Continental Purecontact vs Michelin Premier

Those who love to do touring with the family must know that their vehicle maintenance is an important thing to consider. Including to check whether the tires are still capable to run long miles. Especially when using a light truck vehicle or a caravan that can bring the whole family to have a vacation trip. The tires’ performance is one of the most important parts to keep so that is stable and safe during the journey.

Of course, there are several brands out there that are suitable for all season’s tires on a light truck. Including Continental Purecontact VS Michelin Premier. Both have their specialty and features that not everyone might be familiar with.

Therefore, for those that need to make a comparison before deciding the best brand to buy, the below information will provide suitable information.

Overview of the Brand

Deciding to choose one of these products means to know the background and the general overview of them. Start with Michelin Premier that developed for all-weather capabilities, so that it stands for all seasons.

No matter during rainy, winter, summer, and all the common seasons. This tire brings a technology that suits all of those temperatures by keep giving the best performance even the season’s change. See also: Continental Purecontact vs Truecontact.

Furthermore, it fits perfectly during any grand touring to provide responsive control and a great comfortable feeling for passengers over a long-distance drive. This is why the product is suitable for a long journey or long trip vacation.

While Continental Purecontact also another brand that claims can be the best value to use in all-season touring. This brand launched as the second product that wishes to be a breakthrough from its previous design.

Furthermore, this brand has a sharp look that provides rugged and durable tires to use in a long distance.

Therefore, if looking at the performance, it might not be easy to decide which one between Continental Purecontact VS Michelin Premier to be the best selection. Take a look closer below to help you decide further.

Key Features

Each brand develops its specific key features. Therefore, those who want to make a selection, it is better to check on these features first.

This might be another key that can impact your final decision. Starting with Continental Purecontact that bring several great key features such as:

·         The tires’ design offers fuel-efficiency along with greater handling in any road.

·         Completed with comfort Ride Technology for a smooth driving experience.

·         The silica tread compound features unique polymers that enhance traction on dry and wet pavement, as well as give a boost in fuel economy.

·         A computer-optimized tread pattern increases handling and cornering, while Comfort Ride technology adds to the ride comfort.

·         A 70K mile tread warranty is also included.

While if buying Michelin Premier AS, we will get all the great features including:

·         Rain grooves provide traction on wet surfaces

·         Rubber compound provides fuel-efficient drive

·         Most of the Michelin Premier tire will give a good touring tire that results in a quite smooth journey and comfortable ride. Therefore, Michelin Premier is a good brand that never brings disappointed.

Furthermore, besides, traction and handling are equally as impressive due in part to Michelin’s EverGrip technology. Which bring this brand has a good capability on the road.

Pros and Cons

From those overviews and key features, all brand has each pros and cons to consider. Such as Continental Purecontact that has below pros:

·         Excellent performance in all rain and dry conditions.

·         Great cornering ability at high speeds.

·         Great wet and dry traction and responsive handling.

But the brand also has several cons that will able to make you think twice before select it such as:

·         Tires are prone to be noisy on most surfaces when using, especially a long trip.

·         Performance degrades in winter weather with snowy roads.

·         Need to soften the ride a little.

Therefore, the overall Continental Purecontact is a very good option for drivers who want traction and confident handling in all four seasons. However, still needs to consider that there is a possibility of noisy sound while driving it.

A little bit different way when using Michelin Premier that will contribute on below pros:

·         Outstanding braking capabilities in dry and wet conditions.

·         Responsive steering and handling capabilities.

·         Excellent wet and good winter weather grip.

But it also has several cons that shall not be ignored before deciding to get this brand for replacing your old tires:

·         The tire is prone to wearing out prematurely

·         A small increase in ultimate dry traction

Overall, choosing this Michelin Premier will bring you a very good blend of comfort and traction. However, you need to remember that some features might still need a little bit upgrade to be perfect.


If looking at the price, people might easier to define which one is more suitable. Since in terms of budgeting, many people wish a cheaper solution for the same features and capability.

Well, the good news is the Continental Purecontact size 245/45R19 cost 213USD per tire. While Michelin Premier at the same size cost 260 USD per tire. Therefore, Continental Puretrak can be more economical than Michelin Premier.

Continental Purecontact vs Michelin Premier

Continental PurecontactMichelin Premier
- Performance in dry conditions - Ultimate All-Season Safety
- Enhanced fuel efficiency - Safe When New, Safe When Worn
- Improved snow performance - Luxury & Comfort


After looking at the above explanation, it shall not too difficult to choose what is best. Both, Continental Purecontact and Michelin Premier has a great capability when using. While in terms of price, surely you want to go with Continental Purecontact.

It will save you quite a big cost if you need to replace all four of your tires. They can give you saving more than 160 USD. Therefore, budget-wise Continental Purecontact is advisable.

However, as each brand has its lack, people might have different considerations. If the budget will never be a problem, then it comes back to your suitability.

Remember that Continental Purecontact has a small lack of snowy road plus a quite noisy sound when using. Therefore, in this area, you might want to prefer Michelin Premier. Again, as long as the budget is not your main concern, then this might be a better choice.