Bridgestone Potenza vs Turanza

All-season tires are what many people think about when changing their tire set but, we have performance tires as the alternative to give your car an aid on grip and control. For those who want to try a new set or replacing their old tires, the Bridgestone Potenza Vs Turanza are a great choice for both versatility and performance. See below about what these popular tires are offering so we can choose the one that will be the better option.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are Performance Tires
  • What are Bridgestone Potenza and Turanza
  • What are the Features in Bridgestone Potenza
  • What are the Features in Bridgestone Turanza
  • How are Bridgestone Potenza and Turanza on Dry Road
  • How are Bridgestone Potenza and Turanza on Wet Road
  • How are Bridgestone Potenza and Turanza on Snow
  • Bridgestone Potenza Vs Turanza

Choosing a Performance Tire

Tires are black, round, and made of rubber, with that in mind, it should be easy to find a new set of tires and it is as long as they match with your wheel and vehicle, we can install any type of tire on the sedans, light trucks, SUVs, an on any common vehicles. But, the fact is not as simple because not all tires are made the same, not only different in size, they can be different in application and even the characteristic of the tire itself that affects the driving experience.

No matter if you are driving an affordable or a luxury car, the tire matters a lot in affecting the whole capabilities of the vehicle which is why it is always necessary to consider what you want from the tires. Among all tires, the type that produces the most effective option when it comes to power is no other than performance tires, such as the Michelin Pilot Sport Vs Bridgestone Potenza. This type of tire delivers greater adhesive properties and tends to be most expensive as well.

A performance tire is not a regular tire because their focus is about delivering the best your car can offer and they are known to be made with a compound blend combined with specific tread design in order to increase the adhesive properties. Combining all of these special characteristics, performance-focus tires will be better in terms of responsiveness, handling, and traction. There are also typical performance tire types which in most cases are different from one company to another.

But, in general they can be categorized as performance, summer performance, and R rated tires. Performance tire is most ideal in dry and damp conditions but is not effective for driving under the rain or wet road, moreover on snow. Usually they are great in even treadwear as well as long lasting performance. The summer performance as the name suggests is best on dry road or tarmac and can be dangerous for other road conditions.

They are even better than performance tires when it comes to handling and great performance to give you that responsiveness and grip on the road but, they tend to not last for very long or need to be replaced quite faster. The last is R compound which is just a step down from race-spec slick tires. They are the best for everything performance related from responsiveness to grip and still legal for use on common roads. They are also stickier and wear out even faster than summer performance with repetitive use.

About Bridgestone Potenza and Turanza

If you are here then we would assume you are also currently looking for a new set of performance tires or those that can deliver the sharpness of a performance tire. Options are widely available and tire brands are something we often see or hear so we are sure most people are familiar with more than a pair of brands in the market. Different brands have their own offering and their price point; some are still quite affordable and some can be pretty hefty on the pocket.

When talking about performance tires, there are not that many that come to our mind as many as for example all-terrain or all-season tires. Among those, Bridgestone has been around for quite some time since 1931 and they are a huge player in the market with products covering a lot from tires, vehicle components and even equipment for bicycles and golf. Their performance tires are still among the best out there with plenty to choose from based on what you want to achieve.

Just like most tire brands, Bridgestone has several tire lines meant for different focuses and needs but Bridgestone Potenza and Turanza are two of the most interesting to check out. Not only because they have kind of similar or rhyming names but also because both are aiming to deliver performance. Potenza is probably the most popular from the brand and today we are talking about one of their newest additions which is the RE980AS since this is also a very versatile tire.

On the other hand you may have guessed what Turanza is meant for and yes, this is a touring tire which means longevity will probably be the best thing you can get from the tire set. As for the variant, Bridgestone currently offer two of this line; the Turanza QuietTrack and Serenity Plus. The latter is a cheaper option if you are also interested. What we like the most from Bridgestone Potenza and Turanza is how they maintain versatility along with control and confidence.

Bridgestone Potenza Feature

To make sure these tires are matching what they are intended to deliver, there are numerous technologies being used here. Starting with Potenza RE980AS, this is an all-season tire so it uses the proper compound and features an asymmetric, noise-optimized tread pattern to reduce the noise created as it rolls on the road. There are lateral slots on the tire which are also chamfered in order to improve the tire’s contact surface with the road including aiding dry braking.

Potenza has what is called as 3D full-depth sipes which interlock for tread stability while the high sipe density is here to create biting edges so we can still feel the confidence even on wet roads while the depth also maintains the performance as the tread wears over time. On the inside the tire is claimed to have built with three polyester sidewall plies and two polyester plies on tread area that can help with balancing handling as well as improving comfort.

Bridgestone Turanza Feature

On the older Turanza, there are some issues regarding road noise and this is quite annoying especially for touring tires meant for high mileage. The new QuietTrack is fixing this problem within groove quiet tracks and as opposed to Potenza, the tire uses non-chamfered shoulder slots in addition to optimized pitch sequencing to reduce the airborne noise while delivering a pleasant driving experience. Bridgestone also uses what’s called ComfortCruise Technology Package which is their proprietary computer modeling for comfortable ride.

Turanza is featured with a round footprint that helps with cutting through standing water while the wide circumferential grooves and shoulder slots are improving hydroplaning resistance. The EdgePerformance technology on the other hand refers to the interlocking grooves to provide biting edges in order to help with traction on some snow. On the inside, Turanza use single-ply, polyester casing to support two wide steel belts and a single nylon cap ply to reinforce structure for high-speed durability.

Bridgestone Potenza and Turanza on Dry Road

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Bridgestone Potenza and Turanza can offer. Starting on dry road, both of them are somehow on the firm size and it is a bit surprising because Turanza is not supposed to be as sporty as the other but the drive feels quite similar to each other. They are nicely controlled on dry roads while in terms of comfort we agree Turanza will be more comfortable and noise wise, this tire is also pretty quiet even compared to its brother which is not noisy at all.

The distinct performance on dry roads is mostly about comfort and even with some people on the cabin or passenger seat, the latter is producing less movement that affects how they feel on the seat. But, in comparison to responsiveness, Potenza is a little bit faster and more aggressive.

Bridgestone Potenza and Turanza on Wet Road

As for the wet performance, we don’t have any issue with these tires despite how they are not as great as the dry one. You can still feel the tire firmly grip on the wet surface but with the caution of safety, they are very well performing on regular driving habits. These tires are not the fastest on wet roads or under the rain but it gives you more time to understand how they behave. Steering response is quite rapid with the Potenza however. 

Bridgestone Potenza and Turanza on Snow

Last on the winter application, Bridgestone Potenza and Turanza are not made for this condition but in comparison we also agree that Turanza is working really well on this side. It can handle light snow very well like most all-seasons and still be confident enough with some snow which can’t be said for Potenza. Light snow is not concerning but the ice and deep snow traction are not as reassuring as Turanza, just in case you have to drive in such condition.

Bridgestone Potenza vs Turanza

Both of these tires are equally great choices but probably for different people because Potenza’s focus is on performance while Turanza’s focus is on comfort. In comparison Turanza behaves like a sports tire but not as aggressive and fast so it can still provide comfort which is also the best thing about the tire. In moderate or regular driving conditions, the two are just as amazing but for winter application, Turanza is more reliable when handling the snow. 

Nitto Ridge GrapplerFalken Wildpeak AT3W
- Performance focus- Comfort focus
- More aggressive- Less aggressive
- Create more noise- Very quiet
- Not as good at snow- Reliable for winter application


You should go for which tire that seems more suitable for the type of driving or what you look for. Personally if you are aiming at performance, the Potenza is a great choice but for everyday and typical driving application, Turanza is better.