Shinko 777 vs Avon Cobra

Getting the best tire for our bike is not easy because depend on the application and how we ride, a different tire will also produce a different performance, moreover, if we have no plan to spend much. Shinko 777 vs Avon Cobra are two nice options to pick for those who are seeking performance and a nice wear. If you also wondering which to pick, go check our article below to see which model fit your preference the most.

I this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need to change a tire
– What are Shinko 777 and Avon Cobra
– How are the Construction of Shinko 777 and Avon Cobra
– What Shinko 777 and Avon Cobra can offer to you
– Are Shinko 777 and Avon Cobra Long Lasting
– Shinko 777 vs Avon Cobra

Changing Tire

A lot of people see tire as a not very important part of their vehicle except to cushion their wheel and keep them rolling. While this can be true in different occasions, a tire is just like the shoes on our feet and if you are running or loved doing outdoor activities like hiking, you will know as well how the shoes we pick affect our experience. A good shoes will take us long just like a good tire that will stay dependable

for an amount of time.

Nothing will work properly forever and this is why we have to care and change them once in a while or when needed because something that is not in a good shape will cause other problems later or may even act like a threat especially tire. A bad tire may cause an accident because they are not capable anymore to provide the grip and stable enough to let your bike runs. This can affect how they roll and braking respond as well as how they act in the road.

A tire is quite tricky part in our bike or car because for many of us who doesn’t have enough knowledge about vehicle, adjustment is something we can’t just do at home by ourselves. Even a light adjustment like air pressure is need to be maintained to provide a good, comfortable ride for when they are too high the tire feels too stiff but when they are low, the bike feels less stable. As the owner, we should know how an adjustment and different tire work at our favor.

However, the way to know how exactly a tire will work is no other than try using it for ourselves and see if it match our preference or not. In the market, there are a huge options to pick and it can be very confusing to choose so it is better to look for what other people have to say about a model before trying them on our bike. To pick a tire, make sure the size is the same like our old tire if we are not making any new adjustment.

The next is picking based on the application because similar like a car’s tire, bike also have several model to go from dirt bike to a regular tire for cruiser and standard bike. If you are here, chances are you have a standard bike or cruiser and for this type of application, those who are not prone to speed or ride daringly, a comfort and how the tire acts in the road are two of the most important part to consider.

About Shinko 777

Tire is not cheap which is why we are seeking for a model that can last very long in our application but there are times when the budget is tight and we have to change them immediately for safety reason. If you have a friend with the same problem or probably also looking for a friendlier tire for the wallet, Shinko is one of the best brand that offer good and affordable tires so we can still ride confidently without breaking the bank.

This is a Japanese brand that has been known for decades to offer nice options without necessarily require you to pay much so in term of dependability, we are sure they know what they are doing. The one you will love to check on is their 777 tire or SR 777 which is among the most popular for bike tires. This model has been renewed and called as 777 HD for most of the sizing and if you wonder what separate them, the new ones is increased in load capacity to carry bigger bikes.

The Shinko 777 tire is a good tire for anyone who are planning to spend less or have an older Harley that is not worth to spend money anymore. It is also suitable for a wide range of standard bike and cruiser out there. Read also: Shinko 777 vs 712 here.

Shinko 777 Design

From the outside Shinko 777 looks like any other tire, round, black with a tread pattern on the outside. This tire is made with tread compound and rated H with 4 to 6 plies to be able to run fast depend on the capability of your bike. For the new HD version, it is also featured with Aramid belt and this is what makes them different from the older models since this can increase the weight bearing capability of the set.

This model is available in both front and rear version with a directional tread pattern which should offer a good performance whether you are running on a dry or wet road especially on traction. It is tubeless and compared to some other similar tires out there, the carcass seems to be softer in general.

Shinko 777 Performance

The first thing we love about Shinko 777 is how the tire improve braking in the bike because comparing it to the older tire, this one give a faster response probably because it has a softer texture overall. It feels very comfortable in general and we have no issue about the tire because in both dry and wet road, they act almost the same yet, when the road is a little bit wet, the braking also slightly slower in comparison.

The second thing we love from Shinko 777 is how the tire behave with cracks in old road due to the weather because other tires commonly follow and definitely know the texture but this one somehow ignore those tracks and continue to roll like in soft surface.

Shinko 777 Wear

On the wear, it depends, varied based on our riding habit so it is hard to see how long the tire can last. Some people may only able to make it last for 3000 or more than 5000 but mostly they last quite long for a tire in this price range as long as we don’t ride aggressively. The wear is also nicely even and after 5500, the tire still look nice.

About Avon Cobra

Because there are so many other options out there, you may want to check other product or model from another good brands as well. While Shinko is the option for those who want to spend less, those who are here to find a good-looking model for their pride bike may want to look elsewhere such as to Avon Cobra. We are sure most people are already familiar with this brand and product for how good they can work on the road and long wear.

The one we pick as a sample picture above is the Avon Cobra AV72 which is the rear model so if you want them in a pair, make sure to also pick the AV71. This tire is suitable for a wide range of bikes from metric cruiser to a bigger motorcycles like Harley Davidson with their huge sizing options even for those with a custom bikes.

Avon Cobra Design

When looking at Avon Cobra, the first thing we notice is how modern the tire look so it may suit a newer bikes out there than those with a classic items. There is black and white wall version with a small cobra design near the sidewall which can be cool or lame depend on your personal taste. The black wall version has textured sides to add another aesthetic into the tire to even more stating that this model is standing out in appearance.

They have 4 to 6 plies construction to make sure a long lasting usage and as for the rear model, there is a belt tightly wrapped in the middle to both make the tire last and promote an even wear. Beside this tight belt, there is looser belt at the sides to give the bike a more neutral response to allow rider move better when turning. The tread pattern of this tire is called as chevron pattern to evacuate water.

Avon Cobra Performance

What many people loves about Avon Cobra especially the AV71 and AV72 tire is how they improve the turning performance in their bikes even compared to another popular ME880 from Metzeler. The claim that they are very round and increased in straight line stability is also proven because the bike doesn’t feel like going stray when we are riding on smooth road. The grip is nice and even with higher power, the rear seem to not bug that much as well as how nice they are in turns.

Avon Cobra Wear

For the long wear, there are people who can wear their tire faster or seems to never change theirs because it all due to the riding habit. For a standard riding habit, we hope to see the tire to go more than 1000 because they are still looking nice after 5000 on rear and 8000 on the front even when tried to be abused with a bit more aggressive riding.


Now, let’s compare Shinko 777 with Avon Cobra. As it has been mentioned above, both of them are a nice tire that works dependably for different bikes but in term of long wear, the Avon Cobra is still winning in this side. The performance from these tires are actually very nice both in keeping the ride comfortable and responsive.

Shinko 777 vs Avon Cobra

Shinko 777Avon Cobra
- Less firm carcass - Harder built
- Less sizing options - Wide sizing options
- Wear quite fast - Wear longer
- More affordable - More expensive


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference when it comes to which tire fit our application the best. If you are low on budget, Shinko is a great help but if you are not and want to get a modern tire for your cool bike, the Cobra AV71 and AV72 from Avon is a good option.