Pirelli Angel ST 160/60ZR vs GT 120/70ZR17

Looking for tires can be very time consuming because to get the most of our motorcycle, we also have to choose the one that suit our application. Pirelli is one of the most popular motorcycle tire manufacturer in the market and it is not surprising since their products are very reliable. However, with the huge option, many rider may find it hard to decide which model to pick such as between Pirelli Angel ST 160/60ZR vs GT 120/70ZR17. To see how they are set apart, go check then below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need a new tire
  • What are Pirelli Angel ST and GT
  • How are the Design in Pirelli Angel ST and GT
  • What Pirelli Angel ST and GT can offer to you
  • Are Pirelli Angel ST and GT long lasting
  • Pirelli Angel ST vs GT

Changing Motorcycle Tire

As a vehicle owner whether it is a car or a motorcycle, we are carrying the responsibility to give a proper care for our vehicle since they are not going to run smoothly forever. There may be some part we need to change or replace every once in a while to make sure they are always in top condition and keep us safe during a riding or driving activity. Among those we need to pay attention, tire is one of the most important.

This is because it will affect our safety and comfort when driving or riding especially for us who prefer to ride a motorcycle. When there is something different with our tire, most of the time we can instantly feel it due to how the bike behave and while bad roads or sharp things that may lay in your way will affect your tire longevity as well, a good tire will at least reduce the uncomfortable effect in such condition and let you ride more confidently.

Tires look the same from the outside with a round shape, black and made from rubber with different thread pattern but depend on the model, not all tire will give you the exact same benefit. For example, there are tires made with a rather soft compound to enhance the grip and performance on the road but due to the natural treat, it won’t last very long and will wear fairly quick depend on how the owner ride the bike. Read also; Metzeler ME888 vs Avon Cobra AV71 here.

At the other hand, there are tires made with a stronger carcass and harder compound to make sure they can carry heavy touring bike and last longer yet the grip and performance may not as good as the softer part. Beside how the tire is designed, the basic thing to pick your next tire is the sizing itself along the type and other related information because they are going to decide whether the model we want have the correct sizing or not.

Tire sizing is printed on their sidewall so we can directly see their sizes easily and if you never read one before, let us give you an example. A motorcycle tire with 130/90 – 16 67 H will have 130 mm section width or the face area from one side to the other, 90 % aspect ratio or height so the higher the number the taller the tire will be. 16 is used to specify the rim diameter in inch in which the tire can be installed while the 67 tells you the load rating and H is the maximum speed rating.

About Pirelli Angel ST and GT

The market has so many options to pick and while it is indeed great to offer customer whatever they are looking for, sometime things can get quite confusing as well due to how many items we have to look at the same time. If you are here, chances are sport bike tire is the one you need and among those huge models from different brands out there, Pirelli will be a good option to go. Their name is already popular among riders with reliable product to offer.

The manufacturer indeed have so many collection to offer that we can match with what kind of application we need but for people who are riding a sport bike, we are sure their Angel series is the one you need. This line has several tire model inside but their ST and GT will be the most popular. As you may already know, the ST is almost everyone’s old favorite tire since quite some time ago but in around 2013, the company release the one that said to be the successor called as Angel GT.

ST is an all-rounder performer and everybody know this but the GT is claimed to be an even better than its predecessor. This new model is boasting a long distance performance based on what the Italian brand is claiming but of course, it is all depend on how the user is riding their motorcycle. They also said that the new tire is giving an outstanding grip in wet or dry surface as well as sport handling characteristic.

Pirelli Angel ST and GT Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, the Pirelli Angel GT is looking very clearly as the evolution of its ST model in technological terms because the primary purpose is still the same which is to provide a reduced and more regular wear as well as an improved water drainage in both of the rear and front part. To give you this improved performance, the grooves now is directed to follow the theory of Schallamach wear waves.

This design is used and describing the mechanics of a wear crest of forming on tire, depend on the amount and direction of the forces exchanged between the tire face itself to the surface you are riding on at each point of the profile. This new arrangement and direction of the grooves is not made without researchers before since Pirelli have studied it to optimize water drainage as well as 10% more reduction in front and 16% reduction on the rear part.

If you pay attention into the aesthetic side of these tire, we may have different taste but in our opinion, the new Angel GT tread pattern design is neater and cleaner. It also differs from the old ST since the new tire tread does not change along the use and stay with the same performance level along the entire life cycle of the tire.

Pirelli Angel ST and GT Performance

A good tire is the one that proven to works good and to know whether a tire is worth the money or not, we have to check how they perform in real life. The Pirelli Angel ST is already a good tire both when tested in arena and in regular road because it clearly improves straight-line stability at speed and at the same time, it also improve the agility which usually taking the altar stability. In addition, the ride comfort is also outstanding with a quick warm up for almost instant grip.

Moving to the newer brother in their collection, it is time to see how GT is working. In dry road this tire is exceptional with an intense level of grip which we never see in no other tire especially when you move twist the handle. Thanks to those round profile, the handling becomes less aggressive yet the grip and profile combined offering a real confidence. We also love how responsive it is when changing lines mid-corner as quick as you plan in to be.

When moving to wet surface, compared to many other similar sport tires, this model will give you a solid grip without the same level of intimacy. If you ride above tar snakes, the tire is still very reliable and doesn’t go wild while there is still some side effect we can absolutely feel. Still the same with ST, the new model is warming up very quickly and ensure you a good riding experience whether on dry or wet condition.

Pirelli Angel ST and GT Wear

Another side we have to consider when looking for a tire is their wearing ability because with that much money, we need it to be as long wearing as possible but, we still need to take our riding behavior into account to decide whether they provide a good value or not. For the older Pirelli Angel ST, this tire is approximately can handle typical rider around 5000 to 9000 miles while the new GT will last a bit longer, probably reaching 10000 and a more depend on how easy you ride the bike.


Now, let’s compare Pirelli Angel ST with GT especially between ST 160/60ZR and GT 120/70ZR17. As you already know, the numbers behind each models are the sizing and 160/60 is actually a rear tire while the 120/70 in GT series is for front part while both can be mounted on 17-inch rim. The second number means aspect ratio in percent while ZR here means the speed rating so both tires are meant to roll up to 149 mph.

As for the difference based on the tire model, both of ST and GT are very similar in performance but the one that makes GT very special in our opinion is how the tire keep its good qualities along the wear. In addition, this model also able to stay a bit longer than its predecessor.

Pirelli Angel ST 160/60ZR vs GT 120/70ZR17

Michelin Commander 2 Dunlop
- Older model - Newer model
- Rear tire -Front tire
- More affordable - More expensive
- Wear faster - Wear longer
- Performance lower as the tire wear- Stable performance along the wear


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste and preference as well as budget to spend. Since their performance almost equally good, those with a more limited budget can opt for the Angel ST while if you don’t mind paying a little more, we do highly recommend you to get the Pirelli Angel GT.