Pirelli Scorpion vs P Zero

Road tires are great for best performance on city roads and for everyday driving experience. They are also known to be fuel efficient as well to help save some. Just like other types of tire, there are plenty to choose from in the market such as Pirelli Scorpion Vs P Zero. These tires are very similar due to being close models but, they are not exactly the same. For those who wonder which to choose, let’s see the comparison below. 

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are the Tire Types for Road Application
  • What are Pirelli Scorpion and P Zero
  • What are the Features on Pirelli Scorpion 
  • What are the Features on Pirelli P Zero
  • How are the Road Performance of Pirelli Scorpion and P Zero
  • How are the Off-Road Performance of Pirelli Scorpion and P Zero
  • Pirelli Scorpion Vs P Zero

Road Tire Types

Our vehicle is very close to us and they are often used on the daily from taking you to the office, taking the kids to their school, picking them up, traveling to stores, going back home, or for a long distance trip across the states. Our vehicle needs proper and constant maintenance just like the tires that won’t last forever. At certain times or usually once in a few years we have to replace all of them with a set of new tires.

The tires can be just like what the stock comes with or if you want to improve or even try improving the performance, we can try for some other alternatives. Tire matters a lot for the vehicle and overall driving experience just like how our running shoes protect and help reduce injuries but this time it is more about how the vehicle handles different terrains or conditions in which they will be driven on. There are several types of tires for off-road such as Cooper AT3 Vs AT3 XLT and for on road application.

The first road tire is summer tires and this is often seen on standard-size passenger vehicles such as a car or SUV, and minivan. As the name suggests, they are best for owners who are living in a place where the climate doesn’t typically drop below 45 degree Fahrenheit for the most part of the year. While being called summer tires, they can work well on both dry and wet roads but the wet here is watery, rainy days and not frozen, icy roads. 

The next type of tires is the opposite of summer which is winter tire or also called snow tire. This type of tire is ideal for application in cold winter or places where the temperature can drop from 45 degree Fahrenheit and below or where the ice stays all year long. They are special because the compound or material is designed to work on such extreme temperatures thus, the rubber will retain some of its flexibility and grip, making the vehicle more stable and safer.

If summer or winter tires are too extreme for your typical application and you prefer a little bit of both, an all-season tire is the answer. This is the most versatile road tire we can opt for and don’t get the name mislead you because they are not a complete jack of all trades. But, if you are living in an area where the winter is mild, they can work really well. In general the grip for wet and dry roads is reliable including some light ice.

About Pirelli Scorpion and P Zero

For those who are driving on the road or mostly spending their time on road, these types of tires are great options, so we can choose one that fits in our application the most. If you are here then we assume you are also driving exclusively on the road and for the options, either summer or all-season are what most people are going for. These tires are ideal for a milder condition and suitable for SUV or other city cars.

When it comes to the options, we have plenty to choose from based on what tire manufacturers are offering. One of them is Pirelli and we are sure most people are familiar with this brand already because they are pretty well-known for road tires, especially for those who are looking to buy the performance-oriented options. But, if you want to save some, they do have some alternatives that are cheaper or more on the entry-level section and depending on what you prefer better, both can be great choices.

Performance-oriented tires are mostly chosen to improve the performance, especially if you are in for speed and control both on dry and wet roads. Pirelli Scorpion and P Zero are two variants from the collection and the reason why they are often compared despite being sold at different price ranges is because they are alternative for each other. Their focus is also different since Scorpion is an all-season and more of an everyday choice compared to P Zero with its performance as main goal.

However, both Pirelli Scorpion and P Zero are going to fit well on your city car like sedans or SUV and CUV as long as the application is considered for normal use and for milder conditions just like summer tires. They are not for off-road and not for an icy road as well but for regular driving conditions like city road or pavement and tarmac, the two will work really well. In comparison however, we will get more by paying more for Scorpion, especially the Scorpion Zero which is the one we are comparing in today’s article.

Pirelli Scorpion Features

Pirelli currently carry several different lines for their road models and both are available in several different types as well. For today, we are going to compare the Scorpion Zero all season and the original variant of P Zero. The Scorpion Zero is one of the most popular variants from the family, along with Verde. This tire is claimed to use innovative compounds combined with asymmetric patterns as you can see in the sample picture above. For the specific model this is the one with Run Flat technology.

Run Flat is said to have a greater control for the carin emergency conditions which means we will still be able to drive safely even after enduring a rapid loss of inflation pressure. It also has a noise cancelling system to reduce noise inside the vehicle due to the sound absorbing placed inside the circumferential wall of the tire. When it comes to traction, it has 30m of sipes for better grip and traction while the 4 longitudinal grooves are used for water expulsion and better stability of dry roads.

Pirelli P Zero Features

Moving to P Zero, this tire is made with a special compound too, from silica and carbon black tread compound. This material is said to be reliable for continuous driving while the tire is still cold and stays consistent through the thread’s life. It has S-treme asymmetric design that location, width, and circumferential, as well as lateral grooves are minimizing the deformation in order to blend responsive handling with hydroplaning resistance, as well as wet and dry road traction.

The P Zero also has nano-composites compound located below the thread to protect its casing when experiencing deterioration while also improving sport performance and ride comfort. Deeper in the tire’s internal structure there are twin steel belts made of polyamide cord plies and nylon with aramid cord for maintaining the tire’s internal structure and deformation. Similarly, in some sizes we will get the noise cancelling feature and Run Flat technology.

Pirelli Scorpion and P Zero On Road Performance

Now for the performance side, let’s see what Pirelli Scorpion and P Zero can offer. Starting with the dry road, both of them are working really well, just like most original equipment tires out there. There is no surprise as this is what the tires are mainly designed for but, one being our complaint is the Scorpion Zero somehow creates more noise in comparison which usually is not the case for summer or all-season tires but we also hear some users don’t hear any meaningful difference.

On wet roads expect some decrease in performance but the two are still reliable and can grip the surface without much struggle. They seem to be decent for light snow as well in case you need to drive in such conditions but they are rather difficult to control on icy roads. 

Pirelli Scorpion and P Zero Off-Road Performance 

On the off-road section, the Pirelli Scorpion and P Zero are not made for such application but if you have to drive on gravel or unpaved road, we do think they can handle the situation quickly too. The issue is probably on grip and traction because there are not enough biting edges on the tire’s surface to provide as many flexible edges to hold on the loose surface. They are also slow to stop on icy roads or gravels compared to typical all-terrain.

Pirelli Scorpion vs P Zero

In comparison, both the Pirelli Scorpion and P Zero are good tires and they are best when it comes to on road and a milder temperature. Side by side the dry traction of Scorpion Zero is actually better than P Zero but the latter is faster. Comfort wise the original P Zero is decent and the Scorpion feels better if not for the noise. For off-road and snow none are superb but still useful for light snow and gravel.

Pirelli ScorpionPirelli P Zero
- Better on dry surface- Faster
- Slightly more comfortable

- Not as comfortable
- Create some noise

- Quiet
- More expensive
- Affordable


You can go amazing with any of these tires based on which is the priority. Personally if you are not focusing on performance, we do think the Scorpion Zero is a better tire, mostly for the grip and traction on dry surfaces.