Cooper Discoverer vs Michelin Defender

Having the perfect right tires for any vehicle you have can be so challenging to find. Moreover, if you have some SUV or crossroad type of vehicles which are so exciting to get some adventurous types of the tire. Because to get those typical tires that fit your vehicles needs some effort to do.

Besides, choosing the right tires for your vehicles should considering some benefits through your vehicles. The more comfortable for them can be more useful for you. that is why you need to carefully compare them with the right method.

This time, we will bring you into the most two popular tires from Cooper Discoverer and Michelin Defender. Both of them have different types and functions but can be useful for all seasons that you need the most.

Let’s see some the short review about them below so that you can decide which one that has the most perfect tire for you.

Cooper Discoverer

Cooper Discoverer is one of the most popular tires that developed properly for SUV and crossroad type of vehicles. It has so many models that you can choose the perfect size for any type of your vehicle at home. Not only for size, but it also has a perfect design for your need on the road. Read also: Maxxis Bighorn Vs Carnivore.

Most of all Cooper Discoverer’s design is fit to road focus type which perfects to meet all season’s needs. That makes this tire is perfect to use so that you don’t need to change them every time the seasons change. This type of tires is perfect to accompany your adventure daily.

Cooper Discoverer comes with the Stabledge performance technology which capable to keep the road stable, enhancing the perfect handling, and even dry traction of your vehicles. It is perfect to find the right position of your tires combine with its technology to keep your tires is perfectly fine to drive.

Cooper Discoverer has a good contraction rating which specifically has an S + M rating. It means that this type of tire is perfect to use in mud and snow properly. The material and design are made for the most convenient type of tires to adjustable the mud and snow conditions on the road.

Cooper Discoverer contains some specific materials that are made to meet the wet pavement condition. That makes this type of tire is perfect to use even though the pavement is wet. It would not be slipped easily but tightened the tire properly so that it is safe to use even though the road condition is wet.

Cooper Discoverer offers the wear indicator which comes in a round shape. It functions well to show you the performance of your tires over the wheels. This is perfect for you to keep control of the wheels that are shown by four lines. Once you get the line disappears that means your tires are worn out about 25% of using.

Cooper Discoverer has a light weighter size at about 31 x 31 x 10 inches and 42 pounds of weight. The price also comes at a good rate which starts from US$161 up to US$482 depending on the types and models. With all of these great technologies, this tire is worth to buy.

Michelin Defender

Michelin Defender is one of the types of tires that support your vehicles for off-road life. This type of tire is made for a lifestyle that ready to face everything your road comes through. It has so many models which you can choose wisely to fit the size of your vehicle of tires.

Michelin Defender comes with the Evertread design that is specifically made for off-road style. It offers a full of comfort, traction, reduces vibration wear, and even capable to improve the efficiency of your fuel use. All of them is perfect to accompany your daily adventure of driving without worries about the fuel waste.

The reduced vibration technology on Michelin Defender is amazing which you can drive safely without feels cryptical about the road noises. It can reduce the vibration properly so that makes a perfect of comfortable driving. As your tires work properly to reduce it, you can enjoy driving along with your destination.

Michelin Defender design for all seasons type of tires that perfect to your choices despite the changes weather in your hometown. You don’t need to worry about changing them on your vehicles once the weather changes. This makes a full sacrifice moment which you can drive safely without worrying a thing.

Michelin Defender can be performed wee whether on wet or dry pavement. It is perfect while you come through the road with a wet after rain or snow. It would not be slipped easily so that your driving can be safe until you reach your destination.

Just like it safe on the wet pavement, Michelin Defender also works well on the dry pavement. It is capable to improve the braking capacity into the best stability on those tires. That makes your driving can go smoothly without easily slipped on whatever road you crossed by.

Michelin Defender comes with a versatile technology in a weight-light dimension. It is the only size at about 25 x 0.98 x 7.7 inches and 18.6 pounds of weight with about 195 millimeters of the section width. The price also comes at the best rate that starts from US$149 up to US$348 on Amazon.

Cooper Discoverer vs Michelin Defender

Toyo Open Country MTToyo Open Country RT
- Better for mud- Better for on and off-road in general
- Available in bigger size- Only up to 24 inches
- No mileage cover- 45k mileage warranty
- Tend to wear faster- Tend to wear slower

Which One DO You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that Michelin Defender is a perfect choice to pick rather than the Cooper Discoverer. As it comes from the functions, Michelin Defender comes with more versatile tires that will meet perfectly for your vehicle’s needs.

Besides, Michelin Defender also capable to reduce the noise and even improve the efficiency of your fuel waste. Those features are perfect for any type of vehicle which you can drive safely without waste so much fuel.

With all of the great features of Michelin Defender, it is worth picking this type of tire that can easily through a satisfied and comfortable driving along with your adventures