Nitto Ridge Grappler Vs Toyo RT

Tire is just as important as your vehicle’s other components because they are affecting the performance. Depending on what your vehicle is driven on, the options of tire you may like differ such as those who are going to drive on and off the road. AT tires are very convenient due to their ability to run on different terrains and Nitto Ridge Grappler Vs Toyo RT are two good models to consider. If you are also planning to try one of them, do check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How Tire Affect Car’s Performance
  • What are Nitto Ridge Grappler and Toyo RT
  • What are the Features of Nitto Ridge Grappler
  • What are the Features of Toyo RT
  • How are the On Road Performance of Nitto Ridge Grappler and Toyo RT
  • How are the Off-Road Performance of Nitto Ridge Grappler and Toyo RT
  • Nitto Ridge Grappler Vs Toyo RT

Tire and Performance

Having your own vehicle is convenient because you can drive anywhere without having to rely on public transportation. We can transport people and goods anytime we want as well as more comfortably, especially if you have family with small children too. To be able to drive comfortably, not only we will need to maintain the vehicle from time to time but also rotate the tire and change them when needed. Some owners may think all tires are the same but they are often different from each other.

Car’s tires not only cushion the wheel and let your vehicle roll comfortably on different terrains but also affect the performance and handling. The most noticeable difference is the wheel diameter and if you see the tire’s specification, this metric is actually put first to indicate how important it is. To put it simply, the larger the wheel diameter, the more stable the ride and in addition, the more surface use in control, especially when the car is braking.

Some people may like it better due to the aesthetic quality such as in sport cars but do note that it is not all good with larger tires as it means the bigger the wheels the more it is prone to bending or even make the road feels bumpier, especially if the tire has thinner sidewall.

Next is the tire’s width which is also a critical importance and you can imagine already, a wider tire means more surface in contact with the road and this will prominently affect both traction and performance. It is also related to the car’s suspension, in case you have it modified as the wider tire may make the road more challenging.

When it comes to tires, rigidity also plays an important role in deciding how long we can stay with the set. Tires can be very expensive to change depending on the model and what they are designed for so it is just logical that we want them to stay reliable as long as possible. However, tires can be either soft or hard and both have their own qualities you may be looking for. Usually, tires with softer compounds are going to perform better in grip thus, they often offer better steering response.

On the bad side it is not going to be as durable or tend to wear faster than the stiffer tires. In some cases they may even break down when used on rougher terrain. On the opposite spectrum, stiffer tires are not going to be as responsive but will be more reliable in rough terrains or when you are driving at higher speed.

About Nitto Ridge Grappler and Toyo RT

If you are here then it means you are currently looking for an all-terrain tire and for this application, the tire must be both reliable on and off the road. There are plenty of options and most tire manufacturers will have a set of AT tires in the catalog which may be confusing at times for all of them do look attractive and reliable but, different models are often different to each other too. For the options, we recommend you to look at the same brands or your own favorite.

If you want to save time, we can see what other similar drivers are choosing for because chances are they are also going to fit in your application. Among those abundant choices, Nitto and Toyo tires are both good options to consider for their reputation. We are sure most people are familiar with these brands as many of us may have used one of their tires before. If you like one of their tires, sticking with the brand is a good idea or if you want to try other models from the collection.

The two have good reputations and many of their other tires are performing really well too but if you are looking to change a set of light truck tires or for a vehicle that will be used in all terrain, the Nitto Ridge Grappler and Toyo RT are ideal for the application. Both of them are highly rated for the performance, especially if you are often driving on rougher terrain as these are loved for their performance in gravel and other extreme conditions.

The Ridge Grappler in fact is unlike the typical AT Nitto have in the catalog and more of a hybrid from AT and mud tire so if you are often meeting a pool of mud on the daily, this tire is a great option without having to go all out with a specific MT tire. On the other hand, the RT is also very similar which Toyo designed to be more aggressive than its common AT models yet still retain the road comfort.

Nitto Ridge Grappler Features

When looking at Ridge Grappler, this tire is very aggressive and as you can see, this model has a high-void pattern to provide the aggressive grip when you are driving off the road. It is also combined with variable pitch design with alternating shoulder grooves to create the zig-zag pattern in order to help the tire reduce road noise. In between the tread voids, the tire also has stone ejectors to prevent small stones from drilling the material.

In addition, to make sure the tire is reliable when you are driving on tougher terrains, Nitto reinforces the tread blocks at the foundation thus, flex can be reduced and for maximum reliability, you can find this model up to F-load rating for users with heavy-duty trucks. Read also: Nitto Ridge Grappler Vs Toyo AT3 here.

Toyo RT Features

Moving to the Toyo RT, this tire also has an aggressive look but functional design that focuses on traction and application in the toughest condition while not scarifying the comfortable ride. It has an open shoulder with scalloped design combined to enhance traction in loose terrain. To prolong the tire’s life, it comes with a stone-ejector embedded into the design while for wet traction it has deep and wide grooves which allow water to be easily evacuated from the footprint in order to prevent hydroplaning.

In addition, as you can see there are plenty of sipes on the tread blocks to help aiding traction when the road is very slippery or during winter. To improve durability, the RT from Toyo is made with three-ply polyester casing that also enhances the handling while the high turn-up will help with sidewall puncture resistance.

Nitto Ridge Grappler and Toyo RT On the Road

Now for the most important point which is their performance, both Nitto Ridge Grappler and Toyo RT are pretty good but let’s start with the road application first. In this area none of them will be as great as your summer tire installed in a sedan or CUV but they do still perform really good and comfortably. What we notice is that RT does introduce some vibration on the steering wheel which is not an issue with Ridge Grappler, considering both are aggressive tires.

Thankfully there is no issue in traction and there is no strange noise as well but if you have used a more subtle tire set before, they are not going to be as noiseless and light. There is some weight introduced to your vehicle but it is something that we get used to almost instantly. Wet roads are not an issue as well with these tires and they can properly grip into wet surface just as confidently.

Nitto Ridge Grappler and Toyo RT for Off-Road

Moving to the off-road section, here is where Nitto Ridge Grappler and Toyo RT shine the most because they are made for this application. What we love best from both is their loose surface traction especially sand and mud as the vehicle can run confidently even with the less grip that should happen but it is not an issue with these tires. On gravel and rock they are just as good if not better and in comparison we do think they are pretty much the same for this typical off-road adventure.

In winter they are pretty nice as well despite not really snow tires but for common driving we are sure you can rely on them. What we need to pay attention to off-road is probably the pressure in order to match with the type of terrain they are going to tackle.

Nitto Ridge Grappler Vs Toyo RT

These tires are amazing for off-roading and they are capable of handling most if not all typical conditions out there from rock mountains to sand and even mud. Especially for loose surfaces, airing them down can get you a much better performance while higher PSI is more ideal for the harder surface. As for roads, we do think the Grappler is slightly better here because even though it is equally heavy and aggressive, the truck still feels very comfortable to steer.

Nitto Ridge Grappler Toyo RT
- More comfortable on road- Good on the road
- No treadwear warranty- Expensive
- Not available in smaller sizes- Better for off-road and snow


All in all it is best to choose the one that fits your application the most but between the two, we will recommend the Ridge Grappler because while it is more of a mix of AT and MT, this tire is still surprisingly behaving similar to pure AT on the road.