Toyo Open Country MT Vs RT

Different car owners may need a different set of tires depending on their application and the type of vehicle they have. For those who are driving both on and off the road, all-terrain tires such as the Toyo Open Country MT Vs RT are a perfect match for your light truck. These tires are close siblings so they tend to be similar as well. If you wonder which will be the better option, let’s see what these tires can offer and which fits you best.

In today’s comparison we are going to talk about:

  • What is an All-Terrain Tires
  • What are Toyo Open Country MT and RT
  • What are the Features of Toyo Open Country MT
  • What are the Features of Toyo Open Country RT
  • How are the Road Performance of Toyo Open Country MT and RT
  • How are the Off-Road Performance of Toyo Open Country MT and RT
  • How are the Tread Wear of Toyo Open Country MT and RT
  • Toyo Open Country MT Vs RT

All-Terrain Tires

Tires are very important for the vehicle’s overall performance because they are the parts that are constantly in contact with the ground, providing traction, and making the vehicle useful on different terrains. Since they are made of rubber and constantly in contact with the ground, this material will not last forever hence there is a need to rotate and replace them when needed. Tires are not cheap as well so it is best to shop wisely based on what you need and what fits the vehicle.

Among all types of tire, all-terrain is probably the most versatile choice compared to other versatile choices like all-season tires such as Pirelli Scorpion Vs P Zero. As the name suggests, an AT or all-terrain tires are designed to provide traction for both on and off-road application. They are working great for either but won’t be as superb as either summer or performance tires on the road or specific off-road tires designated for the respective terrain or typical driving condition.

Usually you will see a set of AT tires on SUV or light trucks and perfect for owners who are combining both terrains on their daily or occasional driving. But, for those who are constantly dealing with off-road surfaces and doing things like climbing, driving over thick-mud, or looking for best performance, then the more specific variant will be the wisest choice. When it comes to AT tires, there are several factors we will need to consider before deciding the choice just to make sure we are getting the best tire.

Similar to when buying all-season, you will need to see the tire first and determine the overall quality of the product. Tread and compound play a lot in deciding the tire’s performance because in general a good AT tire will have a deep and aggressive tread to handle the off-road surface while also providing good coverage and pattern for the on-road driving. Especially for those who will be spending a lot of time off-road, sidewall is another concern to consider.

Sidewall is separated from the tire’s main surface that constantly gets in contact with the ground but, for the off-road application, this area needs to be taller. Lower sidewall typically means more stability on the road while higher sidewall will offer more cushioning just like the sole of your running shoes. This is because the air pressure is reduced and higher sidewall means you will handle a common situation like deep sand or mud better. In addition, many drivers tend to prefer softer tires because they will provide better grip over harder tires which often last longer.

About Toyo Open Country MT and RT

For some people, the price of the new set will matter as well and it is all about personal preference. Shopping with a limited budget will be more difficult because our options are limited but there are always alternatives to deliver the best for what we can spend. You can stick with certain brands as well, especially if you have used some of their tires or are satisfied with how their tires work for your previous or other vehicles.  If not, there are plenty of famous brands to start with.

Among those manufacturers who are often the go-to for their all-terrain or off-road tires, Toyo is always one of the good options. It seems like everyone knows this tire, especially for light trucks owners, along with other great options like BF Goodrich. This tire brand carries several variants in the catalog and all of them can be your ideal options but, just like everything else, not all will be identical and you may like one of them better, depending on which is more important for your driving experience.

Currently Toyo has some of the best all-terrain tires out there but, the options may vary based on what the tire is designed for. If you are the type who combines both on and off-road about equally, the Toyo Open Country MT and RT are two promising choices to consider. These are pretty old tires however, so we don’t think they are going to be the best among what the brand can offer now, especially with the AT going for its third iteration.

But, if you are a light truck owner, these two will be more suitable in terms of off-road performance. As the name suggests, the MT stands for maximum traction but they are more popular as mud-terrain which is not wrong since the key here is traction which is what Open Country MT is offering. On the other hand, RT means for rough terrain and is essentially a middle ground between AT and MT tires so you will get the good of both tire types.

Toyo Open Country MT Features

As you can see from the sample picture above, both are rugged tires with extreme design. Starting from the MT tire, this variant is made with 3-ply polyester construction for better rigidity and impact resistance. The tire design has open, scalloped shoulder blocks for aiding off-road traction and increasing grip on loose surfaces including mud, sand, and snow. The large channels are also here to help the tire removing mud, snow, or water, keeping the traction optimum for any surface.

The tread is brought over the shoulder in order to provide you the traction, especially when handling mud or taking turns on off-road situations. For the road reliability, the siping is pretty deep as well so the tire can grip into the wet surface. In terms of sizing, the MT is available in a wide variety of sizes from 15 inches to 26 inches and up to F load rating for some of the larger tires.

Toyo Open Country RT Features

Next with Open Country RT, this tire is also using the same technology but with different details. It is similarly made with high turn-up polyester construction for excellent durability and has 3-ply construction for LT-metrics and floatation sizes, or 2-ply for the P-/Euro metric sizes. It also has open shoulder blocks with a scalloped design but in different shape to MT to enhance grip on loose terrain. Necessary for an all-terrain, the tire can do self-cleaning with stone and mud ejectors as well as to protect against stone drills.

The deep and wide grooves in between the tread patterns are here to evacuate water effectively and prevent hydroplaning while sipes are meant for traction on wet surfaces including snow. For the variants with 3-ply construction, it is also better for puncture resistance in order to prevent cuts or snags. The Open Country RT is available from 15 inch to 24 inches and up to F load or XL load for the P-/Euro metric.

Toyo Open Country MT and RT on the Road

Now for the most important part, let’s see how Toyo Open Country MT and RT are delivering their features. Starting with the on road performance, both of them are working really well and we don’t have any issues with them for highway application as well. What makes some want to have these tires are probably for the performance, look, or on road comfort and both are superb. Some say that MT is quieter despite being more aggressive or vice versa but we see they are about the same or only for 3-4 decibels different.

This is when measured with a sound level meter and in real life our ears may not be able to differentiate or hear the difference in the cabin, along with other sounds like AC or your sound system. The two however tend to get noisier nearing the end of tread life and less comfy when brand new. For light snow on the road the two are good but definitely not for deep snow or icy roads because there is less siping in either tires.

Toyo Open Country MT and RT for Off-Road

What Toyo Open Country MT and RT are best is of course the off-road performance. In this area they are also still similar to each other and one thing we notice is that none are that good for sand, especially the loose sand but we can still get a decent grip on a packed surface. On the mud, we can say the MT is better, probably because the tread in the middle is just a bit more spacey. However, the RT is not bad at all and is still a great option for typical off-road terrain.

Toyo Open Country MT and RT Warranty

Lastly we want to talk about the warranty because many like these tires for its lasting ability. Of course the actual miles will vary among users based on the driving habit or condition as well as how the tires are maintained. For the MT, unfortunately there is no mileage warranty on the tire besides the limited warranty that covers basically errors on the product’s manufacturing. Some people can’t bring this tire for more than 30k while some can exceed 70K and still going.

As for the Open Country RT, this tire is covered with both a 45k mileage warranty and the limited warranty, similar to the AT variant. Even after 30k the tire still looks almost brand new and some users report that they can spend about 60k before needing to change but some can be longer or shorter as well, especially when there is a failure on the tire.

Toyo Open Country MT Vs RT

Both Toyo Open Country MT and RT are good tires. They are comparable and promising for both on and off-road application. In comparison for road performance, the two are very similar and they have similar weaknesses too against deep snow but for noise, they are just equally amazing. For off-road the MT seems to work slightly better on sticky mud as well as great for towing but this tire doesn’t have mileage warranty just in case you run them pretty quickly.

Toyo Open Country MTToyo Open Country RT
- Better for mud- Better for on and off-road in general
- Available in bigger size- Only up to 24 inches
- No mileage cover- 45k mileage warranty
- Tend to wear faster- Tend to wear slower


You can go amazing with any of the two based on which seems more promising but we will recommend the MT for mudding and if not you can go well with RT. But, if you want to feel safer, the RT has a 45k miles warranty just to make sure the tire can hold its reputation.