BFG AT KO2 vs Firestone Destination AT

Looking for an all-terrain tire with good performance on the road? You may want to put BFG AT KO2 and Firestone Destination AT into your consideration. Despite being all-terrain, these tires are surprisingly quiet and comfortable on the highway. Read the comparison of BFG AT KO2 vs Firestone Destination AT below to find out which tire that’s best for you.

The discussion below will tell you further about:

  • The construction and special features of each tire
  • The grip and cornering performance of each tire on the road
  • The noise & comfort of BFG AT KO2 vs Firestone Destination AT
  • The off-road performance of each tire
  • Which all-terrain tire that is generally more recommended for you

BFG AT KO2: Construction and Features

In a previous article, we discussed how BFG AT KO2 vs Nitto Terra Grappler G2 compare against each other, so you may want to check it out later. BFG AT KO2 is an excellent all-terrain tire that offers great performance, both on the road and off the road. This is not entirely surprising if you know that BFG AT KO2 is the successor of a best-selling tire from BFGoodrich, BFG AT KO.

When it was released, BFG AT KO became a very popular all-terrain tire, and even set a particular set of standards for the category. However, the market has greatly evolved over the years with new technologies. The company is obviously aware of this. BFG AT KO2 has been created with new compounds and more advanced features in order to stand out among the crowd.

According to the company, BFG AT KO2 is constructed with a new tread compound specially designed for heightened chunking resistance. BFG AT KO2 also has the CoreGuard Technology, which promotes the resistance of the sidewall against bruising and splitting.

The company claims that this new tread compound is dramatically more durable than the competition. It is said to be able to last 15 percent longer on paved roads and 50 percent longer on gravel than the competitors.

Compared to Firestone Destination AT, the tread pattern of BFG AT KO2 is quite more aggressive. It still has a similar look to the signature design of BFGoodrich tires, but it notably has more tread blocks and more biting edges. There are sharp-edged sidewall lugs and a lot of siping. Also, there are stone ejectors and Mud-Phobic bars between the blocks, ensuring that the tire won’t collect stones and dried muds.

BFG AT KO2: On the Road

BFG AT KO2 can set a very good example of what an all-terrain tire is supposed to be. It performs well in off-road conditions, as you’ll see below, yet this is without compromising the on-road performance. On the road, BFG AT KO2 is surprisingly quiet and comfortable to ride. Thanks to the well-rounded profile of the tire, you can drive at low speeds without much noise or difficulty. At high speeds, the tire remains relatively smooth and quiet.

BFG AT KO2 has plenty of on-road traction, and the cornering performance is good. You can hit hard turns with these tires confidently. The tires are responsive enough to allow easy steering. On wet roads, the traction remains great and reliable. The tires are able to evacuate water quickly and resist hydroplaning in most conditions. Maneuvering and cornering on wet roads feel solid and safe.

Most BFG AT KO2 have the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) rating, which is a very good indicator of safe and reliable performance in severe snow conditions. On snow, the tire is able to create solid grip and traction to push the vehicle forward.

Needless to say, when choosing a set of tires for intensive highway driving, having a good treadwear warranty is really important. You don’t want tires that get flat after just a few thousand miles.

Both BFG AT KO2 vs Firestone Destination AT provide 50,000-mile treadwear warranty for select sizes. In the case of BFG AT KO2, the warranty is only applicable to tires with the “DT” label – that is, tires that are without the 3PMSF rating. So, if you want tires that can perform well on severe snow and slush, you need to give up the treadwear warranty.

BFG AT KO2: Off the Road

If we compare the off-road performance of BFG AT KO2 vs Firestone Destination AT, there are notable qualities that make BFG AT KO2 a better choice for frequent off-road driving. BFG AT KO2 can go over various off-road conditions and remain in good overall condition.

The construction of BFG AT KO2 is really tough, hence allowing the tire to withstand heavy loads. The sidewall is strong enough to resist impacts to sharp rocks. Also, the tread doesn’t get punctured even after running over harsh rocks and gravels. Well, you can’t use this tire for serious mountain climbing, but the traction is more than good enough for driving through bumpy rocky terrains.

BFG AT KO2 performs reasonably well on sand, loose dirt, and light to medium mud. The tire is still able to create and gather traction in such treacherous conditions. As long as the terrain is not too extreme, this tire should be able to tackle it.

Firestone Destination AT: Construction and Features

Now, let’s take a look at Firestone Destination AT. It is a good all-terrain tire that is glowing in positive reviews from its users. This tire is designed for light and medium trucks, jeeps, and SUVs for all seasons. You can consider this tire if you mainly drive on the road, with just occasional off-road driving that isn’t too demanding.

According to the company, Firestone Destination AT is designed through the Computer Optimized Component System (CO-CS). This technology involves intensive computer analysis to optimize the materials, tread pattern, casing design, and construction in order to maximize the tire’s performance.

The result is a sophisticated all-terrain tire with a very interesting feature set. First, Firestone Destination AT comes with a long-link carbon reinforcement which greatly increases the tread life and the resistance against chipping, cracking, and tearing. It also makes use of a single, continuous cable in the bead to improve the uniformity and ride comfort, and a spiral nylon wrap for uniformity and shape integrity at high speeds.

Furthermore, Firestone Destination AT features what the company calls as the 5-degree Noise Reduction Technology. Essentially, it reduces road noise by implementing tread blocks in varying sizes. The tread pattern of this tire looks closer to an all-season road tire than a full-fledged all-terrain, as it doesn’t look really aggressive.

Firestone Destination AT: On the Road

If we compare only the on-road performance, Firestone Destination AT can easily win the match. Well, BFG AT KO2 is definitely a fine all-terrain tire that is quiet and comfortable on the road, but Firestone Destination AT is even better. This is one reason why Firestone Destination AT is still a highly viable option even though the off-road performance is less than impressive.

Firestone Destination AT is virtually flawless on the road. It is not only quiet – it is practically without any noise. The handling is light, crisp, and responsive, making it really enjoyable to ride. It has good traction and the siped tread blocks offer great cornering performance. With the open and staggered shoulder blocks, hydroplaning won’t be a problem.

The tire remains reliable on light snow. It is still able to generate traction and resist slipping. However, this tire won’t be recommended for severe snow conditions. You need a more capable snow tire for that.

As mentioned above, both BFG AT KO2 vs Firestone Destination AT come with 50,000-mile warranty. In the case of Firestone Destination AT, the warranty is only available on P Metric sizes, or tires that are designed for passenger vehicles.

Compared to BFG AT KO2, the range of Firestone Destination AT tires that are covered by the warranty is definitely much wider. However, note that Firestone Destination AT doesn’t have the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) rating. This is not a problem if you rarely need to drive through severe snow. But, if you need tires that are safe and reliable through severe snow, you should choose 3PMSF tires.

Firestone Destination AT: Off the Road

The overall off-road performance of Firestone Destination AT is pretty good, but it is not recommended for serious off-road conditions. Sure, the tire can float well on sand, and it has good traction to roll over gravel. The well-designed tread blocks are able to dig down and create decent grip. However, the tire is not durable enough to withstand sharp, harsh rocks and heavy impacts.

Firestone Destination AT can do well in light mud, but you should not rely on it to go over real mud terrain. The tire can still generate sufficient traction in light mud, so you can drive through most trails with this tire. But it is not enough to pull your truck through deep, liquid mud.

BFG AT KO2 vs Firestone Destination AT

BFG AT KO2Firestone Destination AT
- More aggressive tread pattern - Less aggressive tread pattern
- Good on-road performance, quiet and comfortable - Flawless on-road performance, virtually noiseless
- Great off-road performance - Only suitable for light off-road conditions
- 3PMSF rating on most tires except the DT ones - No 3PMSF rating, so not recommended for severe snow
- 50,000-mile warranty only for DT tires- 50,000-mile warranty for P Metric sizes


In general, BFG AT KO2 is more recommended for a truly capable all-terrain tire. It has very good on-road performance, and is quiet and comfortable enough for an enjoyable highway drive. It is also great on wet roads and snow. At the same time, it can tackle various off-road conditions including rocks and light to medium mud.

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