Toyo Open Country MT vs BFG KO2 

Have you ever imagined exploring around the new wild areas you’ve never approached before? Traveling around sand dunes, muddy jungles, or going deep into the canyons? You certainly need a dependable ride for that. A horse? Sounds thrilling but we have something better.

Settling in a new environment surely brings out the excitement. Of course, we don’t want a unique experience like this to be gone in a second. Dependable ride is a must, but what’s more important are the tires.

Walking in a maze of confusion, now you’ve arrived here to choose and reconsider which one is more suitable for you, the Toyo Open Country MT or BFG KO2. MT and AT surely different, but still have similarities.

Most people would say that AT tires should be all-rounder. They can take difficult terrain, while balancing all the aspects together. But MT surely has its own charm, especially when you use them, in a most-expected environment.

Toyo Open Country MT

First-off, we began with the Toyo Open Country MT. We’re pretty sure you’ve been familiar with them. Toyo Tires has been known for decades to be one of the leaders in the tire manufacturing industry. Not only with clever marketing, they always have something up that’s excellent and interesting. One example is this Open Country MT. Read also: Michelin Pilot Sport vs Bridgestone Potenza.

Its main selling point is actually quite obvious, the strong construction. The tires can resist harded punctures and tough off-road tracks, and are more protected against cuts and slashes that are feared by other tires. It’s made possible by using the 3-ply polyester material that’s sturdy and flexible.

Though they are quite sturdy, these tires still have nice balance to provide great rigidity to hold up and down movement, without sacrificing the life of the tire. The four row design is nicely putted for the tread and  uses the hook-shaped block for easier access to softer surfaces.

The tread blocks design provides an additional grip for exploring wilderness. It’s even usable when trailing on sand or snow. There Are big open channels for clearing mud and snow, preventing your vehicle from being stuck. Though the performance is still overpowered by competitors, it’s still acceptable.

The design also provides an improved grip during hard turns, further providing stability to overall riding experience. There are small raised ribs at the tire base which can easily eject stones and smaller materials. They also can give more stability over mud terrain.

Don’t underestimate these small stones. Though they’re limited in size, they can affect the tires grip. Under some scenarios, they can even create uneven wear when the tires are touching asphalt roads. Fortunately, these stone ejectors can work immediately to remove all the troubling stones, plus the mud and dirt. They will remove it as efficiently as possible, allowing the next rotation to always be successful.

Now, with the sizes around 15 to 24 inches, Open Country MT may be a perfect option for your truck. There are also plenty options to be considered when buying these tires to fit specific needs of each customer. They’re specially designed for pickup trucks though, from half-ton to the maximum 1-ton pickups.

You can start getting these tires from 200 dollars for 15-inch, and 800 dollars for 24-inch tire. Don’t worry, your investment will be worth your while.


You can consider BFG KO2 to be everuones’ favorite. The terms AT should give you an idea about it. These tires are popular for off-road exploring, through the canyons and rocky mountains, these will always carry you with less to no trouble.

Flat tire problem is minimized, even when used around 50,000 miles, the tread and everything is still in good shape (according to some reviews). They are very decent, or even greater tires than most. Buying a set would satisfy you for a long time.

Currently, these tires are considered one of the best one for all terrains. You can always trust BFGoodrich in this specialization. Since 1976, they are still motivated to create something better out of perfection. It’s pretty obvious that BFG KO2 is the upgrade from the older, and popular  BFG KO.

Well, since it’s considered an upgrade, what can we expect from KO2? Do they provide a smoother ride? Short answer, no. All-terrain tires like these would always be rigid, and firm, in order to hold spikes and bumps in, well, all terrains. You are very misled if you’re expecting a smoother ride as in a passenger car.

So are they that bad in terms of comfort? Surprisingly not. They can still be considered decent, even the noise level. Noise production is not worse than the OG KO. Comparing it to winter tires, they are better. But in general, you can’t expect 100% smoothness from these tires. The ability to ride on all terrains is the main deal here.

We think you can be very familiar with AT tires once you become an off road rider yourself. People who tend to go off-road driving will find KO2 to be delightful. Surely they can’t give you less noise or smoother ride, but what it can do is beyond that. It’s even possible to climb a muddy hill by using KO2 tires (tested by some reviewers).

Although it sounds better when used for off-roads, these tires can still deliver their great performance on usual city roads. They can give enough traction in difficult terrains, while also giving you a comfortable ride on a highway. Well, they are decent in any way.

Since they are also mud-terrain tires, using them on dirt, snowy, and wet roads is not recommended. But when you’re going off-road on muddy or soft soil, they are a great pick.

Toyo Open Country MT vs BFG KO2 

Toyo Open Country MTBFG KO2 
- Size: 35 x 1250R20- Size: 285/75R16
- Section Width: 12.5 Inches- Section Width: 285 Millimeters
- Load Capacity: 3195 Pounds- Load Capacity: 3750 Pounds
- Tread Depth: 21 32nds- Tread Depth: 15 32nds


Now it’s time to decide. Which one to pick, Open Country MT or BFG KO2? The choice ends in your hands. It’s hard to specifically pick which one is what, since they have different purposes here. As MT tires, Open Country MT should be perfect for muddy areas. So, of course, they can perform better in mud compared to AT tires.

On the other hand, AT tires just do what they’re told. They work decently on all terrains, but not greater or perfected for one specific terrain. It’s like a not-perfect jack of all trades. But, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to switch their tires every now and then, this can be a nice choice.