Kanati Trail Hog vs Goodyear Duratrac


Those who love to ride will be familiar with Kanati Trail Hog VS Goodyear Duratrac. Both products are a common famous brand for tires. Not only ordinary tires but especially for Jeep lovers, these tires are one of the important parts that shall always have good performance to create a comfortable riding and a good safety at the same moment.

However, it might be not easy to decide whether Kanati Trail Hog or Goodyear Duratrac is the best choice. So, if you plan to get a new tire for your Jeep, check out below several comparisons on both products.

Brand Overview

Goodyear is a common famous brand for a tire. It is available for many car segments. Therefore, once it is launched Goodyear Duratrac, nobody doubts this option and loves to wear it for their Jeep.

Unfortunately, everyone also knows that this brand always ends up at a quite expensive price. Hence, some people might prefer to look for an alternative so that they don’t have to spend more money on almost the same function.

Kanati Trail Hog is not a newcomer to this kind of product. Kanati has been launched various tires from many years ago.

Even if they don’t bring technology as good as Goodyear, but this brand able to break the market by successfully perform as low-end segments tire. Plus, many people admit it is more likely a Goodyear copycat physically. See also: General Grabber AT2 vs Goodyear Duratrac.

Key Features

Both products have several interesting features. Start from Kanati Trail Hog that consists of several key features below:

·         The tire conquers the harshest and most uneven surfaces due to its excellent traction and tread design.

·         The tire has superb all-weather traction and performs well even in harsher winter weather.

·         The reinforced internal structure promotes on- and off-road stability and enhances its performing ability.

·         The tire performs well both on- and off-road, making it a very versatile light truck tire.

·         On-road tire reduces the road noise made while in transit, making the driving experience more enjoyable.

·         The aggressive tread design ejects rocks and cleans out mud and snow from between the tread grooves.

While Goodyear Duratrac has below featured that almost similar and can be a good alternative of Goodyear Duratrac.

·         Enhanced Traction: TractiveGroove Technology™ offers enhanced traction in deep mud and snow.

·         Off-Road Traction: Self-cleaning shoulder blocks clear the tread of debris for enhanced dirt, gravel and mud traction.

·         Quiet Ride: Highly angled center tread blocks enhance traction and lateral stability while reducing road noise.

·         Rim Protection: Rim protector helps protect wheels from accidental curb damage.

·         Enhanced Winter Traction: LT sizes pinned for #16 metal studs† for enhanced traction in winter driving conditions.

·         Winter Performance: Severe Snow Certified (Excluding size LT275/70R18 125R)


Talking about the performance of both products is an important thing to consider. In the end, choosing the best value for money tire is not only looking for the cheapest alternatives but also to seek the safest brand too. Therefore, knowing the performance is a must thing to know.

Starting with Goodyear Duratrac that has been known for long as a great brand that lovable by many persons. In the industry, Goodyear is a leading brand that has been proven.

The same way when you select Goodyear Duratrac and use it for an adventure with your Jeep. While you are driving you can feel that the tire performance is excellent and gives you a comfortable feeling. Even that for an off-road that most people find it difficult to enjoy this kind of trip.

This is because Goodyear always bring good technology to their products. Therefore, it works best to handle any road without making slips.

Now comes to Kanati Trail Hog that a second option for those who are looking for a budget tire. Overall after having some rides with this brand, you will able to feel that the tires not pretty different. It is also able to use in various kinds of roads.

Especially for off-road, heavy road or even snow and mud. Some of the users mention that this tire is strong enough to perform in this difficult area.

Unless that it might not be as comfort as Goodyear Duratrac, but at least it gives the same function in the same road area.


If comparing the price, definitely Kanati Trail Hog less cheap than Goodyear Duratrac. To get 4 sets of Kanati Trail Hog, you will spend about 750 USD.

While a piece of Goodyear Duratrac will cost you start from 200 USD up to 400 USD depends on the serial type. This means the difference is quite a number, and this difference will valuable to upgrade the other parts of your Jeep.

That is why people with less budget mostly prefer to choose Kanati Trail Hog rather than Goodyear Duratrac. While those with enough spare money never want to risk the performance by keeping selecting Goodyear Duratrac.

Kanati Trail Hog vs Goodyear Duratrac

Kanati Trail HogGoodyear Duratrac
- Kanati Trail Hog less cheap- Goodyear Duratrac quite expensive price
- It is also able to use in various kinds of roads- it works best to handle any road without making slips
- The aggressive tread design ejects rocks and cleans out mud and snow from between the tread grooves.- Enhanced Winter Traction: LT sizes pinned for #16 metal studs† for enhanced traction in winter driving conditions.


Goodyear Duratrac is not a doubt product at all. It brings a patent technology that has been previously passed long research in the manufacturer.  However, the price as always is quite high. For those with a lot of money can choose the product to get satisfaction together with good performance and safety trip. But other people perhaps looking for a more budget-friendly option to select.

Therefore, they can try to choose Kanati Trail Hog to get an almost similar performance but with a less cheap price. There is a slightly different result, this will not affect as much according to most of their users.

So now, you shall be able to choose between Kanati trail Hog VS Goodyear Duratrac. Don’t be afraid to make a decision and be sure that choosing a good product will give you satisfaction and comfortable riding. But having an alternative brand might not comfort when using.

However, as long as it brings the same function and has almost similar performance, then it is never a mistake. As you need to remember that in the end, all brands need to replace every certain year for the concern of your safety.