Metzeler M880 vs Michelin Commander II

Just like a shoe for our feet, a tire is used to cushion your vehicle wheel and make it able to run on different surface. Our shoes will let us handle traction and provide support the same like tire support the vehicle. If you are riding a cruiser and need a dependable tire to ride confidently, Metzeler ME880 vs Michelin Commander II are two nice options to pick. To see what they can offer and pick the one suit you the most, go check their capabilities below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to Choose a Tire
– What are Metzeler M880 and Michelin Commander II
– How are the Compound on Metzeler M880 and Michelin Commander II
– What Metzeler M880 and Michelin Commander II can offer to you
– Are Metzeler M880 and Michelin Commander II Long Lasting
– Metzeler M880 vs Michelin Commander II

Choosing Tire

Owning a vehicle is great because we can go wherever we like and whenever we want to without relying on public transportation all the time. Many of us have car or motorcycle at home for occasional use only especially those who prefer to commute with public transportation that have a reliable schedule. While we are a not always using them everyday, it is still important to bring them for routine check to make sure they are always in top condition.

Vehicle is mainly used for transportation but in modern day they are fun to ride or to drive. While people have different preference about vehicle and transportation, we are always reminded about safety all the time and this is indeed necessary since they can threaten our life. One of the most important part to consider when owning a vehicle is the tire because it will relate to the safety, comfort as well as the performance to make sure we are getting the best experience each time.

This is why it is important to choose a tire that match with your application and sizing used on the vehicle. If you are here, chances are you are riding a motorcycle and just like a car tire, motorcycle tire also have numbers we can read to decide which sizing match with the bike. But, before we have to decide what type of tire we need, there are several of them out there so make sure to choose a dirt bike for off-road bike and a cruiser tire for those who are riding a cruiser or metric and heavy bike like Harley Davidson.

Tire sizing is printed on the sidewall so we can check what size our stock tire in directly. For example, there is 180/70R16. This information indicates that this tire diameter or width from one side to another in term of footprint is 180 while the height of the tire is 70 so the taller it is the higher this specific number will be. The next R means radial tire as opposed to B or bias-ply but when not written, it can be taken as a radial tire.

The next information we can take from its sidewall is the type that written as M/C to specify motorcycle tire and for example 77H. This last number and alphabet is indicating the load capacity but not directly translated so we will need a tab to see the information and 77 tire is designed to carry both rider and passenger or luggage at maximum 908 pounds. H is speed rate and mean that the tire can be rode up to 130 miles an hour.

About Metzeler M880

If you are already know which tire to pick based on the sizing and ratings, now is the time to hunt for the item. When it comes to tire, we can pick from almost unlimited brands and model in the market so it can be very confusing, moreover, if you don’t have any favorite yet. For those who don’t want to spend much time checking one tire model to another, it is good to look what other people have used and loved since they are more promising.

One of the most popular tire for Harley Davidson or metric cruiser owner today is the ME880 from Metzeler. This German company has been around for more than a hundred years and this ME line is loved by many people due to how they can provide both comfort and acceptable wear as well as reliable performance on the road. It is based on the older ME88 released back then and continue being one of the bestselling model from the company for a long time until the ME888 is launched.

The newer model supposed to offer a more long wearing capacity and if you are interested, go check the comparison between the two in our previous article Metzeler ME880 vs ME888 here. This tire used to have a wide range of sizing options so metric cruiser, heavy bike rider or custom bike owner can find the perfect sizing for their own but now, the sizing collection is decreased due to being overtaken by its successor so it can be hard to find the full collection anymore.

Metzeler M880 Design

One of the reason why people love Metzeler ME880 is because of the compound they use on the tire for it is quite soft compared to many other similar tires out there. This soft compound is obviously enhance grip and performance on the road both dry and wet surface but will wear faster so it is not going to last very long. It is featured with a nice groove pattern to prevent nibbling and water performance to channel water out from the face area.

Metzeler M880 Performance

A good tire should work good as well when installed and Metzeler offer what you are looking for in term of comfort and performance. This tire feels very nice when tested and we have no complaint at all about the performance both on dry or wet road. It sticks to the ground good and we can brake or turn easily as well without any issue. By not having a long circumferential grooves, the tire is not straying when meets with cracks or damaged on the road.

Metzeler M880 Wear

When talking about long wear, this is what Metzeler M880 is not very reliable with because as a soft compound, the tire won’t last very long especially if we are riding quite aggressively. It can last nicely for more than 9k depend on our riding habit but there are people who can make it last more than 10k as well. In general people seem to change their tire in between 8-9k due to prominent wear or even damage.

About Michelin Commander II

There are so many good options out there and we have to check them to see if we are already picking the correct option that match our preference and application. ME880 from Metzeler is a nice tire and people love it because they do work very well but for those who also want a long lasting tire without scarifying the capabilities, Commander II from Michelin is a very nice option to choose. As you may already know, this model is replacing the older Commander which is like the staple of many.

The reason why this tire is very promising is because they offer an almost twice long wear than their competitors and when tested with Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classic, this tire is proven to last up to 250k miles which is amazing and with a price point similar to many of its rivals, it can be a great choice for you with cruiser and Harley Davidson.

Michelin Commander II Design

What’s interesting about Michelin Commander II is the SRT technology which mean Silica Rain Technology. This technology is adding another layer of protection or compounds into the grooves to improve the performance further. In addition, there is aramid fibers inside the tire and this is meant to increase the density without prominently affecting the tire’s weight because it is very strong yet very light. This one is also playing an important role in making the whole item stay for longer ride.

Michelin Commander II looks like a contemporary tire with a nice-looking tread pattern but they are functional and not here just for the style. These longitudinal tread patterns are here to improve the rain technology so it can remove the water from the face area and provide rider with the grip even when the road is wet.

Michelin Commander II Performance

When talking about this tire, what we often heard is how they will improve the handling because there are times when the grooves that normally grab the front tire of the tire and move the bike around, making it unstable is prominently reduced when using Commander II. In addition, the tire doesn’t seem to mind rough surface as much because it feels just as comfortable even with some cracks and we love how stable the bike feel when we are taking turns.

Michelin Commander II Wear

Compare to many other tire out there, this tire is very reliable in term of long wear because it show little to almost none wear even after few thousand miles on the road but then again, it can be very related to how we ride the bike. For people who are riding the bike everyday to commute and for leisure, this tire should last several years in the bike and we feel like going long with them.


Now, let’s compare Metzeler ME880 with Michelin Commander II. As you may already know, in term of performance, both of these tires are very dependable on the road and we have no complaint on how they work. What set them apart is the wear because ME880 is not as long lasting as the Commander II due to a softer compound they use as the material.

Metzeler M880 vs Michelin Commander II

Metzeler M880Michelin Commander II
- Softer compound - Stronger carcass
- Wear faster - Wear longer
- Slightly more expensive - Slightly more affordable
- Narrower sizing options - Wider sizing options


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we are not always have the same preference about a tire capability. Between the two, we are recommending Michelin Commander II because it is able to last longer, perform great and available in a relatively affordable range of price.