Cooper AT3 vs ATP

Car’s tires are not going to stay new forever and at some point we need to replace them, especially when the drive becomes unreliable. There are plenty to choose from based on where you are driving such as Cooper AT3 Vs ATP for light truck and all-terrain vehicles who want a good performance both on and off the road. These tires are praised for their quality and reliability but, do check what they can offer below before deciding to choose one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • When to Change the Tires
  • What are Cooper AT3 and ATP
  • What Cooper AT3 and ATP can offer
  • How are the Performance of Cooper AT3 and ATP on Dry Road
  • How are the Performance of Cooper AT3 and ATP on Wet Road
  • How are the Warranty of Cooper AT3 and ATP
  • Cooper AT3 Vs ATP

Changing Car’s Tires

Having your own car is very convenient because we can drive anywhere we want and it is also easy to transport people or goods when you have your own car. Sometimes we go with public transportation such as bus or train but depending on where you live, some of us may have to walk quite a distance before arriving at the station or bus stop. For the car’s owner, we have to maintain the vehicle as well because they will wear down as we drive them.

Besides changing the oil and washing or cleaning the exterior and interior from time to time, we also have to change the tire at least once in a few years. If you have never changed the tire, here are some guides or factors to see on your tires as signs that we need to change them.

The basic and main reason why the tire needs to be replaced is based on the tire depth itself and then the age of your tire. Depending on where you live, there is probably a law that requires the car owner to change the tire after it is reaching a certain depth such as in Australia it must be at least 1.6mm deep and less than this means we have to start replacing it. If you are reading this with a new tire, some of them may have a tread indicator.

Once the tread wear indicator is flush with your tread, then it is time to replace the tire. As for the age, in general if your tires are more than 5 years old then we have to check the tires at least once every year. In case it is more than 10 years, we have to replace it immediately because high chance it is already worn out or expired because they expire at six years. In your tires, there are production and expiration dates.

In addition, the tire is best when replaced all at once thus, we won’t get uneven wear between tires and the tire can function smoothly. If you need to replace the tire set in less than a full set, it is best to do it in a set of two and put the new ones on the rear for optimum traction because this is where the car will stress the wheel the most. However, in most cases people usually change the tires in a set because it is more convenient to do so and in general it is saving you the time than changing one or two at a time.

About Cooper AT3 and ATP

If you think the tire set needs to be replaced soon, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there and not all will fit on your car’s so it is always best to choose based on your vehicle’s type and where you will drive. We also know that tires can be easily differentiated based on what they are designed for such as all-season, all-terrain, mud-tire, or summer tires.

For light truck and SUV owners out there, all-terrain is what we often paired with the vehicle because they are fitting nicely into the application in which you can bring to the road and some adventure with no worries. There are also plenty of all-terrain options from various named brands such as Cooper tire and unfamiliar names you may never heard of. Overall they are designed to be reliable on different conditions and different surfaces but performance wise they can vary greatly across models.

Cooper is one of the most popular and well-known names for good tires in the market and many owners trusted their products to drive on various terrains and seasons. They have various models to offer and some are also pretty much similar to each other as well such as the Cooper AT3 and ATP which two are equally favorite models from the Discoverer line. They are also similarly fitting for light trucks and ideal as well for application in all weather in replacement for your all-season tire.

Coming from the same family, it is easy to see how Cooper AT3 and ATP are built similarly and this is because the two are also designed with the same goal in mind which are keeping the reliability both on and off the road, without scarifying comfort as well as durable when rolling on rough terrain. In comparison however, it seems that the former is more rugged and even stated to be durable for hauling purposes that often put stress on your tires.

Cooper AT3 and ATP Features

Moving further, let’s see what Cooper AT3 and ATP can offer and start with the AT3 which is in XLT variant as you can find this model in LT and 4S as well. The XLT model that we are comparing today is said to be made of Durable-Tread Technology by using shred-resistant silica compound and the next-generation tread pattern. It has Even Wear Arc Technology which optimizes the shape and footprint of the tire for balance pressure at the contact patch in order to improve handling and even treadwear.

The tread design has stone ejector ledges meant to eject stones and gravels to protect the tire from stone drilling especially if you often drive on rougher surfaces. It also comes with rugged traction shoulders to provide the off-road traction when you are boulder crawling or driving over an area with mud pool, as well as protection against resistance. Read also: Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Vs General Grabber ATX.

Similarly, the Cooper Discoverer ATP is also made from a silica-enhanced tread compound, featured with an aggressive 5-rib pattern and large lugs to increase the tire’s traction both on and off the road. This tire is featured with zig-zag sipes to help enhance the wet traction when you are driving on wet roads and when the weather is snowy or to prevent small rocks from gathering on the tread grooves. Additionally, the aggressive shoulder design will help the tire to provide a reliable soft surface for additional traction.

Cooper AT3 and ATP on Dry Road

Now for the most important part which is performance, let’s see what Cooper AT3 and ATP are capable of. But, in general we do think that the two are pretty much similar to each other despite the fact that ATP is not as well-known as the award-winning brother. They are impressive on dry tarmac with good grip and predictable steering as well as stability, just like most all-season tires out there and what’s even more impressive, the two are pretty quiet for an all-terrain.

On regular roads you can feel how comfortable they are and most people will realize that they are driving with an all-terrain when looking at the design. But, if compared side by side, we also think that AT3, especially this XLT variant is more predictable and slightly more comfortable to drive with.

Cooper AT3 and ATP on Wet Road

Moving to wet roads, these tires are working well too so you can be confident even under the rain as the tire can grip the road precisely even with water covering the surface. There is no problem when braking and cornering but it won’t be as robust as when driving on dry surfaces. Overall performance, we are slightly more into the AT3 XLT even in this wet traction as it feels like the tire can provide more grip, probably thanks to its tread design.

Winter is probably what Cooper AT3 and ATP are least reliable in. It doesn’t mean that they are not suitable for driving in such conditions but it is quite slippery and we still have to be very careful on icy roads because the tires are not designed for this situation so braking and cornering or acceleration will not be as accurate.

Cooper AT3 and ATP Warranty

The last part we want to mention is their durability and this can vary from one driver to another as we have different habits and driving conditions. Usually car tires manufacturers will give a treadwear warranty for their products including for Cooper AT3 and ATP in which the former is listed at 60,000 miles or 96,000 km while the latter is at 55,000. Note that ATP is sold exclusively by certain sellers so the one handling the warranty will be them as well.

Cooper AT3 vs ATP

These tires are excellent for all-terrain application because they are equally reliable both on and off the road. In comparison the ATP is landing more towards the off-road section however, not only for the rugged look but also traction on loose surfaces while on the other hand AT3, especially the XLT is more suitable for a balance combination with more application on the road as well as usage with higher load. Comfort wise we also think that AT3 is more comfortable and quiet than ATP.

Cooper AT3 Cooper ATP
- Tamer design- Rugged design
- Smoother and quieter- Not as quiet
- Easily available- Available through certain stores
- Longer warranty- Shorter warranty


All in all it is easy to choose these tires among others because the two are performing really well in typical applications. But, for those who mostly drive on the road, we do like the Cooper AT3 better here because it is more comfortable on the road and also more long lasting than ATP.