Cooper Discoverer Vs Falken Wildpeak

All-terrain is one of the most popular and versatile types of tire because it can handle different conditions and is still reliable in various applications. AT tires such as Cooper Discoverer Vs Falken Wildpeak are suitable for light trucks or SUV for their grip and durability, especially on rough terrain while still maintaining comfort on the highway. They have similar quality and the favorite of many but, they are not exactly the same. If you wonder which to install, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In today’s comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are All-Terrain Tires
  • What are Cooper Discoverer and Falken Wildpeak
  • What are the Features of Cooper Discoverer
  • What are the Features of Falken Wildpeak
  • How are the Cooper Discoverer and Falken Wildpeak on Dry Road
  • How are the Cooper Discoverer and Falken Wildpeak on Wet Road
  • How are the Cooper Discoverer and Falken Wildpeak for Off-Road
  • Cooper Discoverer Vs Falken Wildpeak

All-Terrain Tires

Driving on muddy roads may not be your everyday’s activity but your vehicle doesn’t always stay on the paved roads all the time as well. It can be a bit difficult to find a solution that can handle the typical driving habit for such an application and this is why we have versatile choices like an all-terrain. Everyone wants the simplest solution and a set of all-terrain tires should be able to bring you to almost any typical terrain without meaningful problems.

All-terrain or also known as AT tires are often called as the jack of all trades but master of none. This is perfect to tell the tire’s capability in handling almost typical driving conditions. You can install a summer tire for the best performance or control over speed on the highway or install a mud tire to handle deep and sticky loose terrain but, none of these amazing tires are designed to work well on both completely different conditions. An all-terrain on the other hand is compatible for both terrain types.

Compared to for example a summer tire, your all-terrain will have a stronger bead or the rope-like ring located in the inner perimeter of the tire that holds onto the wheel rim. All-terrain also has tougher ply or the panels of steel/fabric mesh under the rubber which adds strength against puncture. You can easily tell an AT tire with other types based on the tread pattern or design alone since they will have a more rigid or aggressive pattern meant to handle grip, especially on loose surfaces.

As it has been mentioned above, they are master of none as well and there are still some considerations we have to think about when deciding to install as set. Due to the design, your AT tires will be heavier and louder compared to for example a summer tire such as Bridgestone Potenza Vs Turanza. This is probably why many new cars are not paired with AT tires anymore and with the fact that most drivers may not use their 4×4 for off-roading, AT tires are not for everyone.

If your new SUV or pickup trucks don’t come out with a pair of AT but you plan on driving off-road, it is necessary to change the tire first. But, since AT tires look rugged and aggressive, it can be tempting to install larger tires but this may harm your vehicle’s fuel economy, performance, and even off-road capabilities. Our recommendation is to stick with the size the car comes with because there are good reasons why manufacturers use them with the vehicle.

About Cooper Discoverer and Falken Wildpeak

For those who are driving on both terrains, an all-terrain will be a great match but with a higher frequency on off-road or if you have to handle deep and sticky mud more often, we will recommend the more aggressive MT tire for the application. AT otherwise is perfect for both conditions for daily driving and for occasional adventures. We also suggest finding one that is more suitable for your main concern since not all AT tires are as good or reliable.

When it comes to tires, most companies are already very popular and sometimes it can be more of personal preference or which brands you like better but, if you are open to all options, we will find a wider option and more to choose from such as Cooper tire and Falken tire. These brands shouldn’t be a stranger anymore for most people because they are pretty famous and have been around for quite some time, as well with a variety of choices for your typical driving condition.

If versatility and reliability are the top priority, Cooper Discoverer and Falken Wildpeak will be two ideal options to consider. Both of them are the choice of many and this is not without a good reason because of the tires ability to handle different terrains, conditions, but still working great across applications. They are not perfect however so you may find something lacking but as far as all-terrain that is driven on the highway, city road, and for some adventures, you can rely on them.

The two tires we are talking about today are Discoverer 4S and the Wildpeak AT3W since these lines are carrying more than one tire in the catalog. For example the Discoverer is currently carrying 8 tires with other options such as LT and XLT options and on the other hand Wildpeak is available in 4 different variants with the Trail and H/T, and MT tires. The 4S and AT3W are what many are opting for their versatility and good performance on both driving conditions including for all-season.

Cooper Discoverer Features 

The Discoverer 4S is a new addition or the new variant of the AT3 so you can expect to see some new technology being used here. For example the tire comes with Adaptive-Traction Technology which combines silica-based tread compound into the all-terrain pattern. It has open, five-rib design which is engineered in order to provide wet and dry performance along with the off-road capability. You don’t have to worry when driving on wet roads because here we have wide, lateral notches to help with water evacuation and preventing hydroplaning.

If you see the tire’s tread pattern, there are small zigzag sipes to create biting edges and traction so the tire will still be reliable on slippery roads such as snow and it is also helpful to keep the treadblock stable during dry application. For those who live in an area where the snow can get quite thick, the tire is 3PMSF rated suitable for the condition as long as it is not for the more serious application since if so then going with winter tire is wiser.

Falken Wildpeak Features

Falken Wildpeak AT3W is a very popular tire, chances are you have heard or read about them on various top recommended all-terrain tires. This tire comes with rugged sidewall protection which doesn’t only look aggressive but is designed with offset shoulders to protect the tire from sharp objects. The tread blocks are deep enough to provide lasting ability as well as stay consistent on snow and prevent hydroplaning as long as the tire life.

These treadblocks have small zigzag sipes called 3D Canyon Sipe that interlocks with the shoulders to resist water wear from high torque as well as for handling stability. On their edges, the treadblocks are featured with support ramps and step down features to improve rigidity in the contact patch, aiding stability and handling while preventing stones from getting stuck on the tire. Similar to the Discoverer, this tire is qualified by UTSMA and TRAC to bear the 3PMSF symbol.

Cooper Discoverer and Falken Wildpeak on Dry Road

Moving to the most important part, let’s see what Cooper Discoverer and Falken Wildpeak can offer, starting on the dry road. In this part we don’t have any complaints since the tires are equally working great and the most surprising part is how they can stay quiet as well, especially for a pretty aggressive tread pattern. They are superb in grip on dry pavement, braking and cornering are reliable as well while comfort wise, we do think they are decent for an all-terrain.

Cooper Discoverer and Falken Wildpeak on Wet Road

Next for the wet road, the tires are still delivering satisfying performance as well. It probably thanks to the zigzag sipes that you can find on the tire’s tread. These siping are gripping into the road as it gets in contact and also giving a more stability into the vehicle as you cornering and steering. The tread pattern makes sure you can feel the confidence while driving under the rain or on wet roads so we don’t think there is anything to complain here.

Cooper Discoverer and Falken Wildpeak for Off-Road

As for the off-road application, both Cooper Discoverer and Falken Wildpeak are equally wonderful. Gravel and typical unpaved way are no problem at all and the gaps between tread on Cooper is just slightly wider to prevent smaller rocks getting stuck in between. They are not the best for loose terrain like sand however but hard packed sand is still manageable. Mud can get stuck in between their patterns as well but it is to be expected as an all-terrain with more on-road application.

But, it doesn’t mean they are not going to get you out of the mud holes since we can definitely work some way to get reliable traction but won’t be as a breeze like a set of dedicated MT tires. On snow, we also hear impressive experiences with these tires, including with serious applications like towing. The snow will get into the grooves and make it a bit slippery but the compound itself helps the tire to stay flexible under very cold temperature.

Cooper Discoverer Vs Falken Wildpeak

Both of them are great options and we don’t think there is a bad choice between the two. In fact the Discoverer and Wildpeak are comparable to each other. Side by side Falken probably just a shy louder than Discoverer but it is not to the point of annoying at all since the two are very quiet for all-terrain tires. Wet traction and dry traction are amazing, including for off-road traction or snow application. If this concerns you, Falken tires are made in America, China, and Japan while Cooper is an American tire and in addition they do have different collections of sizes available.

Cooper DiscovererFalken Wildpeak
- More expensive- More affordable
- American manufactured- Manufactured in America, China, and Japan
- Less sizes available- More sizes available


We do think you can go amazing with any of the two but Falken do tend to be more affordable for a set and this tire is available for the larger options too. If you want to optimize the budget, Falken Wildpeak AT3W is a great choice for a wider tire sizes collection.