Cooper ST Maxx vs Goodyear Duratrac

Purchasing vehicle tires is so easy. It is finding the correct ones for your vehicle that can be troublesome. Fail to understand the situation, and you can totter your vehicle’s performance and its capacity to handle any sort of climate.  

Since vehicle tires, for the most part, should be supplanted every three or four years, you have to prepare the most proficient method to ensure you are getting the correct ones.  

Most vehicle tires fall into three principal types: all-season, summer, and winter. The vast majority purchase all-season tires since it is simpler and less expensive than getting one set for the winter and another for summer.  

All-season vehicle tires convey a decent, balanced performance. However, they are never exceptional in any capacity. Summer tires convey on handling and dry/wet braking, yet they have dreary snow footing. Conversely, winter tires have exceptional snow footing but average braking capacity on cleared streets.  

In this article, we would like to present you two choices of all-season vehicle tires, namely Cooper ST Maxx and Goodyear Duratrac. To see the essential contrasts in these two choices, look at the comparison below. 

About the Product 

Cooper ST Maxx: 

It is produced by an American organization that has practical experience in the design, production and promoting of car and truck tires. Its earliest corporate heredity is the M and M Manufacturing Company, established in 1914 by John Schaefer and Claude Hart. See also: Goodyear MT/R vs DuraTrac.

Through the arrangement of business mergers and acquisitions, the organization picked up its present name in 1946. It opens to the general population in 1960 and effectively recorded on the New York Stock Exchange.

With its central command in Ohio, the organization has now more than 60 assembling and appropriation destinations everywhere throughout the globe. 

Cooper ST Maxx is another quality and uncalled for a favorable position of this their tire line. This model has a great square pattern model on its track which permits expanded water departure and decreases the danger of hydroplaning. This is helpful for wet surface driving. 

Goodyear Duratrac: 

Numerous individuals were distrustful from the outset because of the considerably more forceful design of the Duratrac. It resembles a mud tire. Everybody expected it would be uproarious out and about in light of the enormous track squares. However, the Duratrac immediately picked up footing in the Jeep community as individuals began giving it a possibility.  

Despite the fact that the Duratrac has huge track obstructs (for an off-road tire), Goodyear has likewise given it liberal siping. This is the thing that has a significant effect on winter conditions. Investigate any winter tire and you will see two things: profound track squares and huge amounts of siping. 


Cooper ST Maxx: 

Another valuable element of this model is its enormous track region which is very helpful for footing. The bigger track zone together with its stone ejector rib highlights the upgrades of the grasp and is supportive in disposing of stones.

The track design which has an exchanging four to five ribs are the key patrons that help launch rocks. This is a fitted design you will find effective for frigid and winter conditions. 

Goodyear Duratrac: 

The width of the tire plays a role in the way they carry on in winter conditions. The restricted tire would be advised to soundness, controlling, and braking in tricky climate while the wide tire makes a superior performance of drifting over profound winter. 


Cooper ST Maxx: 

The item itself is made with the cautious suggestion of having it as the top decision for undertakings and off-the-street thrills. This model offers something other than its tasteful looks.

With its unique track cut and structure, this is the best tire with regards to going mud romping opposition. It can truly take on the hardest territory and can deal with even the harshest climate conditions.  

Goodyear Duratrac: 

Goodyear expects these to last in any event 50,000 miles on most vehicles. When it comes to any off-road or mud-territory tire, the way to getting the most life out of them is to turn them routinely.

Turn them with almost every oil change as a sanity check. Besides that, tire pressure is a significant factor. Ensuring they have a predictable contact fix from legitimate gaseous tension will keep them around for quite a while. 

Pros and Cons 

Cooper ST Maxx: 

(+) Incredible on-street and rough terrain performance  

(+) Strong and solid  

(+) Enduring tread life  

(+) Totally no clamour  

(+) Extraordinary wet handling  

(+) Brilliant execution both in wet and dry conditions  

(+) Impeccable in any event, for harshest streets and territories  

(+) Can withstand profound winter conditions  

(-) Restricted size range  

Goodyear Duratrac: 

(+) Incredible in a climate including winter  

(+) Extraordinary rough terrain performance for an off-road tire  

(+) Smooth, calm ride on an asphalt  

(+) Long track life  

(+) Forceful looks   

(-) Flimsier sidewall  

(-) Can be squirmy on hardcore trucks  

(-) Somewhat more costly than contenders  

(-) Not as great in mud as a devoted mud tire 

Cooper ST Maxx vs Goodyear Duratrac

Cooper ST MaxxGoodyear Duratrac
- Tread design helps to prevent stone retention - Offers enhanced traction in deep mud and snow
- Armor Tek3® Construction for added tire durability - Help provide enhanced dirt, gravel and mud traction
- Cut and Chip resistant tread compound/composition - Help provide enhanced traction and lateral stabilty while reducing road noise


On the off chance that you need a tough and severely off-the-street utilization tires, and yet one which you can unquestionably show on avenues, Cooper ST Maxx is for you. Finding a tire which has some expertise in one thing is simple. What is extraordinarily great is the point at which you see a tire that impeccably works for the two purposes. 

Meanwhile, Goodyear Duratrac is the ideal tire for anybody who is into overland driving. They can pile on the miles on cleared and muddy streets discreetly and serenely. At that point, they can take you about a place you have to go including rough terrain. Their long track life will prove to be useful for those cross-country trips as well.  

We highly recommend these two tires to individuals who value quality. At whatever point somebody with a rough terrain vehicle somewhere requests a recommendation of tire purchase, our answer is consistently Cooper ST Maxx and Goodyear Duratrac.