Goodyear Adventure vs Duratrac

If you love cars, you must have heard about Goodyear before. It’s one of the most popular tire brands all over the world. Their products have been tested by millions of people including enthusiast. Well, the problem is that there are so many products that they have been released over the years and finding which tire is the best for you can be a challenge.

Comparing between two of Goodyear’s tire is going to be a very difficult battle. In this article, we’re going to compare Goodyear Adventure and Duratrac and see which one is the better tire. We’ll start with the reviews and come up with a verdict.

Goodyear Adventure Review

Goodyear Adventure is the latest addition to the company’s AT tier lineup. It’s designed for drivers who want both on-road reliability and off-road performance and durability. Goodyear Adventure is specifically made for all types of trucks, vans and SUVs and available in standard metric sizes or LT sized that feature Load Range E capability.

Goodyear Adventure uses a new tread compound that is made to be stronger and longer lasting. This new tread compound features a layer of DuPont Kevlar that improves resistance to cuts, chunks, and tears. The Kevlar also provides more strength and durability for people who regularly drive on gravel roads or other terrain. See also: Goodyear Tripletred vs Michelin Defender

Not only that, Goodyear’s Durawall technology enhances sidewall integrity by preventing punctures, cuts or chunking. You can see the aggressive symmetric tread patterns that features open shoulder blocks and sipped tread lugs for more grip strength on rain and snow conditions and more traction on rock, dirt, and light mud.

There are two belts made of high-tensile steel along with a Kevlar layer for more strength and durability. With the Pro-grade tires, you’ll have two layers of Kevlar instead of one. The sizes of the tire ranging from 15 to 20 inches and comes with 60.000-mile warranty.

Traction and handling on dry or wet road are solid, especially on wet pavement. On longer highway trips, the ride is pretty comfortable and road noise is not a problem at all. Off-road capability is great on most all light-terrains, including dirt, gravel, sand and grass. It’s perfect for people who love to drive to a far away campsites, the lake or other remote locations. Heavy mud and serious rock climbing might not be the best but then again this is an AT tire and not a specialty tire.

Overall, Goodyear Adventure is a tough and solid tire on most surface. For daily driving tire Goodyear Adventure is a perfect companion for most drivers out there. Getting around town, driving to difficult terrains, and getting to and from work are pretty much comfortable. Goodyear Adventure is on the upper half of the AT tire class and we highly recommend it.

Goodyear Duratrac Review

Goodyear Duratrac has been claimed by many enthusiasts to be the best off-road tier for winter and maybe they’re right. Goodyear Duratrac is designed to perform flawlessly off-road thanks to its great traction and handling. Goodyear Duratrac is manufactured for jeeps, SUVs, trucks and commercial vehicles.

Goodyear Duratrac features the latest technology in tire by Goodyear to perform the best possible on all difficult and aggressive terrains. The tire can handle a lot of abuse when loading, towing, and rugged off-road uses daily and great for all season driving. It can resist chips, tears, and chunking and can definitely last for a very long time. Goodyear Duratrac’s design is symmetric tread and complete with self-cleaning shoulder blocks that prevent dirt, snow, gravel, and mud from building up to keep the performance and stability up at all time.

Goodyear Duratrac is severe snow certified. During snow test, Goodyear Duratrac performs amazingly well. On heavy snow terrain, the truck just kept going despite people being skeptic about it. The only slip was when the truck rolled over a muddy spot under the snow, understandable since Duratrac isn’t designed for mud terrain. The truck had no problem plowing through thick snow, even when the tire lugs were completely packed with snow.

As for the road noise, Goodyear Duratrac is nearly unnoticeable. This is a big deal for AT tires, since most of them are famous for being really loud on difficult terrain, especially mud. If you play a music while driving, you won’t hear the noise at all, even when you hit 80mph on the freeway.

If you’re one of those drivers who care about aesthetic, Goodyear Duratrac looks simple and nice while still being a high performing tire. If you like an aggressive tread patterns, Goodyear Duratrac can give your vehicle a serious makeover. The edges weren’t overly rounded which gives a more aggressive look to the tire.

Price wise, Goodyear Duratrac is on the premium side. It’s among the highest rank on the price list but you’ll get what you pay for. But if budget is an issue Goodyear Duratrac might be a very difficult option to consider since the price gap may be really big and there are plenty of options at a more affordable price.

Overall, Goodyear Duratrac is a great tire. It can perform amazingly well on and off road and most terrains and it performs perfectly well on snow terrain. Road noise is not a problem at all and it looks aggressive and mean. We recommend this tire for anyone who is looking for a great tire.

Goodyear Adventure vs Duratrac

Goodyear AdventureGoodyear Duratrac
- Tread design helps to prevent stone retention - Offers enhanced traction in deep mud and snow
- All-Season Safety - Help provide enhanced dirt, gravel and mud traction
- Standard Limited Warranty: 5 years - Help provide enhanced traction and lateral stabilty while reducing road noise


Goodyear Adventure is great for people who are on a budget. It can perform well on most terrains with minimum road noise. You won’t get anything special with the tire but it won’t disappoint you. Goodyear Adventure is priced at $188 and can last for a very long time.

On the other hand, Goodyear Duratrac is clearly much better than Adventure but it’s more expensive. Goodyear Duratrac is priced at $410 and we know that the price gap is really big. If you’re not on a budget and want the best aesthetic and performance on your tire, then Goodyear Duratrac is a great choice.