Metzeler M880 vs Avon Tire Cobra Chrome

A good tire will elevate your driving or riding experience and while all tires have the same look and made mainly from the same material which is rubber, their performance may be different from one model to another. For those who ride cruiser and need a reliable match, Metzeler ME880 vs Avon Tire Cobra Chrome are two nice bike tires to pick. They are equally high-rated but also different so check our article below before making your purchase to know which the better option is.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– Ho to choose a Tire
– What are Metzeler M880 and Avon Tire Cobra Chrome
– How are the Design on Metzeler M880 and Avon Tire Cobra Chrome
– What Metzeler M880 and Avon Tire Cobra Chrome can offer to you
– Are Metzeler M880 and Avon Tire Cobra Chrome Long Lasting
– Metzeler M880 vs Avon Tire Cobra Chrome

Picking a new Tire

While owning a vehicle is surely beneficial if you love driving or riding, it comes with a burden as well mostly on the taking care part. Just like everything else, we have to maintain them from time to time to be sure that they are always ready when we need them. We need to bring them to store and ask professional to check them but there are also other things we need to pay attention to for our safety and comfort.

Among other parts in our vehicle that need replacement every once in a while, tire is probably the most often mentioned part because they will wear as we are riding the bike and at some point will need to be changed with a new one. A tire is not only meant to protect the wheel and let your bike runs but also affect how the vehicle act when on the road from the response to the comfort side and of course keep us safe.

All tires are identical and different at the same time so choosing one is actually not an easy thing to do. The real reason is because we have our own judgment and taste so the one that looks the best on other people’s bike may not offering the same experience for us yet, the method to choose the suitable tire is still the same which should be based on what has been installed on your bike previously as long as we don’t make any custom here.

The method is actually sizing options because there are huge collections from each tire model and we need to find the one that fit first. Tire sizing is printed on the sidewall and for example, there is 160/60R-17 on your older tire and this number means 160 in width which is the distance length between one side to the other face of the tire, 60 in aspect ratio or can be translated as height of the tire and the higher the number the taller the tire will be.

The R or Radial type followed by 17 that indicate the rim diameter we are using on our bike. Another important number you have to pay attention is the load and speed rate which is written with number and alphabet for example 58W. This number is not directly translated and there is a table to see the exact mean, 58 itself means the tire can carry up to 520 pounds while W is translated to be use up to at 168 mph.

About Metzeler M880

If you already note what sizing you need for your bike, now is the time to look for the tire model that has the same sizing. We can choose based on your favorite brand or anything caught your attention the most but it is probably good to start from what other people have proven to work because they surely look more promising. For those who are seeking performance without requiring much budget spending, Metzeler will have a nice option for you.

We are sure most people are already familiar with this brand because they have been in the market for quite the time and loved by many other users out there. This German manufacturer has a long history stating how good they are in the market and offering many options for us to choose based on either budget or performance. One among them is ME880 tire and this old favorite is the one you need for an optimum grip as well as comfort on the road.

This old model is based on the predecessor and several years ago, there is a new model to carry the journey of this model called the ME888, to check how they differ from each other, see our article on Metzeler ME880 vs ME888 here. This new model is meant to upgrade the older tire especially on the material and long wear ability which is being an issue on the ME880. Since most sizes are already replaced with the newer tire, we don’t think it is as easy to reach for the complete collection of ME880.

Metzeler M880 Design

This tire is featured with an anti-nimbling thread pattern and as you can see from the sample picture above, they are coming with anti-circumferential design which mean they are almost perpendicular or in angle with the tire itself. By not having a long circumferential grooves that goes around the tire, we also don’t have to worry about nimbleing and those uncomfortable steering when running on roads with rougher surface or cracks here and there. The tire is quite soft and rated with H, V or Z depend on the model.

Metzeler M880 Performance

When talking about Metzeler M880, the first thing we always hear from rider who install them on their bike is how the tire provide grip and comfort on road because it is indeed provide a nice stickiness to the ground and we feel like the grip is enhanced compare to many other similar tires out there. It brakes confidently and easy to handle and when in turns it moves easily as well as stable. We also don’t find any drawback both riding in dry or wet pavements.

Metzeler M880 Life Expectancy

On the long wearing ability, it varies widely depend on how we ride the bike and how often we abuse them but for people who are riding for commuting and doesn’t play aggressively, it seems that the tire can last for about 9-10K miles. Some people can burn the tire as fast as 6500 miles and some can last more than 10K.

About Avon Tire Cobra Chrome

Because there are so many options out there, it is good to also look for what other manufacturer has to offer since we may see or find a better model or the one that has the capability as you wished for. For people who also need a tire that looks cool to complement their bike appearance, mostly those with newer cruisers, the new Cobra Chrome from Avon is a good tire to install. This model is released recently, no longer than half a year ago but already gaining so much fame.

This tire is meant to be successor of the older popular Cobra and just like its previous version, the front is indicated with AV91 while the rear tire is called AV912. Due to the huge sizing options, they are suitable with so many cruiser types whether to replace your OEM tire or to complete your custom bike’s appearance.

Avon Tire Cobra Chrome Design

According to the company, this new Cobra Chrome is made with a new compound to enhance the performance side based on the original Cobra tire to make them have the same feeling when rode in both slow and higher speed. Just like its original model, we can instantly distinguish that it is an Avon tire by the design or tread pattern alone which is very attractive. When you take a close look at them, there is the signature snake logo printed near the sidewall as well as snake skin texture.

This tire is featured with nimble handling technology and can handle heavy loads as well with a comparison for about 5% longer contact patch and up to 10% more mileage than the original Cobra. It is rated up to W for speed rating and available in both black and white wall version as well as both bias and radial type but all of them are tubeless.

Avon Tire Cobra Chrome Performance

Since this model is still new, there are not many people trying them already but when they does, the first thing we see is how light the bike becomes and the most prominent feature that can be instantly tell is they work amazing on turns with a quick, instant respond. After being scratched by road for a little more time, Avon Tire Cobra Chrome began to show the grip and it indeed feels like a sport tire with reliable handling. There are also no issues about the performance such as slip or slide.

Avon Tire Cobra Chrome Life Expectancy

We can’t say how long this tire will last since it is still fairly new but comparing it from the original tire, it seems that the new one wear better. The original Cobra can last for more than 11K when used for leisure riding so it should last longer with the new one but, for those who are riding fast and more aggressively or have a tendency to burn their tire quickly, this model may able to hold around 10K.


Now, let’s compare Metzeler ME880 with Avon Tire Cobra Chrome. In performance both of them are similarly good both in wet or dry condition but Cobra Chrome is more responsive due to being designed for sport purpose and while the tread pattern from both tires are useful especially on rain and to keep the bike from straying, Cobra Chrome sure wins on good-looking side. Since ME880 is softer in compound, it stick to road better but will also wear faster than stiffer tire.

Metzeler M880 vs Avon Tire Cobra Chrome

Metzeler M880Avon Tire Cobra Chrome
- Lesser sizing options - Huge sizing options
- Softer compound - Stiffer carcass
- Lower mileage - Better mileage
- Great grip - Responsive
- Traditional tread pattern - Modern tread pattern
- More affordable - More expensive


All in all, the decision is all yours because we may have different need and preference so it is best to pick based on how you think the tire will complement the bike. We recommend ME880 for those who are not really into “look” or sport application and the new Cobra Chrome for those who seek both performance and a attractive tire.