Michelin Defender vs Continental TrueContact

In today’s harder financial atmosphere, numerous vehicle proprietors are hoping to set aside as much money as they can, and that would incorporate getting as long a track life out of their tires as could be expected under the circumstances. Advances in tire innovation have prompted a few tire models getting a lot higher mileage than they did only 10 to 20 years back. 

Truth be told, a few tires may get a greater number of miles than the genuine vehicle they are put on, for example, Michelin Defender and Continental TrueContact. 

Normally, there can be an exchange off for higher mileage and longer tire guarantees, and that might be the performance. With harder track mixes, milder sidewalls and higher UTQG evaluations, they frequently diminish high-performance handling and cornering power. In any case, let us be honest, drivers searching for a 100,000-mile tire are not similar to drivers searching for a new track on their Chevy Corvette. 

We have looked into these two tire brands and models; Michelin Defender and Continental TrueContact. They are additionally among the most noteworthy UTQG appraisals for new tires, too. So, without further ado, let us check the comparison article down below. 

Michelin Defender Tire 

Michelin’s most current standard all-season tire, the Defender, offers drivers of cars, family cars, hybrids, minivans and different kinds of vehicles the most recent in tire innovation to keep you more secure out and about and get you to where you need to go, paying little heed to climate conditions. See also: Michelin Commander 2 vs Dunlop.

All-season footing on the Defender is improved through a silica track compound and Michelin’s IntelliSipe innovation that expands the measure of siping on the tire. The outcome is better over all handling and brake execution.

An additional advantage of the sipes is that they likewise give extra gnawing edges to more hold on wet or snow-covered street surfaces. 

The IntelliSipe structure and Green X innovation include a one of a kind interlocking activity that permits the track square to turn out to be progressively unbending and advances a lower moving opposition. This implies higher efficiency and lowers fuel costs. 

Wet footing and dealing with on the Defender are upgraded by four circumferential notches and several sidelong sections that work together to build hold and remove more water from under the tire, which lessens the danger of hydroplaning on wet streets and gives additional driving certainty. 

Within the tire, you will discover two steel belts and a polyester line body to go with MaxTouch Construction. This gives included quality and sturdiness at all rates by improving the tire’s contact with the street while quickening, cornering or braking. It additionally makes for all the more even tire wear and more drawn-out tread life.  


  • Great all-season footing  
  • Controlling is crisp and responsive  
  • Quiet and happy with riding tire  
  • Lower moving opposition  


  • Might want to see a somewhat better tread life  
  • Cornering execution could be improved 

Continental TrueContact 

The new Continental TrueContact has been working with the most recent in tire innovation to give a steady and predictable driving involvement with a wide range of climate and street conditions.

Intended for use on roadsters, cars, minivans, and littler hybrids, the tires use the entirety of Continental’s most current tire innovation to convey predictable and longer enduring performance. 

To give industry driving treadwear, eco-friendliness, and footing on both dry and wet streets, the tires are built utilizing an all-season track aggravate that highlights Continental’s Tg-OF Polymers and +Silane added substances. 

This elite compound is additionally shaped into an upgraded symmetric track design that enables the tire to have consistent track contact out and about. This nonstop contact allows for upgraded controlling reaction and handling.  

While footing and dealing with are phenomenal on dry asphalt, Continental TrueContact tires truly shine when driving in wet or frigid conditions. Continental utilizes a siped middle of the road track square and their own protected Traction Grooves to give extra grasping capacity in the most exceedingly terrible of climate conditions.

This is one of only a handful of any all-season tires that offers better performance when winter turns awful. 

Ride comfort is another territory that Continental TrueContact gives specific consideration to. A unique solace band framework essentially builds ride solace and smoothness while clamor and the impact of vibrations are diminished.  

The tire is manufactured utilizing an interior structure that uses twin steel belts strengthened with a spirally twisted polyamide that is totally joint-less. It gives included quality and sturdiness, just as a progressively uniform ride and longer enduring tread life.  

Continental TrueContact is accessible in a scope of 15 to 19-inch sizes, and speed evaluations of T and H. There is additionally up to a 90,000-mile track assurance relying upon the tire’s speed rating. 


  • Creative and all-round incredible structure  
  • Can deal with all seasons including winter 
  • Great efficiency with its lower moving obstruction  
  • Fantastic track guarantee  


  • Nothing that stands out in any territory 

Michelin Defender vs Continental TrueContact

Michelin Defender Continental TrueContact
- Light Truck, SUV & Crossover Tire - 4/32 Tread life Remaining
- Long wear life & great comfort - All used inventory is subject to one repair in the tread area.
- Excellent wet & snow traction - Continental 15497070000


The Defender has various valid statements including an exceptionally calm ride quality to oblige great dry and wet footing. Footing on ice and snow is about normal overall for an all-season tire.  

One zone where you might see a couple of objections on the Michelin Defender is with its track life. In spite of having a more drawn out 90,000-mile track guarantee, there are many drivers who are seeing fewer miles out of the track than 90,000 miles the guarantee is useful for. In any case, to be reasonable, there are many drivers who are dazzled with the track wear. 

Meanwhile, Continental TrueContact is among the best. With a long history of delivering quality tires, Continental TrueContact is the same. It is well-planned and gives quality footing, grasp, and execution in all conditions. With exceptional highlights to manage winter climate, they can certainly be utilized during the time, too.  

It gives you a smooth and agreeable ride, and a decent guarantee, too. This is one of only a handful of any tires that truly do not have any glaring negative issues. It is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why other driving buyer distributions are likewise intrigued with Continental TrueContact tires.