Dunlop D404 vs Shinko 777

If you are looking for a budget-friendly set of motorcycle tires, you may want to put Dunlop D404 and Shinko 777 into your consideration. These two tires have received a lot of positive reviews from their respective users. Continue reading below to find out more about the quality and performance of Dunlop D404 vs Shinko 777.

The discussion below will explain to you further about:

  • The makers of Dunlop D404 and Shinko 777 tires
  • The construction and build quality of each tire
  • The performance of Dunlop D404 vs Shinko 777
  • Whether these tires are durable and long-lasting or not
  • Which motorcycle tire that is generally more recommended

Dunlop D404: Overview

Dunlop is one of the most well-known tire brands in the world. Its products are known for their good quality, and many Dunlop tires have been chosen as the original equipment tires for many vehicles and motorcycles. See also: Dunlop D404 vs Michelin Commander 2.

Dunlop was initially founded by John Boyd Dunlop, the pioneer of pneumatic tires, in 1889. However, the Dunlop brand is now owned by several companies around the world. In North America and Europe, it is owned by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. In Latin America, Africa, and most of Asia, it is owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. In India, it is owned by Dunlop India Ltd which is under the Ruia Group.

Although Dunlop D404 tires are actually produced by different companies in different regions, you can be certain of their quality. All of the manufacturing plants are strictly controlled to ensure high and consistent quality.

Dunlop D404 vs Shinko 777 is one of those renowned tires that have been adopted to be the original equipment for some of the hottest customs, such as Yamaha V-Star 1100, Honda Shadow Aero, and Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad. Dunlop D404 is available in many sizes that are compatible with many other motorcycles.

Initially, Dunlop D404 tires are not suitable for Harley Davidson bikes. However, the tire size range has been expanded recently, and there are now some tire sizes that you can use for Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide as well as a few other cruisers.

Dunlop D404: Tire Construction

Dunlop D404 has been specifically designed to provide the best balance between optimum mileage and grip performance. For many tires in the market, finding the right balance between these two aspects is not easy. Often, a durable tire has poor grip and cornering due to using a hard compound. Meanwhile, a tire with great grip and handling usually uses a soft compound that can’t resist wear for long. Dunlop D404 is meant to have balanced qualities to fulfill all needs.

This tire comes with a special tread compound, which, according to the manufacturer, offers an impressive balance between mileage and grip. In addition, the tire is built with a bias-ply construction, which enhances the load-carrying capacity, stability, and comfort.

The tread pattern of Dunlop D404 vs Shinko 777 is quite aggressive. There are a lot of grooves and sipes, which create plenty of biting edges. On the center, you can see a continuous offset center groove, which is said to optimize the straight line stability of the tire. Meanwhile, on the sides, there are multiple side grooves with rigid shapes which ensure efficient water evacuation, hydroplaning resistance, and reliable grip.

Dunlop D404 is available in the H-rating (suitable for speeds up to 130 mph) and in the S-rating (suitable for speeds up to 112 mph). In addition, tubeless and tube-type versions of the tire are available. And, there are whitewalls for select sizes.

Dunlop D404: Performance

The overall performance of Dunlop D404 is quite impressive. Thanks to the aggressive tread pattern, the tire can provide very good grip and traction on various road conditions. The tire also seems to resist hydroplaning very well, as it never loses traction and continuously provides safe, confident ride on wet roads.

The stability is good. When riding in a straight line on a smooth road, the tire feels stable and consistent. The cornering performance is also good, as the tire can maintain its grip properly when you are hitting a hard turn. Transitioning from the side to the center and vice versa feels smooth, quick, and easy. While Dunlop D404 is not necessarily the very best tire in terms of road performance, it is still fun and enjoyable to ride on.

The durability is not bad, but it is not much better than most tires in the market. You can ride for about several thousands of miles before you need to replace the tires. The tread seems to resist wear and tear fairly well, and both the front and rear tires don’t get flat too quickly. That said, you should avoid taking the tires to harsh terrains that have sharp rocks or heavy bumps.

Shinko 777: Overview

Now, let’s take a look at the Shinko company. Although this brand of tires is not as widely known as Dunlop, Shinko is actually considered as a good brand by some people who know a thing or two about tires. Shinko is a tire manufacturer that is known for producing affordable, budget-friendly products with good quality.

As a matter of fact, the Shinko Group has been producing tires and tubes since as early as 1946. They already have a long history. Nowadays, the company is known to produce more than 200,000 motorcycle tires on a monthly basis, which are distributed to several countries.

The company is actually located in Osaka, Japan. The materials are acquired from Yokohama, also in Japan. However, the manufacturing is performed in a facility in South Korea. The Shinko Group cooperates with a US-based company in Boise, Idaho, to take care of the imports and sales of their tires in the country.

Since Shinko tires are marketed by a US-based company, you don’t need to worry about the price or customer service. You can still get good quality tires at great prices. Shinko produces a wide range of tires for many types of bikes, including sports bikes, cruisers, scooters, and even off-road tires.

Shinko 777 is one of the best products from the company. It is a tire designed for cruiser bikes. Of course, the most interesting feature of this tire is the very affordable and budget-friendly price. Hence, this tire is often recommended for bike owners who have limited budget. Even so, the quality of the tire is really good, making it a decent choice for daily rides.

Shinko 777: Tire Construction

Both Dunlop D404 vs Shinko 777 tires are suitable for cruiser bikes. However, unlike Dunlop D404, Shinko 777 does not have a wide range of tire sizes. It is pretty much exclusively designed for cruisers, without giving any size option for other types of bikes.

Shinko 777 is constructed with a four-ply construction. As the effect, you can expect high toughness and durability from this tire. The internal structure rigidity is excellent. Despite the four-ply construction, the tire is still available at a price that won’t break the bank.

However, there is no mention about the tread compound. Apparently, the tire is made with a standard rubber compound in order to press the production cost. Well, this is not necessarily a bad thing, because the standard rubber compound should have good traction at least.

Taking a look at the tread, there is a peculiar tread pattern. It is not too aggressive. There are several grooves, some of which extend from one side to the other side. There is also some siping. In a glance, the tread pattern is almost abstract, but upon a closer inspection, there is actually an alternating repeated pattern on the left and right sides.

Shinko 777 is H-rated, which means that the tire is safe for speeds up to 130 mph. It is pretty unlikely that your cruiser will go that fast, but the tire can handle the task when needed. Shinko 777 is available in whitewalls for both the front and rear tires.

Shinko 777: Performance

In terms of performance, Shinko 777 is surprisingly good. The tread compound is actually quite soft, and this contributes to excellent grip and handling qualities. In addition, the soft tread compounds also helps to reduce the road noise, hence ensuring quiet and comfortable ride.

The traction is good, and the tire feels stable and safe when cornering. The performance on wet roads remains good and confident, although we must advise you to avoid speeding through pools of water or when about to hit a hard turn. The stability in a straight line does not have a bad thing, but there is no special advantage to mention as well.

The durability of the tire is pretty good. The tire can remain in good condition for more than 8,000 miles. The tread doesn’t get flat quickly, and the front tire seems to experience minimal wear within the first few thousand miles. However, this is from riding on smooth, well-paved roads. If the roads around your place are in less than ideal condition, the tire may experience more wear due to the soft tread compound.

Dunlop D404 vs Shinko 777

Dunlop D404Shinko 777
- Manufactured by different companies depending on the region - The company is in Japan, manufactured in South Korea
- Available in H rating and S rating - Only available in H rating
- More size options - Fewer size options
- More aggressive tread pattern - Less aggressive tread pattern
- Great traction, stability, and handling- Good traction, stability, and handling


In general, Dunlop D404 is more recommended. It is a better quality tire with excellent performance and decent durability. However, if you have a limited budget, Shinko 777 can make a very good alternative, as the tire’s overall quality is quite impressive for the affordable price.