Features

Michelin launch Pilot Sport in 2019 specifically to give the option for a sports car to select the suitable tire for a daily run. Furthermore, this series was launched as the first tire with modern technology and specifically engineered to meet the requirement of an electric sports car. So that if you plan to get this tire, then it is focused on sports cars rather than any other type of car.

Michelin Pilot Sport create with several incredible features such as the following:

  • Low road noise for better and comfortable travel. Selecting this tire can bring you a joyful experience of silent noise. Therefore, no disturbance while driving and reading even for long hours.
  • Guarantee result of the unique experience as good as riding for Formula E. Since this product has been delivered and properly control to result in the best performance for racing. Therefore, you will get similar performance as any tire suit for a racing sports car.
  • Eco-responsible and CO2-neutral tire when using. Therefore, the material considers eco-friendly and less pollution to use.
  • Produce with optimal grip either for the dry or wet road. Therefore, it gives excellent safety performance at a high speed.
  • Outstanding resistance guarantee. All tire produces by Michelin is deliver with a high standard so that it can give the best resistance while using.
  • Provide very low rolling resistance up to 60km. This will help the driver to enjoy their ride with a comfortable feeling.
  • Provide various tire selections to choose from. So that it can fit many brands of a sports car in the world.

Michelin Latitude Features

Michelin also creates other types of tires that more suitable for SUVs and cross-road cars. It is Michelin Latitude that delivers in various sizes. This product recently launches in early 2021 and delivers with a standard limited warranty of 6 years. Therefore, it will guarantee you to keep the performance until the tire reaches its service year.

Overall, Michelin Latitude launched with various excellent features such as listed in the following:

  • It guarantees a quiet ride while traveling. With the low noise technology, the tire will give you no disturbance at all while using.
  • Provide very low rolling resistance up to 65km. This will help the driver to enjoy their ride with a comfortable feeling.
  • Produce with optimal grip either for the dry or wet road. Therefore, it gives excellent safety performance at a high speed.
  • With the total performance technology from Michelin, this tire produces excellent balance for every use. So that it can benefit and compromise for all areas in the world.

Pro and Cons

By looking at the above explanation, there are clear pros and cons of each product launched by Michelin. The pros are both will give you better performance and technology on the road. Each product from Michelin deliver with high technology and has passed good quality control from the factory. However, in terms of cons, you cannot select both of them for the same type of car. Since Michelin Pilot Sport is more to an electric sports car. While Michelin Latitude is created for SUV and cross-over cars.


Regarding the price of each product, Michelin Pilot Sport is officially selling at a range price start from 147 USD in various e-commerce in the USA. While if you want to know Michelin Latitude price, this product is selling start from around 175USD. The price will be varying according to the size. The bigger is the size then the more expensive is the price.

Michelin Pilot Sport VS Latitude

Michelin Pilot SportMichelin Latitude
- An all-season tire that provides the best handling characteristics of any tire in this price range- Great handling dynamics for dry and wet tarmac
- Only second to brands like Pirelli P-Zero, which is only meant for ultra-high performance vehicles- Superior control and stability in wet conditions
- The tire delivers precision steering, outstanding stability and exceptional grip on dry and wet surfaces- Better in terms of value for normal sedans and sports cars


After having some short reading above, it is now clear that between Michelin Pilot Sport VS Latitude will give you similar advantages at all. However, you need to concern about the purpose of the selection of this car. Whether you want to buy a tire for a specific sports car or you need a tire for a family SUV. It will determine the suitable tire to select between Michelin Pilot Sport VS Latitude. While in terms of price and benefits, all tires produced by Michelin will guarantee you the same excellent performance on the road. That is why both are selling at quite expensive prices compare to another brand.

By looking at this fact, no need to worry about the performance of the tire. Whether you want to select Michelin Pilot Sport or selecting Michelin Latitude, they give an excellent warranty during travel on various kinds of roads. The main thing that you should remember, if you have a sports car then you need to drop your choice to Michelin Pilot Sport. But if you have an SUV or cross-over car, then you need to select Michelin Latitude. This suit selection will lead you to the best tire performance and features.