Goodyear Marathon vs Endurance

Car’s tire are not something that will last forever as they get in contact with the harsh surface of your road everyday. Depending on the type of vehicle and where you will drive, the tire type is also necessary to consider such as Goodyear Marathon Vs Endurance that are designed for trailer owners. These tires are performing really well and are suitable for various different typical conditions your vehicle often drives on. If you are also interested to change into one of them, do check below about the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are Tire Types
  • What are Goodyear Marathon and Endurance
  • What are the Features in Goodyear Marathon and Endurance
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  • How are the Durability of Goodyear Marathon and Endurance
  • Goodyear Marathon Vs Endurance

Tire Types

Having your own vehicle is probably one of our dreams during younger days but now as an adult, we have to deal with various responsibilities as well in which one of them is maintaining your car. Unfortunately while we have spent a lot when purchasing them, we will still need to spend more in order to maintain the vehicle and make sure we can drive them at best performance and of course, safely in all typical terrain we will have to drive through.

One of the most important parts of the vehicle that need frequent attention and replacement once in a while is the tire itself. It may look like a mere part of the vehicle but if something is wrong with your tire, the driving experience will change along with how we handle the vehicle. Thankfully tires are made to follow the function and there are various types to choose from so users can pick the one that fits both the vehicle and the type of terrain or situation they will be driving on.

The summer tire is often called a performance tire as well because it has dedicated rubber to deliver a great grip and handle both on dry and wet roads during warmer temperatures. Some may be aware of summer tires by the tread pattern because they have more streamlined design to, let’s say winter tires with less groves meant for water clearance. Due to the purpose, it is made to reduce rolling resistance and increase fuel efficiency as well as creating as less road noise as possible.

If there is Summer tire then we can find Winter tire as well which as the name suggests is made for those living in the extreme cold weather. The tread compound of winter tires usually contains more natural rubber to prevent it becoming hard as rock as the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius and stays flexible even in cold climates to make sure stopping distance is still safe when braking. The tread block is also larger and with deeper lugs to give more grip and sipes to clear water from the path.

If Summer and Winter tires are too extreme for your typical driving routine, there is the jack of all trade which is an All-season tire itself. It is called as all-season because the tire is designed to tackle all different weather conditions all year round or in the middle of both worlds without being overly capable on one side. The tire usually combines the characteristics of both summer and winter type or offers a hybrid solution. Overall, it is a great choice for people living in moderate climates.

About Goodyear Marathon and Endurance

If you are here then we assume that what you are currently looking for is a trailer tire. We all know that changing the tire for our trailers is not as easy and as straightforward as how we often end up with a stock tire for the car because there are various factors to consider, most importantly the load capacity. Fortunately, companies are making trailer tires as well so we can choose the model with the (ST) logo on it to indicate the tire is meant for this application. 

It can help you shop faster as now we can narrow the option into those that are only made for trailers. Among those manufacturers or brand making car’s tire, Goodyear is very well-known in the market with a long history and tons of products to offer. They are available almost anywhere so you don’t have to worry about not finding the model you want. They also carry both regular tires for your car and Special Trailer tires for the trailer application.

For trailer owners who are looking to change their tire, Goodyear Marathon and Endurance are two good options to consider. Both of them are made for the purpose and it is easy to say that they are good for towing because the two are designed with proper compound tread design to make sure the tire will last for longer and durable enough to sustain the load. In comparison it is probably difficult to find Marathon today because it is quite an old model in which Endurance is pretty new.

The two are very similar however as the Endurance is more of an upgrade or the new version of Marathon. Overall the latter will probably work better as well because there have been mixed experiences with the older Marathon. The most common complaint is about tread separation problems and many others are also reporting about unreliable overall performance so do we hope to see that Endurance will be the better tire. Read also: Cooper AT3 Vs ATP.

Goodyear Marathon and Endurance Features

Moving further, let’s see what Goodyear Marathon and Endurance can offer because the two are boasting various offerings. Starting with Marathon, it has 4 rib or lug design and durable compound that spreads the load evenly to improve the traction and handling. It has wide circumferential grooves in order to disperse water quickly as well as makes it resistant to aquaplaning. It is featured with multifunctional blading to help increase grip when you are driving on slippery roads and improving winter traction.

As for Endurance, similarly this tire is also made to have a rounded profile as you can see on the sample picture above to help cushioning the trailer’s ride while the symmetric tread design will divide the ribs closely to provide constant rubber to road contact and straight tracking. The internal structure has twin steel belts to make the tread more stable and increase traction as well as durability. It also has a polyester cord body to help smooth out your trailer’s ride.

Goodyear Marathon and Endurance Pros

Next is the most important part which is the performance itself and now let’s see how Goodyear Marathon and Endurance perform when installed. First thing first, they are good and working really well about traction and how these tires allow you to tow the trailer straight without any issue about swaying and not as soft as typical trailer models out there. We are also a fan of their high sidewall because sometimes we have to go through soft or loose dirt.

It is extra helpful when you have to tow the trailer across muddy roads while for comfort, we have no issue against how it affects the driving experience. However, maintaining the pressure and checking the load is always necessary.

Goodyear Marathon and Endurance Cons

Now for the not so good part and this is almost always about wear out because trailer is not something we drive or tow everyday like a regular car which is exactly the issue of Marathon. It seems that many other users who are using this tire have experienced one or more major inconvenience due to the tire’s longevity itself. There are many reports where Marathon blew up or tearing apart before the life ended and it is usually under three years.

The problem is probably about the maintenance and load itself because users with light trailers haven’t found any problem for years after installing this tire so we do think if the load is not exceeding 70% of the rated load for your Marathon, it should be fine. However, in comparison to Endurance, it seems that the latter is giving a more even satisfaction to many trailer owners by being more reliable and there is a lack of bad reports about the variant as well after years and thousands of miles of usage.

Goodyear Marathon and Endurance Durability

On the durability it is easy to tell that Endurance is better in this part based on the complaint of the older Marathon itself. As the name suggests, Endurance seems to work really well and stay in great performance after a while too. Many users from 1,000 to 10,000 on the tire have reported that their tires are still working properly and in comparison, it also has a higher pressure rating than Marathon which makes it lighter to tow the trailer with.

Goodyear Marathon vs Endurance

These trailer tires are made for the application and what best to be paired with your trailer. The differences are besides Endurance being newer, it is also more durable in comparison to Marathon and probably more well-made as well to fight the common issues of trailer owners. It has a higher pressure rating to help with reducing more effort needed to pull the trailer. Performance wise however, as new tires the two are very similar to each other about balance and how they tackle different conditions.

Goodyear MarathonEndurance
- Old variant- New tires
- Less durable- More durable
- From C to E rated- D and E rated
- Lower pressure- Higher pressure
- Lower capacity- High load capacity


It is best to choose the tire that is loved by most users because it is like a guarantee that you will like them as well. Between the two we highly recommend Endurance as it is more promising and more easily available today through various shopping platforms or stores.