Goodyear Endurance vs Maxxis M8008

Changing the tire is a must thing to perform every several years. This is to keep the good performance plus to make sure a safety riding anytime. However, people sometimes get confused about selecting which brands are suitable for their needs. Including when comparing Goodyear Endurance VS Maxxis M8008. Therefore, it is better to get an overview of two products. If possible, try to understand the difference between these two products too. If you have no further idea to start, the below information might be able to help you give some perspective to choose.

Brand Overview

Let’s start with the brand overview. Overall Goodyear always a well-known reputable tire brand in many segments. Therefore, people will not ask for quality.

They are always looking for innovation and technology to create a suitable tire that stable and safe at the same time. Therefore, Goodyear Endurance is one of the best options provided in the whole world.

Maxxis M8008 is also an international brand that is widely known. Not only focus on common segments, Maxxis focusing to produce tires on various specific purposes such as for ATW, motor trail, light truck, etc.

Therefore, much of the products were created with specific intense and load with an integrated safety system to bring both, comfortable experience and safety moment to their customer.

From these overviews, both products compete in the same way whether Goodyear Endurance or Maxxis M8008. Goodyear launched its Endurance version to give specialty tires for the segment.

While Maxxis launched M8008 as a continuation of their commit in specific tires. To know further the pros and cons of each brand, the below information will show you more.

Physical Look and Dimension

In terms of physical specifications, Goodyear Endurance size from Rim 14 to Rim 16. It has an outside diameter from 26in to 33in. While the section width also varies from 8 to 10in. The tread depth sizing at 8in and maximum inflation pressure from 65 to 80 psi. See also: Goodyear MT/R vs DuraTrac.

While Maxxis M8008 consist of 4 types, Rim Size 13 up to Rim Size 15. It creates a robust casing design. Each size has a ply rating from 6 to 10 with an overall diameter varies from 24in to 30in.

The section width is from 7in to 9.5in with tread depth reach 9/32in. Therefore, you will need to check which type will be suitable for your vehicle.

Key Features

As a special tire for a specific segment, Goodyear Endurance has several key features that can help their customer to get the best experience of riding, together with a standard safety system.

Therefore, Goodyear Endurance launched with below specific key features:

·         Haul strong, carry heavy-duty loads with a redesigned polyester construction reinforced with steel belts.

·         Keep cool, operate at lower temperatures when properly inflated with an optimized tread depth and decoupling groove.

·         Stay the course, track straight for a smooth drive with an enhanced tread pattern.

·         Avoid disruption, minimize air loss while towing with an enhanced inner liner.

·         Protect your investment, defend against sidewall scuffs and punctures with Durawall Technology and a scuff guard.

While Maxxis M8008 also bring several great key features to their customers such as:

·         Advanced tread compound designed to decrease rolling resistance for improved fuel economy and tread life

·         Double steel-belted construction for added strength and vehicle towing stability

·         Excellent shock absorption while providing superior load-handling performance

·         Full nylon cap available in selected sizes for improved uniformity and durability

·         Rim is for display purposes only and does not come with the tire.

Pros and Cons

After checking the above information, it is clear that each brand has its pros and cons. Such as Goodyear Endurance that famous with its long-term capability including for long mileage. It has a good reputation with the performance of the capacity to handle more loads. Therefore, it shall satisfy all the users.

Maxxis M8008 also reported good material and performance too. Unless that some countries will not be able to get this brand available in stock. Therefore, the only lack of this brand is the sales service and availability.

As many customers mention that they want to try this brand but difficult to get. Not like Goodyear that has been available worldwide anywhere.

This difference might be because of the lifetime of the brand itself. As Goodyear stands from 1898 while Maxxis start the business in 1985. Therefore, it makes Goodyear more stable in terms of marketing and customer satisfaction service.

Hence, you will easily get service, complain, etc. While buying Maxxis M8008 might not able to give you all that after-sales service.


Now we come to the most important part besides performance and features. When talking about the price, both might have a different selling price for the same size and series. Goodyear Endurance selling its every tire in the price of 120 USD.

While Maxxis M8008 selling its every tire for 150 USD. It means that Maxxis has a more expensive price than Goodyear. This is since Maxxis concern about specific technology and spends more cost on its effort to create a good performance of tires.

Goodyear Endurance vs Maxxis M8008

Goodyear EnduranceMaxxis M8008
- For extended miles to removal while offering resistance to irregular wear - Excellent shock absorption while providing superior load-handling performance
- Helps deliver traction in dry, wet, muddy and snowy conditions - Double steel-belted construction
- For toughness, extended casing life and retreadability - Advanced tread compound designed to decrease rolling resistance


From comparing the price, then it can conclude that Goodyear Endurance is more economical. While looking at the tire performance and capability, both work the same way according to many reviews. If we look again at the key features, it can see that each brand brings their own specific technology.

Therefore, overall Goodyear Endurance is a more efficient solution rather than Maxxis M8008. Not to mention that Goodyear Endurance available in most of the countries, while Maxxis M8008 might only available in certain places.

Overall, selecting suitable technology and good safety for tire might seem a simple thing. But when you look at the details, you will know this is a thing that needs serious consideration. As your tire performance defines your vehicle speed, capability, and safety too. Therefore, selecting a suitable brand is important to do.

Especially riding a specific vehicle like a trailer that not a common car. By choosing the right brand between Goodyear Endurance VS Maxxis M8008, for sure you’ll get all the things you need in riding the truck. Comfortable, performance and last safety reasons. Good luck to choose!