Pirelli Scorpion vs Michelin Latitude

Having an SUV in your garage? Then you should probably be confused hard on choosing the right tire for it. But, instead of having a headache over it, try to look at the popular brands of tires from Pirelli and Michelin can solve it easily. Both of them have almost similar functions and features that you are better concerned about.

Those two popular brands of tires from Pirelli and Michelin come with their famous series that call as the Pirelli Scorpion and Michelin Latitude. Now, let see some of the short reviews about them below so that you can pick one of them into the most suitable size for your vehicles.

Pirelli Scorpion

Pirelli Scorpion is a type of SUV tire that is made for versatile needs through your vehicles. It is made from eco-friendly material that will not make any harm to your vehicles. Besides, it comes with a sturdier material that can bring you into so many miles away to cross path the road. Read also: Cooper AT3 vs ST Maxx.

Pirelli Scorpion brings the best features that fit perfectly in all seasons which can be changed so easily. It can endure properly on wet, dry, or snow which is perfect to keep drive over this type of tire through those conditions. You will get fewer worries about things that make you’re driving hard.

Pirelli Scorpion is made perfectly for those who need the best tires even for the hard snow of the winter. It comes with high performance which capable of handling and controls some extreme snow conditions. You will get fewer worries about stuck in the middle of the snow with your vehicles no more.

Pirelli Scorpion provides a perfect design with a premium material that will give the best performance with high traction. It is capable of handling the braking over some extreme road that will bring the most comfortable driving for you. It will adjust the most harder part on the road such as cornering and downhill braking with a low grip.

Pirelli Scorpion offers reduced carbon emission technology that will bring eco-friendly driving. You will help the environment good in the way they are by using this type of tire. Besides, it also capable to reduce your fuel waste as well so that the emission can be reduced properly.

Pirelli Scorpion brings the reduced noise technology which brings the quietest driving experience. You will feel the most comfortable driving without any noises to be heard over the road. That makes you can simply enjoy your drive to your destination without bothered by some strange voices over the road.

Pirelli Scorpion comes with a lightweight dimension which comes at about 31.9 x 31.9 x 10.9 inches and 47 pounds of weight. It has about 275 millimeters of section width and 8.5 inches of rim width which perfect to support your driving comfort. The price also comes in a great rate that starts from US$155 up to US$188 on Amazon.

Michelin Latitude

Michelin Latitude is a kind of tire that build specifically for off-road abilities for every SUV type of vehicle you have. Not only has a good performance, but it also has a great capability for crossover road over the SUV type of vehicle. That is why this type of tire is so popular on these SUV types of vehicles.

Michelin Latitude brings the most important features such as the fuel controller. It is capable to manage your fuel waste with a great performance during your driving journey. You will not be getting run over the fuel by using this type of tire that has great control over it whenever you need it the most.

Michelin Latitude is designed for a quiet ride with the reducer noise technology on it. That makes the performance better with a more comfortable way to drive along your journey. You would not get any unnecessary sound over the tire and the road which is reduced properly by the reducer technology on it.

Michelin Latitude has a great form of a thread that craved properly over the surface of the tire. It is capable to reduce the noise and also bring stability over some blocks that you crossed by. You will get the easier path during using this type of tire without worrying about such things.

Michelin Latitude builds with great circumferential grooves that bring you the most comfortable driving along your journey. It integrates perfectly with the hydro planning resistance that will bring the most comfortable way of feeling on the passengers’ side. It is built properly with a high level of technology that will not disappoint you.

Some of the Michelin Latitude types and series come with the Green X symbol. That represented a green manufacturing process that brings the eco-friendly type of tire. Most of them have a good material that will not harm any environment with a great reduced of the emission over it.

Michelin Latitude comes with an invisible treadwear that will make the easier way to maintain. It is located in the narrow rubber bars that will automatically be flushed when the standard level reaches over it. That will so helpful while you often using it over some traction over the snow or hard track.

Michelin Latitude has a great dimension at about 16.0 x 17.0 x 18.0 inches and 27 lbs of weight. It integrates perfectly with about 7.0 up to 9.0 inches of rim range and 12.5/32 inches of tread depth. The price also comes in a reasonable rate that starts from US$134 on Amazon.

Pirelli Scorpion vs Michelin Latitude

Pirelli Scorpion Michelin Latitude
- Section Width : 265 Millimeters
- Section Width : 225 Millimeters
- Load Capacity : 1764 Pounds

- Load Capacity : 1604 Pounds
- Tread Depth : 11 32nds

- Tread Depth : 10 32nds
- Load Index Rating : 100.0
- Load Index Rating : 100.0

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that Michelin Latitude is a better way to pick than the Pirelli Scorpion. As it comes from the performances, Michelin Latitude has a higher and better function on its resistance over some hard conditions on the road than the Pirelli Scorpion.

Moreover, Michelin Latitude is not only suitable for off-road driving but also adaptable in some hard pavements such as snow and dry conditions. It will not tear easily with a great casing outside the tire. That makes this type of tire is worth choosing over another type of SUV tires in the market.