Metzeler ME880 vs ME888

A pleasant riding experience have to be supported by a good tire as well because different tire may produce a different performance depend on each application. For those who seek quality, Metzeler ME880 vs ME888 are two nice option to go and while they are similar, there must be something different from both models. If you are also wondering how they are separated from each other and how they can elevate your experience, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a new tire
– What are Metzeler ME880 and ME888
– What are the Difference in Material between Metzeler ME880 and ME888
– What are the Difference in Performance between Metzeler ME880 and ME888
– How long Metzeler ME880 and ME888 can last
– Metzeler ME880 vs ME888

Bike Tire

Do you ever feel like somehow the bike becomes straying off in roads with cracks and less responsive in braking or find it harder to maneuver the bike on turns? If you ever find the same experience then you may want to check your tire first. Our bike is not always in top condition all the time and for many of us who are not familiar with the technical part, it is quite hard to decide what is actually wrong with our vehicle.

To make sure we are getting the best experience and performance every time, it is always recommended to bring them for regular check every few months. When everything is in top condition and properly cared for, we can ride with confidence whether if the bike is used for commuting purpose or for spending some leisure time. Beside the bike itself, another part that we have to pay attention to is the tire because just like a shoe for our feet, tire will act as the cushioning for the wheel.

Changing tire can be as easy as letting the professional do all the work for you or as hard as choosing and installing them ourselves. If you are here, chances are you want to know how to pick the model based on your judgment and the first step of them all is deciding the sizing because there are times when owner may not know what size they use on the bike. Tire size is printed on the sidewall so we can just check and write it down for later.

The sizing mostly state what are the width of the tire in millimeters, how tall the tire with aspect ratio and the rim size. Another important information printed on sidewall is the load rate and speed rate which is used to decide how heavy the tire can carry its bike weight and how fast the bike can go with the tire. If it also have B or R, it indicates the tire type B for Bias Ply and R for Radial but when there is no additional alphabet, it means Radial.

The next step is to picking the one model that suit our bike such as dirt tire for off-road bike and cruiser tire for those with metric, older bike or bigger bike like Harley Davidson. As long as we get the sizing correct and pick the model for our bike, the rest will be up to each rider preference like preferring cheap, standard tire or “good-looking” one with a more expensive price point. Those with more to spend may also want to pick those with a better mileage for longer wear. Read also: Shinko 777 vs Avon cobra here.

About Metzeler ME880 and ME888

When it comes to actually picking one from those vast options, things can get more complicated than it already is since each brand have their own favorite models claiming to be the best but of course not all of them will fit you. For those who want to keep things simpler and fast, it is probably best to try settling for one good brand and pick from their collection to eliminate the rest of the choices and one of the best manufacturer now is Metzeler.

We are sure many riders are no longer unfamiliar with this name because this German manufacturer has been around for more than a hundred years with a good reputation and of course good tire quality. Their tire model is widely use and probably you also ever tried one of theirs in the past. Just like everything, technology move forward and Metzeler also improve their older models to answer the market demand of high quality tires.

Then brand itself has a legacy especially on handling and performance but of course we are looking more than that. They have a huge option on the catalogue but if you are here, it means the popular ME880 and ME888 caught your attention. As you can guess, both of them are brothers because they still come from the same line and as a newer item, the latter is promising several upgrades from its predecessor. However, the original model actually have been available since the 80s.

Back then, the company release its first ME model which is the ME88 and then followed by the popular ME880 in the late 1990. The newer Metzeler ME888 itself is not new anymore considering when this article is written for it already available since around 2013 or earlier. These tires are based on the original long running and long wear, heavy bike or metric cruiser for touring tire. They are offering comfortable ride along with a long lifespan.

Metzeler ME880 and ME888 Design

From the outside, Metzeler ME880 and ME888 are already quite different as you can see from the sample picture above. As an improved model, the latter is said to be a new concept and very different from the long popular predecessor and the important point are their carcass, ply and of course the tread pattern is also changed. When looking for tire, one of the most important part to decide if the item is worthy or not is the mileage and we want to get the one that will last longer.

The material they used for the ME888 is new rubber compound different from the previous model for it is now more resilient to wear and have a higher hysteresis which mean it allow the manufacturer to do is craving a deeper tread pattern design and deeper channeling. This is back again to the higher mileage especially for a long run in wet weather so we can count on them in different condition. The older model is nice but this one is said to be even more long wearing.

While the compound is changed, the shape of the tire is also improved because with the new design of ME888, this tire is made to have a more or larger contact to the ground compared to ME880. The improvement is about 15% larger and this is made to elevate the dampening as well as the handling and load accepting as we are riding on the road. The subtle tweak tread pattern from U to V is created to better fit the tire to road harmonics.

Metzeler ME880 and ME888 Performance

A good tire is the one that will provide a good performance in our bike and while all tires are promising the same, dependable result, not all of them are going to be the same but thankfully, both of Metzeler ME880 and ME888 are similarly powerful which is why it is not surprising to see how many people trusting these models. The first thing we often heard on these models especially the older one is anti-nibbling and this quality is retained on the newer tire.

In this part, both of them are going to provide you with the same level of comfort and handling from the previous tire. Without a continuous, straight shoulder in the middle, we are hoping to see an even wear coming out of this tire and when tested, they do roll very good without any stray movement and keep the response both on the braking as well as on turns very well executed. In general, we don’t have any complaint about the performance of these two.

The material changed said above is by adding another compound called silica saline and this is what lessens the rolling resistance. This difference is improving the tire performance when riding on wet road because it increase the chemical wet grip and when combined with the new tread pattern, it will channel the water away from the face area to prevent hydroplaning. However, there is also an addition of crossing pattern compared to the old ME880 and it is used to prevent the tire to flex more.

Metzeler ME880 and ME888 Wear

Moving to the wearing part, this is what has been boasted from both of these models and for those who are riding with ME880, you can already guess how long they will roll on the wheel. There are mixed experiences and reviews on this side because there are people who can make the tire last longer than 10k while some of them may have to change it at around 7-9k. The newer tire is actually performing well and still like almost new in 5k so we do hope to see it goes more than 10k.


Now, let’s compare Metzeler ME880 with ME888. The difference between these two are on the compound, change in shape and tread pattern. These improvements are not very prominent in term of performance since the older one is already great but does elevate the wear because it seems to be able to take more abuse than ME880. Since there is additional material, the ME888 will be stiffer than its predecessor and can be a little slippery for the first time but, it will settle in well.

Metzeler ME880 vs ME888

Metzeler ME880Metzeler ME888
- Softer compound - Stiffer compound
- Wear faster - Last longer
- More affordable - More expensive
- Currently far less in sizing - Wider sizing options


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different budget to spend and preference. Among the two, we will recommend you to pick the new Metzeler ME888 because this model is improved to carry you longer and does worth the price.