Continental Purecontact vs Truecontact


The importance of good tires cannot be overstated. Suitable tires for your car will improve your safety when driving. The quality of tires will also affect the fuel economy, handling and how comfortable your car is. Bottom line, you have to always be aware of your car’s tires all the time and you will need to choose the best tires for your car.

When it comes to quality tires, Continental is the company you should keep your eyes on. Continental is known to be one of the big four in car tires industry. This German based company produces car tires which have top performance, precise engineering and great durability.

Continental Purecontact vs Truecontact

Continentals have produced various types of tires which are suitable for various cars and driving conditions. This company offers you with vast selection of tires for any type of road and weather.  If you are looking for the best Continental tires, the Purecontact and Truecontact are among this company most known products.

The Continental Purecontact provides you with excellent traction regardless of the weather. The way this tire is design brings you with sporty feel to your car. This tire is engineered carefully to provides you with the most comfort. It also comes with various other features which make this tire stands out.

Its brother, the Continental Truecontact, is also an outstanding all weather tire. The Truecontact is a standard touring tire. This tire promises with a comfortable, quiet ride, and above all, it improves your safety. The Truecontact is also known for its durability.

Continentals Purecontact Overview

The Purecontact is a suitable tire for luxury cars, midsize sedans, sport coupes and small crossovers. This tire comes in various sizes depending on the purpose and the size of the vehicle itself. This tire offers you with excellent traction performance without sacrificing comfort and additional wear.

The construction of this tire utilizes the Continental’s EcoPlus technology. The tread compound is made of silica which provides you with good traction in wet and dry route while ensure you with a comfortable ride.

The silica compound makes this tire very durable and it gives you longer wear. It also has low-rolling resistance, which means that you will be able to save some fuel. See also: Continental DWS vs DWS06.

The Purecontact tire is designed with independent thread block. It also has four grooves with vertical ridges along them. Purecontact is a stylish tire which is also capable of maintaining strong grip regardless of the road and weather conditions.

You can expect a premium level of comfort when you are using Purecontact. Unlike most all weather tires, Purecontact does not sacrifice comfort over performance. Purecontct will also provide you with a quiet highway driving experience. It rolls effortlessly and quietly even on hard tarmac.

The Continental also released an upgraded version of this tire which is called as Purecontact LS. It supposedly has much better tract performance, especially on snow. It is also quieter.

Continental Truecontact Overview

The Truecontact is an excellent standard touring tire. Much like the Purecontact, this tire is also equipped with Continental’s EcoPlus technology and low-rolling resistance.

The tire put emphasis on extended tread wear and excellent wet grip. The thread compound is built by using Tg-OF Polymers and +Silane additives which capable of enhancing durability and performance on wet or dry road.

This thread comes with three groves which provide additional tract on wet surface. Light snow will not be a problem for Truecontact, due to thread block and traction optimized grooves.

In term of the internal structure, the Truecontact is built with twin steel belts. They are also reinforced by joint -less polyamide which is spirally wounded into the steel belts. The way this tire is built will ensure you with robust internal structure integrity.

Just like the Purecontact, this tire is also comfortable on uneven surfaces and quieter due to the thread design. The Truecontact also gets an upgraded version which is called as Truecontact Tour.

Continental Purecontact vs Truecontact Comparisons

Continental Purecontact and Truecontact are very similar in terms of their features. Both tires are suitable for wet (w), dry (d) and snowy (s) road to some degree.

Continental put markings in the tires to indicate whether the tires are still good for certain condition or not. For example, if the “w” marking has faded, then your tires would not perform as well in wet road. It is such a niche feature which may not be found in other tires but it is quite useful to assess your tire condition.

Both tires do not perform too well when it comes to higher snow level. As long as the “S” marking is still visible, you can use these two tires on thin light snow. If the snow gets thicker and turning into snow storm, you are going to have trouble with the tires.

You will not be able to get as much as traction and grip on icy roads during snow falls. It can be dangerous, so if you live in places where snow falls heavier, you need to think about investing on dedicated winter tires.

The Purecontact and Truecontact perform decently on wet roads however. Continental put emphasize on the tires ability to maintain traction and grip during rain.

The main difference between Purecontact and Truecontact is their speed ratings. The Purecontact comes in H rated tires which intended for 130 miles per hour to 210 miles per hour. This tires also available in V rating which is good for speed up to 149 miles per hour.

Purecontact have outstanding braking on dry and wet surface. It does not perform as good as winter-dedicated tires on icy surface. This tire is built robustly so that it will last for 55,000 miles. It performs excellently on any surface as long as you don’t encounter medium to thicker ice.

On the other hand, the Continental Truecontact has T speed rating. It is good for speed up to 118 Miles per hour. Based on several sources, this tire does not perform as well as Purecontact on the wet surface, although it still provides you with standard performance. However, the upgraded version has presumably improved better.

The Truecontact is relatively cheaper and has lower rolling resistance. It also comes with 90,000 kilometers tread wear warranty.

The price of both tires vary depending on the size and where you acquire them.

Continental Purecontact vs Truecontact

Continental PurecontactContinental Truecontact
- 6/32 Tread life Remaining. - 235/55R17, Speed Index 118 mph, Max Load 1709 lbs, Tire Weight 24 lbs
- All-season tire for luxury cars and luxury sports cars - Season: All Season
- All used inventory is subject to one repair in the tread area. - Type: Performance, Fuel Efficient


In the end, it can be concluded that both Truecontact and Purecontact are good all weather tires with good performance on any surface. If you are looking for faster option, go with Purecontact. If you travel leisurely,  Truecontact is a good choice.