Metzeler ME888 vs Avon Cobra AV71

Many motorcycle owner don’t pay much attention to their tire but it is actually necessary to make sure we are safe while riding by getting the most from our bike and tire. For those who seek both performance and long wear, Metzeler ME888 vs Avon Cobra AV71 are two nice options to pick for how good they roll on the road and how long they can last on your bike. If you are also liking these models, go check our article below to see which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need a new tire
  • What are Metzeler ME888 and Avon Cobra AV71
  • How are the Construction of Metzeler ME888 and Avon Cobra AV71
  • What Metzeler ME888 and Avon Cobra AV71 can offer to you
  • Are Metzeler ME888 and Avon Cobra AV71 Long Lasting
  • Metzeler ME888 vs Avon Cobra AV71

Changing Tire

Owning a car or motorcycle is fun because not only they are useful when we need to travel or go to some place, they can be our companion to spend some leisure time, break away from our daily routine. With those advantages, we also have to accept the disadvantage because not only they can cost much money to purchase, we still have to spend much on paying the insurance and providing the proper care to make sure they are always in top condition.

We need to check our vehicle condition once in a few months for those who only drive or ride for commuting while those who loves to drive outside the city or country may want to check their vehicle more often. Beside changing the motor oil, we also have to make sure the tire is still in good condition to carry our vehicle and beside from the outer look, we can actually feel how the vehicle behave to determine the tire condition.

If you feel like the car or motorcycle is losing the grip when running on wet road and find the braking somehow doesn’t give as quick respond as when they are still new, it is probably good to check whether the tire still have most of its thread pattern or not. Especially for motorcycle, the tire play a very prominent part on how the bike feel because we can directly feel the difference the moment it start to lose the grip or decrease in performance in wet surface.

To make sure our motorcycle is comfortable and safe to ride, we have to also use a good, suitable tire for the application. From the outside, tire looks the same but just like everything else, each model from different brands may work differently on your wheel and this is exactly why we have to consider which tire to pick. Before hunting for the unit, make sure to remember or noted the sizing of your stock tire for a faster selecting process.

Tire sizing is printed in their sidewall and all tire should have it so we have to use the one matching with your older tire as long as we didn’t made any new customization. Motorcycle sizing is deciding how wide the tire face is, how tall it is, how wide the rim is from one side to the opposite, the load rating and how fast we can go with the model.

About Metzeler ME888

Since there are so many good options out there, it can be a bit confusing to pick which model we want to install on our motorcycle. If you don’t have a preferred brand yet, it is good to try looking at what the other rider have used today since the one that satisfy the population may also have a high chance of providing what you need. One of the most popular tire model today is ME888 from the popular German brand Metzeler.

We are sure most people are already familiar with this manufacturer since they have been operating since more than a hundred years ago. The ME series is also well known and probably you also use one of the tire in the past like the ME880. From the name, we can guess that the new one is successor of the older tire which is loved by many rider due to its good performance and nice comfort in both dry or wet road.

The old ME880 is offered in a wide sizing options to provide the proper tire for your bike but since the new ME888 is released, Metzeler seems to reduce their collection and now, we can see those huge sizings are moved into the successor. The improvement they brought for this tire is said to be the long wearing ability which has been an issue in the predecessor and even claimed to be 15% wear longer than competitors out there.

Metzeler ME888 Design

This tire is improved starting from the carcass, shape and the thread pattern design so this is actually a whole new model. The carcass is now made with combination of polymer compound which is stronger than its predecessor but when meets water, it will improves the wet road performance. The stronger carcass make sure a long wear against abrasion while the wider contact area from tire to road will ensure support for the total weight they receive.

As for the thread pattern, there is a slight difference we see from the old ME880. The new tire has a more of a V pattern rather than U and the channeling is slightly different with enforcement to make sure it won’t flex much to keep the tire from wearing quickly. Read also: Metzeler ME888 vs Dunlop Elite 4 here.

Metzeler ME888 Performance

A good tire is the one that will give you a good performance out there on the road and thankfully, Metzeler ME888 is offering just what you want. When tested, this tire is working very well and just like the predecessor, in its new condition the grip is indeed less but after some moment, they will start to show the real performance. Grip is as good even during acceleration with braking and cornering still as reliable and stable in both dry and wet road.

Metzeler ME888 Wear

Moving into the thread wear, it is hard to decide whether a tire will last long or not without months of constant checking but for typical rider who don’t ride fast or aggressively, ME888 should last around 12K miles for the smaller size while those with bigger wheels or need a bigger sizes may able to make their tire last around 20K miles. However, these number may increase or decrease depend on how your ride the bike.

About Avon Cobra AV71

Since we have a huge options, it is better to also see what the other manufacturer has to offer because we may see a better tire option whether it is able to perform prominently better or last longer and available in a more affordable price point. If you are looking for not only a good tire but also a good-looking tire, you may want to check what Avon has in their collection especially the Cobra AV71 and AV72 which has been released few years ago.

We also mention AV72 because they are actually a pair so the AV71 is the front part and the latter is the pair for your rear wheel. This model is designed for touring bikes and with the wide sizing options, we can pick one that fit our wheel even when you have custom their size previously.

Avon Cobra AV71 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, this tire is indeed good looking and in our opinion, it suit those with more modern motorcycle rather than people with old bikes. When you see the tire closely, there is a snake pattern design printed near the sidewall which can be cool or not, depend on how your taste is currently at. For people with the preference, AV71 also available in white wall option to suit your taste.

To improve the performance, the tire is not featured with a continuous center line and this meant to decrease negative handling effects on steel-gratings found on bridges while the rounder profile will help to increase how the tire work in turn-in.

Avon Cobra AV71 Performance

While Avon Cobra AV71 is indeed a good-looking tire, it is not a good option if the performance is not reliable as well. However, thankfully, the tire is working very good because when tested, the traction feels excellent with the enormous grip and reduce the chance to spin especially on the rear. The handling is also nice in both dry and wet road condition and there is no issue about braking either.

Avon Cobra AV71 Wear

In term of wear and how long it will stay in your wheel, this tire is estimated to stay more than 10K miles because it shows almost no wear after 2K with a regular riding session. But, as you may know, it will differ from one to another and in case you ride more aggressively or more often, we will see far less than the approximate amount around 8K.


Now, let’s compare Metzeler ME888 with Avon Cobra AV71. Both of them are equally reliable for cruiser with a dependable performance both in dry and wet road. In term of style, the ME888 is suitable for any motorcycle; old or modern model while AV71 will looks better in newer bikes. In term of long wear, ME888 seems to last longer than AV71 but for daily commuting, they are equally worth the price. In addition AV71 is only a front tire.

Metzeler ME888 vs Avon Cobra AV71

Metzeler ME888Avon Cobra AV71
- More sizing options - Less sizing options
- Suitable for older and newer motorcycle - Looks good on new bikes
- Long wearing - Good wear
- Front and near- Front tire


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste and preference so it is best to pick based on what you need. Between both of them, we adore the long wearing Metzeler ME888 better because it performs good and able to stay long in our wheel.