Maxxis Bighorn Vs Carnivore

Choosing a UTV tire can be confusing because you have tons to choose from and many of them also seem like a great choice for your vehicle. However, it can be safer or more convenient to opt for the more popular options such as Maxxis Bighorn Vs Carnivore since most people like them for their performance. If you are also considering these options, do check what they can offer below and which of them will be your better choice as the two are also different from each other.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Tire to Purchase
  • What are Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore
  • How are the Design of Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore
  • How are Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore on Sand
  • How are Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore with Speed
  • How are Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore on Mud
  • Maxxis Bighorn Vs Carnivore

UTV Tire Types

Our vehicle is just as reliable as the tire because they are the one that is always in contact with the ground to make sure the vehicle keeps moving even when on difficult terrain and tricky surfaces. The tire is an important part to decide how well this journey can go since none of us want to change them in the middle of nowhere. While carrying extra is always a great decision, there are lots to consider when deciding to try a new tire, including for a UTV.

For most people, a mud tire is the best or just the most versatile and convenient. Chances are your vehicle comes with a set too and as the name suggests, they are a great option if your driving area has lots of mud such as those with water flow, in order to maintain a strong grip and allow your vehicle to move forward. Yet, if your playground has more rocky mountains and sand, the other tires will be more suitable.

Sand tires are the one you want to install if dunes are where you enjoy the most. They are very unique as well compared to many other tires because the pattern is like paddle. It is designed to handle the loose surface or to paddle the vehicle since we can’t get proper grip in this type of terrain. Stock tires often work well too but for maximum performance it is wise to invest on dedicated sand tires. Next is rock or hard tires and this is our personal favorite for bumpy roads.

Rock tires are made to sustain the hard and bumpy terrain with sharp objects that may harm the rubber. This is why you often find them come with a rim guard and lugs that are closely packed to prevent rock or small stones from penetrating the tire. In general they are almost similar to truck tires or AT models such as Cooper AT3 and ST MAXX. For those who love to play during winter, snow tires are the most ideal option to go for with their excellent lug design in order to give proper stability.

If you are the type who love to drive faster and often play on a more stable surface or roads. The racing tires are the best in this condition since all of the above often makes the drive less stable especially during high speed. If your application is more of a mix of this and that then an all-purpose is probably the wiser option. They are similar to standard or stock tires but are more of an all-terrain to be the jack of all trades.

About Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore

Now when you already decide on which tire to install or to try if this is your new set of non-stock tires, it is great to consider the options as well. One of the most challenging parts of shopping for a new tire is probably selecting from the abundant of options out there because we never know which will be the best choice. Yet, to save time we can actually see what other users are opting for as chances you will like them as well.

When talking about UTV tires, there are plenty of brands you can find out there and some may already be tested by your vehicle as well but, it is undoubtedly that Maxxis is still one of the most popular options for the folks in the off-road section. They are carrying a huge variety of tires for your application and many of them are also the favorite choices of many others. If you need well-performing tires that are also reliable to tackle various terrains, chances are Maxxis will have the perfect option.

Similar to most brands, there are few models which are garnering more sales than the rest and for this company, it seems the Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore are what many people are opting for. They are everywhere and proven to work well on various terrains but the two are more of a general purpose model instead of specific tires which is also great for hobbyists whose playgrounds consist of various different terrains. We have talked about one of them in Maxxis Bighorn Vs 2.0 if you want to check them out.

The Bighorn already has 3 different variants to this day with the newest comes with a better stability and slightly different tread design. It is long being the jack of all trades for the reliability in mud and dry gravels as well as pretty comfortable for regular dirt road and trail. Similarly, the Carnivore is designed to handle almost anything and inspired by light-truck tires which makes the model very durable in terms of providing you with enough traction as well as rigidity.

Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, the two Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore are very much different from each other and it is easy to see Bighorn as the UTV tire but the Carnivore is looking like most AT tires out there. Their tread patterns are very different with the latter being more complicated and closer to each other. The gaps between tread blocks in Bighorn are quite far apart from each other and this will help them avoid stones as well as working on mud.

The Bighorn true to its name is quite a large tire and available in 12, 14, and 15 inch sizing while the latter is only available in 14 and 15 inches. The sidewall seems very robust as well and the large chunk of tread will help you go around gravel or loose surface and mud with ease. Their tread depth seems similar however depending on the tire size. The Big Horn is not a square tire however so when filled with air it will look narrower compared to Carnivore which is truer to its size.

Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore on Sand

Moving further, let’s see what Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore can offer and first we want to mention that Carnivore is a 8-ply tire compared to the Bighorn which is 6-ply tire so we will be adding more weight for the same size which some may want to consider first. In comparison, the Carnivore is probably a better tire on the standard sand or loose terrain as this tire has a more rigid sidewall and we feel the tread is not flexing as much as Bighorn, probably because it has a slightly firmer rubber.

But, it also tends to dig in deeper on the surface compared to Bighorn which is better at floating thus, it may have experienced some kickback. Climbing or riding downhill both feels great with any of the two and they work really well for almost any occasions. What’s pretty surprising is Carnivore doesn’t dig in too deep as well so we can still go slowly and stop without having to worry about getting stuck.

Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore with Speed

Moving to the flatter road, both of them are also quite comfortable for a more leisure time. Some of you may want to drive at higher speed and the two can handle it really well but since they are made for racing especially on flat gravel, the Bighorn feels a bit unstable at the higher speed or stray slightly which makes the driver want to be more careful. Carnivore can handle the speed better at this application and the tire feels like most AT when you drive a truck.

Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore Wet Terrain

Now for the wet terrain, in comparison between Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore the former seems like the better option. None of them are actually made for mud application but the tread design of Carnivore makes these blocks too close to each other to give you a better cleaning ability, unlike the Bighorn. The Bighorn simpler tread is not only allowing you to move forward but also keeping the tire fairly clean after to maintain traction. However, for a serious mud performance, we highly recommend a more specific tire.

Maxxis Bighorn Vs Carnivore

These tires are what you want to get if you are also going to drive at different terrains but Maxxis Bighorn and Carnivore are not exactly the same. The prominent difference is that Carnivore will perform better in hard pack road, flatter one and on rocks with the sturdy construction and larger blocks of pattern. On the other hand mud is where Bighorn will perform better due to the larger tread gaps. If you love speeding, we also think the Carnivore will be more stable.

Maxxis Bighorn Maxxis Carnivore
- 6-ply- 8-ply
- Lighter tire- Heavier
- Slightly narrower- Wider surface
- Good at mud- Good at speed and hard pack terrain


It is best to shop based on which meets your application better and between the two, it is about where you will drive. If you will meet mud we still suggest Bighorn or Bighorn 2.0 but if gravel and stones are your playground then Carnivore is just simply more durable.