Pirelli Scorpion vs Bridgestone Dueler

Having SUV types of car can be so great so that you can easily cross paths the road without any difficulties. But, you need to look up your tire’s capacity as well. That is why choosing the right tires that fit perfectly to your SUV is a must to do.

As the track on the road can be changed easily through the seasons or so, you need to be more careful while choosing the right tires. This makes us bring you into the best two preferences of SUV tires that come from the Pirelli Scorpion and Bridgestone Dueler.

Let’s check a short glance of review about them below!

Pirelli Scorpion

Pirelli Scorpion is a type of SUV tire that is made for versatile needs through your vehicles. It is made from eco-friendly material that will not make any harm to your vehicles. Besides, it comes with a sturdier material that can bring you into so many miles away to cross path the road. Read also: Cooper Discoverer vs Michelin Defender.

Pirelli Scorpion brings the best features that fit perfectly in all seasons which can be changed so easily. It can endure properly on wet, dry, or snow which is perfect to keep drive over this type of tire through those conditions. You will get fewer worries about things that make you’re driving hard.

Pirelli Scorpion is made perfectly for those who need the best tires even for the hard snow of the winter. It comes with high performance which capable of handling and controls some extreme snow conditions. You will get fewer worries about stuck in the middle of the snow with your vehicles no more.

Pirelli Scorpion provides a perfect design with a premium material that will give the best performance with high traction. It is capable of handling the braking over some extreme road that will bring the most comfortable driving for you. It will adjust the most harder part on the road such as cornering and downhill braking with a low grip.

Pirelli Scorpion offers reduced carbon emission technology that will bring eco-friendly driving. You will help the environment good in the way they are by using this type of tire. Besides, it also capable to reduce your fuel waste as well so that the emission can be reduced properly.

Pirelli Scorpion brings the reduced noise technology which brings the quietest driving experience. You will feel the most comfortable driving without any noises to be heard over the road. That makes you can simply enjoy your drive to your destination without bothered by some strange voices over the road.

Pirelli Scorpion comes with a lightweight dimension which comes at about 31.9 x 31.9 x 10.9 inches and 47 pounds of weight. It has about 275 millimeters of section width and 8.5 inches of rim width which perfect to support your driving comfort. The price also comes in a great rate that starts from US$155 up to US$188 on Amazon.

Bridgestone Dueler

Bridgestone Dueler is a type of tire that is made for crossover road with a high-performance material. It brings the most elegant type of tires that can fit perfectly to any type of your vehicle. The design is simple rather than over textured on the body which makes it more gorgeous to looks at.

Bridgestone Dueler is one of the type all seasons tires of Bridgestone company that capable to bring your driving comfort. It can endure properly on whatever road you crossed by even with the harder wheater. It gives a great performance whether on wet or snow pavement as well without any difficulty.

Bridgestone Dueler brings good durability that can be lost lasting of driving for your vehicle. You will get the most longer using of tire that would not be ruined easily over the change seasons or any certain conditions over the road you pass. It will endure properly whether on wet or dry pavement as well.

Bridgestone Dueler brings a great performance over any traction on the road. It is capable to maintain it properly so that you will feel more comfortable enjoying your driving journey to reach your destination. Even though you meet some harsh weather, the traction technology will fix the problem over the road properly.

Bridgestone Dueler offers a smooth feeling on your vehicles so that you will get more comfortable to drive. That because the braking technology that capable to reduce any hard traction smoothly on a low grip. You will get the most comfortable driving without feeling any hard surfaces on the road.

Bridgestone Dueler is capable to bring the service life up to 80,000 miles which perfect to accompany you in a very long time. You will have a great warranty that will not disappoint you at any time. Besides, it has a strong and durable type of tires that would make a longer life of your tire’s performance.

Bridgestone Dueler comes with a great dimension at about 31.9 x 31.9 x 10.9 inches and 41.3 pounds of weight. These are pretty lightweight with about 275 millimeters of section width and 20 inches of rim diameters. The price also comes in a reasonable rate that starts from US$198 up to US$214 on Amazon.

Pirelli Scorpion vs Bridgestone Dueler

Pirelli ScorpionBridgestone Dueler
- Section Width : 265 Millimeters- Section Width : 275 Millimeters
- Load Capacity : 1764 Pounds- Load Capacity : 2403 Pounds
- Tread Depth : 11 32nds- Tread Depth : 12 32nds
- Load Index Rating : 100.0- Load Index Rating : 111.0

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, our verdict concludes that Pirelli Scorpion is way better to pick than Bridgestone Dueller. As it comes from the performances, Pirelli Scorpion has a higher and better performance rather than Bridgestone Dueler.

For the braking technology, Pirelli Scorpion is capable to give the best performance through the deep snow. It also can easily be braking over the ice condition on the road that sometimes can damage your driving. That makes it has more great performance at handling some harsh conditions on the road.

On the other side, Bridgestone Dueler has poor braking on ice conditions. That makes it hard to drive over the hard snow that may harm you. Besides, it also has a lack of reducing some noise over the road. You can find it after about 30,000 miles of driving that the sound is pretty loud to hear from inside your car.