Metzeler ME888 vs Dunlop Elite 4

It is probably the time to change your old tire because they are no longer dependable and reduce your safety on the road. Tire life may differ from one brand/model to another and depend on how we used to ride the bike. For those who need performance, Metzeler ME888 vs Dunlop Elite 4 are two nice model to pick and while they are equally trusted, there must be some differences as well. To know which the better option is, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

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  • What are Metzeler ME888 and Dunlop Elite 4
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  • Metzeler ME888 vs Dunlop Elite 4

Motorcycle Tire

Owning a vehicle is fun and all but we also have to pay attention to the caring part and this is our responsibility as the owner to make sure they are always in the top condition and give us the best performance they can provide. The problem is not all of us understand what needs to be done so there are times when we find an issue and late to handle them properly. This is why we have to bring them for check-up once in a few months.

Beside how the engine is working, another thing we have to pay attention is the tire because as you may already know, they are not going to stay in your bike forever and depend on how aggressive you ride or how good the tire quality is, they can last for a couple of years or even longer. From the outside, tire looks the same which is round, black and made from rubber but each one of them may have different performance for different application.

Choosing tire is all down to personal taste and application but what stays the same is sizing because when looking for a tire, we have to find the correct match for our bike just like when searching for the perfect shoes for our feet. Tire sizing is actually printed on the sidewall so we can directly see which sizing we need based on what the manufacturer have decide as long as we don’t make any custom work which alter the sizing.

For example, there is 130/90 – 16 67 H printed on your motorcycle tire. The first number is saying about the width of the tire where the face is in contact with the road and stated in mm while the latter is used to say about the height of the tire which mean the higher the number, the taller it will be. The next number, 16 meant to say about the rim diameter we are using and the next is the load rating.

It is not literally translated into pounds and they have their own list to show you the exact capability. As for 67, this load rating means the tire can carry weight up to 677 pounds or 307 kilograms. The last is H symbol or the speed rating which mean the tire is capable of being rode up to 130 mph. After deciding the sizing, we can start hunting for the model seems more promising to us.

About Metzeler ME888

Due to the huge options out there, it is no surprise to get confused when picking which tire will suit our bike the most or stay longer since they are not cheap either, so the more long lasting the better it gets. To save more time and let us enjoy the ride better, it is good to based your choice on what other people have been using since the one that satisfy the population will most likely to have a good performance as well.

Among those many options, ME888 from Metzeler is one of the best for those who are seeking a balance part between comfort and long wear on the road. As everybody know, this tire model is based on the long popular ME880 which has been the favorite of so many people for years and to upgrade their collection, this German manufacturer is releasing the new tire model as the successor to provide a better option and address the disadvantage its predecessor have which is short wearing.

The triple 8 they use for this tire model is representing the high mileage so it is supposed to have but without scarifying both performance and handling because we do need them to stay good. Developed in their home country for American users, the tire is suitable for a wide range of custom touring motorcycle thanks to the wise sizing options. Read also: Metzeler ME880 vs Avon Tire Cobra Chrome here.

Metzeler ME888 Design

If you ever use the older model, the ME888 is actually a bit similar from the outside with the ME880 but it is claimed to be made different from the start with different carcass and different shape as well as tread pattern. They actually upgrade the shape to get more contact to the ground to improve the handling, dampening as well as how the tire accept the load as we ride the bike. However, the main focus is still to increase the mileage.

Today, we motorcycle owners are looking for value when purchasing a tire so this is exactly what ME888 is offering. On the composition, there is an additional silica saline which is meant to lessen rolling resistant but when the road is wet, it will increase the wet grip. As for the tread pattern, the change is made with bridged tread grooves gaps with reinforcement to keep the tire from flexing too much that in the end will increase the mileage from the whole tire itself.

Metzeler ME888 Performance

When tested, the tire is indeed still has the highlight from its predecessor because even in a mixture of rain and dry roads, the tire stay reliable and give a nice braking, acceleration, as well as cornering and turn-in stability. It show a nice performance in corner and stopping as well as don’t chase the rain grooves like many stock tires. What’s clearly different is somehow the tire is working better in wet condition, thanks to the new tread pattern.

Metzeler ME888 Wear

As for the tread wear, it is hard to say something like how long the tire will last because beside it depends on how we ride the bike and what kind of condition we often see during touring, it also varies from user to another. For the smaller sizes, it is expected to last for about 12.000 miles while those with a bigger size on the rear part may see their tire last until 20.000 miles.

About Dunlop Elite 4

ME888 is indeed very promising and suitable for people who are looking for more value in their next tire but it is not the only one option out there because we also have the Elite 4 from Dunlop. This brand may be very famous with their affordable D404 tire which is a good option for people with lesser budget to spend but if you have more and need something that can last, their new tire may work better for you. This model itself is meant to both offer reliability as well with durability.

Dunlop Elite 4 Design

Dunlop Elite 4 is claimed to be made for modern cruiser by taking a huge leaps in technology. It is introducing a bi-compound construction that put their MT technology in the center of the tire which meant to enhance the longevity or the life of the tire. It also improve straight line performance thanks to the special lateral compounds put on the outside edges for superior cornering grip. In addition, the revised tread pattern in this tire will give you a better wet and dry conditions handling without affecting how quiet it roll.

Another unique feature we can see on the tire is the indicator which is very useful when we are riding for quite a while and it will disappear at exactly 1/32-inch tread depth to let us know that we need to start looking for a new tire already. We do like it for at least we don’t have to measure them from time to time.

Dunlop Elite 4 Performance

A good tire is the one that provide the kind of performance we want and what we prominently see on Dunlop Elite 4 is how the tire is surprisingly tracked very well even on rough and patched pavement which often cause the bike become unstable. We see the bike becomes better at handlings imperfections, longitudinal ridges and pavement cracks without issue and without jarring the rider. While it is claimed to be quiet, there is somehow strange noise when riding on very smooth pavement.

When the bike runs on smooth pavement or tar strips, somehow the tire emits a loud chirp-like reminiscent of a swarm of cicadas. In addition, when riding above tar snakes, the cicadas noise becomes even weirder while other surface has no issue.

Dunlop Elite 4 Wear

The tire itself is claimed to last as long as 15.000 to 18.000 depend on how you ride the bike and the kind of surface we often deal with. It shows no sign of tread wearing after being used for 2.000 miles so in our opinion it can achieve those number remembering the old Elite 3 can reach 20.000 and even more.


Now, let’s compare Metzeler ME888 with Dunlop Elite 4. As you may already know, both of them are made to be long wearing tire and a value options for those who need to change their tire not as often. They have a nice performance with the equal level of reliability and what differs them is mostly on the road noise since Elite 4 is somehow creating a weird noise in smooth pavement and when adventuring on tar snakes.

Metzeler ME888 vs Dunlop Elite 4

Metzeler ME888Dunlop Elite 4
- More sizing options - Narrower sizing available
- Quite - May produce some noises
- More affordable - Slightly more affordable


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste and preference so it is best to follow what seems better for your application. But, if we are to choose, we will pick the Metzeler ME888 because it has a good performance, slightly more affordable and fairly quiet in different types of surface.