Michelin Commander 2 vs Avon Cobra AV71

Both Michelin Commander 2 and Avon Cobra AV71 are highly rated motorcycle tires offering great performance. If you are confused between Michelin Commander 2 vs Avon Cobra AV71, you don’t need to worry. The discussion below will show you the comparison between the two tires, their strengths and weaknesses, so that you can choose the best tire for your motorcycle.

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Features of Michelin Commander 2

Michelin Commander 2 is a high-quality motorcycle tire that is renowned for its longevity (for all-terrain vehicle tires, take a look at BFG AT KO2 vs Goodyear Duratrac). According to the company, the tire has been tested by an independent third party, and the test has shown that a Michelin Commander 2 rear tire is able to provide twice the mileage of the competition. In addition, Michelin Commander 2 also offers good steering and road traction performance.

This tire is H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph. So, it is a fine choice for a sports motorcycle with a powerful engine. In fact, it is chosen as the original equipment for select Triumph models. Michelin Commander 2 has been optimized to provide great performance and safety at high speeds.

If you take a look at the tread pattern of Michelin Commander 2 vs Avon Cobra AV71, you will find a peculiar design. The radical look is something that will turn people’s heads and invite admiration. It uses longitudinal grooves to evacuate water out from the contact patch. In addition, this design also improves the load-bearing tire surface in the contact area, so the tire can be more durable than other tires with radial grooves.

Michelin Commander 2 also features all-new rubber compounds which possess remarkable wet grip yet without reducing any durability. The Amplified Density Technology creates a highly dense and rigid tire casing to deliver excellent handling and feedback. The tire is supported by square bead wires which improve the tire’s handling, rigidity, and ease of installation.

Special for the rear tires, Michelin Commander 2 uses Aramid tread plies to increase the centrifugal growth resistance while at the same time reducing the weight. The result is impressive stability and dramatically improved longevity. No wonder that the rear tire can easily deliver extended mileage.

Michelin Commander 2: In Use

Michelin Commander 2 is very smooth and comfortable to ride on. You won’t feel any significant amount of vibration coming from the road. It feels very stable and reliable, even at high speeds.

The traction is great. The tire grips onto the road well, hence enhancing the stability and handling. The performance remains to be impressive on wet roads. In wet conditions, the tire is still able to maintain good traction most of the time. Cornering and braking are always solid and sure even on wet roads. However, you still need to be careful when riding on wet roads, especially when there are puddles that can increase the risk of hydroplaning and slipping.

The tire rolls into corners nicely and smoothly without making it feel like the bike is dropping. Transitioning from side to side when maneuvering or going through twisty roads feels very smooth and solid. That almost feels like a soft compound sports tire, except that the durability is much, much better.

Overall, the performance of Michelin Commander 2 vs Avon Cobra AV71 is very good. Through multiple times of hard cornering on not-so-smooth blacktop roads, evasive maneuvers, and unplanned hard brakes, the tire never disappoints.

Michelin Commander 2: Durability

Surprisingly, after two years and over 6,000 miles on the roads, Michelin Commander 2 still holds up well. The center of the front tire experiences minimal flattening. While a new tire has a tread depth of 4.0 mm, the used tire still has approximately 3.0 mm. So, as long as you are not abusing the tire by going over an extreme terrain, it should be able to last for a long time with very low performance degradation.

As expected, though, the rear tire is more worn off than the front tire, but overall still in a pretty good condition. This is understandable because the rear tire typically handles heavier work than the front tire.

The center portion of the rear tire is noticeably flattened, but there is still some tread depth. When measured, the tread depth near the center-most area is still about 2.0 mm. Meanwhile, a new rear tire has a tread depth of about 6.0 mm. This is not bad at all, considering the heavy work that the rear tire has gone through.

Features of Avon Cobra AV71

Avon Cobra AV71 is one of the most well-known cruiser tires in the market. It has been in the world for several years, and it is still considered by many bikers as one of the best options available. However, this doesn’t mean that Avon Cobra AV71 is suitable for everybody. Cruiser tires are some of the most difficult to design, and you don’t want to crash a cruise tire because it has too much bling to damage.

Cruiser bikes are very heavy. The weight distribution is very different from the ideal front-end bias. There is limited ground clearance, and the rider’s body posture is in a position where it is difficult to make fine control inputs. So, there are many difficult tasks that cruise tires have to complete.

Michelin Commander 2 vs Avon Cobra AV71 has responded with a number of features. Firstly, it comes with a very strong carcass. It has multiple belts, with Aramid, that allows a constant load of up to 660 lbs. More belts are placed in the middle of the tire to enhance the rigidity and durability while upright. However, the tire can be supple and soft enough when leaned over, providing a large soft contact patch for great cornering performance.

Unlike traditional cruiser tires, Avon Cobra AV71 favors a chevron-like tread pattern instead of a solid central groove. This tread pattern is similar to what sports tires offer, and it can enhance agility and prevent the bike from clinging to white lines. Also, Avon Cobra AV71 has thicker tread elements with deeper grooves.

Avon Cobra AV71 has a well-rounded profile to allow easy side-to-side transition. Sizes are available up to a 300 rear. For aesthetic purposes, the tire is available with white walls or with snake skin patterns on the sides.

Avon Cobra AV71: In Use

Avon Cobra AV71 is obviously a high-quality tire. The overall performance is very impressive. The traction is really great, and the steering is highly responsive.

Turn-in is very quick. You can easily transition from one side to the other. Moving from upright to lean to upright again is pure joy. Those heavy cruiser bikes that are notoriously hard to control will become smoother, more rapid, and more controllable. Avon Cobra AV71 is what you need if you want to totally transform your cruiser’s handling.

At the same time, Avon Cobra AV71 also offers improved straightline stability. If you have a bike with a light and vague front-end, like the V-Rod, the tire will make it feel much better. The tire feels very stable. If you want to go straight, the tire will go perfectly straight. The traction on dry roads is enormous.

The wet performance is good, though not completely flawless. If you are not careful when coming out from a bend, you may hit over-banding that may result in a fish-tail. Fortunately, the tire’s recovery is fast, so you should be able to take back control quickly if this happens. Still, on most wet roads, lock up is possible and the traction remains good.

Avon Cobra AV71: Durability

Avon Cobra AV71 comes with a specially formulated rubber compound to increase the durability and mileage. As mentioned above, the tire has thick tread elements and deep grooves, so it should be able to withstand wear for quite some time.

The mileage of your tire heavily depends on how you ride. However, most users say that Avon Cobra AV71 can stay in a good condition for at least 8,000 miles for a front tire, 5,000 miles for a rear tire. In other words, the durability of Avon Cobra AV71 is generally very good.

Keep in mind, though, that the tire is not designed for harsh terrain conditions. The tire’s construction is durable enough to withstand heavy impacts. However, sharp rocks may damage the tread. This tire is only for usage on paved roads.

Michelin Commander 2 vs Avon Cobra AV71

Michelin Commander 2Avon Cobra AV71
- All-new rubber compounds for remarkable wet grip, without compro­mising durability - Avon Cobra AV71 motorcycle tires are aimed at the power cruiser/custom market.
- Square bead wires improve casing rigidity, handling and ease of installation - Incorporates sports motorcycle tire technology for nimble handling.
- More expensive - More affordable


Both are very good tires. However, Michelin Commander 2 is generally more recommended. It has better overall performance. The steering is great, and the stability is very good even at high speeds. The tire also offers great traction on dry and wet roads.