Cooper AT3 vs BFG KO2

All terrain tires are very convenient because they can handle various different road conditions and stay reliable in the process. While in general they are good options, not all of them will be the same so it is wise to consider the models first, such as between Cooper AT3 Vs BFG KO2. These popular tires are well-known for their performance, especially for light truck or pick-up truck owners. If you wonder which of them will be the better option, do check our comparison below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look in an All-Terrain Tire
  • What are Cooper AT3 and BFG KO2
  • What Cooper AT3 and BFG KO2 can offer
  • How are the Cooper AT3 and BFG KO2 on the Road
  • How are the Cooper AT3 and BFG KO2 Off the Road
  • Cooper AT3 Vs BFG KO2

All-Terrain Tires

Choosing a new tire is a dreadful task for some of us because it is time to spend a quite amount of money on at least a set of two tires but chances are we change them in a set of four at once for a more even performance. But, money is not always the problem because there are tons to choose as well and it can be confusing when you decide to change the stock tire into something else, for better performance or better look.

It is all about preference but we can’t deny that tires play a significant role on what the vehicle can deal with out there so it is wise to consider various things before deciding to go with one. If you are here then we assume you are also someone who spends time not only on the road but also adventuring, enjoying some adrenaline driving or prefer to spend some time with nature. Cars and nature are not supposed to be close friends but with an ideal set of tires, we can drive with confidence.

For those adventurers, one of the most difficult things to decide is probably choosing to go with an all-terrain or just shoot for a mud-tire instead. For owners who are considering all-terrain, chances are you are driving both on and off the road with varying frequencies. In general an all-terrain can handle all typical conditions off-road but one, clay or sticky muddy roads. Usually many of them will turn your tires helpless so if your off-road application often meets this type of surface, a mud tire is the one to go.

Another confusing part is the treadwear warranty because who doesn’t want to have long lasting tires as they are not cheap to purchase. But, do note that treadwear will most likely come with a tire that has a stiffer compound and as we all know, a stiff tire is working best on the road while not so much off-road. The example is Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Vs Ridge Grappler in which the latter has no treadwear warranty but is highly rated for your off-road application.

Of course this is a personal preference as well because not all of us will have the same lifestyle and habit yet, it is still an important consideration to think about when you buy a new set. In addition, some people may want to choose 3PMSF rated tires like Toyo Open Country AT3 in order to stay confident in deep snow. They tend to have softer rubber for the low temperature but for typical applications, M+S all-terrain are usually enough.

About Cooper AT3 and BFG KO2

If you are here then it means you are also currently looking for all-terrain tires for the vehicle. The amount of options is letting you choose freely but it can be very time consuming as well because we need to know how good they will be, especially if you never tried them before. To save time, we recommend to see what the others are using because chances are you will like them as well, especially among users with the same lifestyle.

For those who are driving both on and off the road, Cooper and BFGoodrich are two great brands you may want to check out. We are sure most people are familiar with the two because they are no newcomers in the market and with lots of offerings, they make sure every customer is getting the suitable tire for their vehicles, including for all-terrain tires. Many of their tires are also highly rated in good price to attract more users.

When you check their collection there will be plenty of options to choose from and they also carry more than just one all-terrain with different focus. For those who want to pay a lot of attention to performance, Cooper AT3 and BFG KO2 are two amazing options to consider. Both of them are popular tires for adventurers who don’t want to scarify their on-road experience because the two are capable of handling the different terrains with high efficiency and ace in both worlds for typical use.

Similarly, Cooper AT3 and BFG KO2 are made for pick-up drivers and full size SUVs who are relying on the vehicle for various tasks. Their rugged design makes sure that both are going to be durable, reliable, as well as ideal for active lifestyle. We do think you can go amazing with any of them, as they can bring you anywhere with confidence but, also not for the more extreme conditions such as sticky mud and deep snow mountains.

Cooper AT3 Feature

To be able to perform properly, both of them are designed with various features on the tire itself. For Cooper AT3, this variant is made from a combination of shred-resistant silica and the next generation all terrain-tread pattern. It has the Even Wear Arch Technology to optimize the footprint meant for balanced pressure at the contact patch and to improve handling as well as protecting the treadwear. It is featured with Whisper Grooves in between the outboard tread blocks in order to help reduce the noise when you drive on the road.

For off-road traction, the stone ejector ledges will make sure small stones will get ejected once they stick to the surface to prevent puncture while the Rugged Traction Shoulders have alternating scoop, cleat lugs, and biting edges to provide grip on rocks or loose soil. The circumferential channels and wide notches are designed for hydroplaning resistance.

BFG KO2 Feature

On the other hand we have KO2 from BFGoodrich which is featured with a racing derived cut, chip, and tear-resistant tread compound in order to deliver longer life and this is compared to the older KO for up to two times. The new compound is molded into the aggressive tread pattern as you can see on the sample picture above. The tread pattern doesn’t only look good but also computer optimized, with high-void all terrain pattern and interlocking tread blocks and siping to eject loose objects.

Diving deeper into the tire, the KO2 is now featured with tougher sidewall compound while the internal structure is also built with twin steel belts combined with spirally wrapped nylon on top of the 3-ply polyester cord sidewall ply construction.

Cooper AT3 and BFG KO2 on the Road

Now for the most important part, let’s see how Cooper AT3 and BFG KO2 perform in real life but in general, both of them are good options and working really well too. In comparison, they are very similar to each other and when driven on regular roads in dry condition, side by side the KO2 is just slightly more reliable when you need to corner and play with the steer wheel. The dry traction is amazing and the vehicle also has predictable response.

On rainy days, the two are identical and equally hydroplaning resistant. The grip is very good as well and gives a proper traction even when the road is a bit slippery. However they are still not as good as the dry traction.

Cooper AT3 and BFG KO2 Off-Road

Moving to the off-road performance, Cooper AT3 and BFG KO2 are suitable as well for this application but they are not the same and in this area the KO2 is what you may want to choose. This tire is better for those who are often spending their time off the road because the traction for loose surfaces is more reliable in this variant, especially for loose dirt such as dirt and sand. The two are good for muddy roads but not the best.

If you like to climb or play around on rocky mountains, we do think the two are almost similar to each other. They are great on gravel and urban jungle as you can drive comfortably both on and off the road. As for snow, the KO2 is also better and it is coming with 3PMSF rating to make it more reliable for severe conditions.

Cooper AT3 vs BFG KO2

These all-terrain tires are suitable for both worlds and for the more common application without extreme usage. In comparison people’s experience may vary but the KO2 is performing better especially when it comes to the off-road section because it gives more confidence on traction and ability to grip on loose surfaces as well, with decent mud application. On the other hand for on the road driving they are equally comfortable, predictable, and perform good on wet surfaces.

Cooper AT3BFG KO2
- Slightly more affordable- More expensive
- Good for off-road- Better for off-road
- Longer treadwear warranty (60k miles)- Shorter treadwear warranty (50k miles) 


All in all the two are good all-terrain for your everyday’s vehicle. Personally we recommend the KO2 if you will be spending more time off the road as this is what sets them apart from each other. It is also ideal for severe snow application.