Shinko 777 vs Shinko 777 HD

Changing tire can be an event to look forward to especially if the old one is already deteriorating and not dependable anymore. Shinko as one of the most popular bike tire manufacturer offer many good models like Shinko 777 vs Shinko 777 HD for your motorcycle. The question is which one of them will be the better option and if you are also asking the same question, go check how they are separated in our article below and pick the one that suit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a new tire
– What are Shinko 777 and Shinko 777 HD
– How are the Tread Pattern in Shinko 777 and Shinko 777 HD
– How are the Performance of Shinko 777 and Shinko 777 HD
– Do Shinko 777 and Shinko 777 HD Long Lasting
– Shinko 777 vs Shinko 777 HD

Choosing Tire

Owning a vehicle means a continuous care and as it aged, we have to pay more and more to keep them running comfortably. It is never an easy thing but as the owner we already get the benefit of traveling anywhere anytime we want and most of us does enjoy riding or driving through the city road. To make sure they are always in top condition, don’t forget to check them every few months and pay attention to their tire as well.

Neglecting them while riding them as daily commuter is not a wise decision but there are times when the money is tight so we don’t have the source to pay attention to them. While maintenance and tire replacement can be very expensive, sparing some time to look for a more affordable options is definitely going to worth a lot in the future. If you see someone in this position or yourself probably currently looking for wallet friendly tire replacement, there are actually many good, cheaper options out there.

Just like your motor oil, we will eventually need to change our tire when it is no longer dependable whether it has lose the grip or has some defects. Motor oil will require a more often replacement and can affect how your vehicle perform so does tire but in general, a good tire can last between 2 to 5 years while there are also those who can keep their tire for as long as 10 years with a still good tread wear.

To notice when is the time to start looking for a new tire is by checking whether the tire still have a prominent tread depth around 2/32 or 3/32 of an inch. A balding tire will not provide a dependable grip anymore and becoming more slippery especially when the road is wet as well as not as stable as they were new anymore. In addition, we can see it from how the tire is performing with a test ride to see if there is any discomfort or issue about its steering.

About Shinko 777 and Shinko 777 HD

If you think now is a good time to replace your tire, it is good to start looking for the tire that match your bike. Tire are black and round made from rubber so in general they will act the same and similarly beneficial just like a shoes for our feet. What separate them and making it hard to pick is because they are not actually the same especially in term of performance since different bike and application will need a different tire as well.

There are many great items out there but they are usually come in such a high price so if budget is your biggest concern, it is probably better not to set your expectation too high for we got what we pay is true for most of the time. One of the most popular affordable tire brand and model in the market now is Shinko 777 and Shinko 777 HD. Just like how it sounds, they are made by a Japanese manufacturer and actually has been around for quite some time.

In the western country, some rider may never heard their name before but many of us have used them especially when the budget is tight. This manufacturer has been manufacturing tires and tubes since decades ago around 1946 so we can be sure they do understand what to offer. It is developing a strong bond to a company in Idaho to provide a dependable customer service and of course a cheaper shipping cost.

Shinko 777 and Shinko 777 HD are popular because they are providing a decent ride without asking the rider to spend too much and what we love from these models is their sizing since it can fit standard to a bigger bike or cruiser. Before we are going further, both of them are actually very similar to each other because the latter is upgrading or renewing its original version which mean the older tire is probably not as easy to get anymore.

It is said that the HD model has been replacing the tire in 95% of the sizes so it is not going to be very easy finding them in case you prefer the old one. In addition, there is 777s which is featured with white wall for those who want to install them in their bike. For another affordable tire, go check our Dunlop D404 vs Metzeler ME880 here.

Shinko 777 and Shinko 777 HD Tread Pattern

As you can see from the sample picture above, Shinko 777 and Shinko 777 HD are virtually the same tire because there is not much difference based on the outer look alone and the newer model still use the same tread pattern as well as technology. What you will notice when comparing them side by side is the HD version has the word printed on their sidewall as opposed to their older tire but otherwise, these tire are still the same.

They are tubeless tire and build with 4-ply construction so we do hope to see they can go for a longer distance as well as belted with Aramid. This material is also used in Commander 2 and it is noted to have a strong build because this material is stronger yet lighter than steel. What set them apart from the build is the HD model has been upgraded to have a higher load thus, it can accommodate those big-inch touring bikes.

If you compare it to another popular tire like Commander 2 from Michelin, these two have a little softer carcass so there will be a slightly different feeling or riding experience. Their tread pattern is making sure the tire to have a uniform wear and a good performance whether the road is wet or dry due to their small siping and unique lugs. Their speed rating is at H and available in both front/rear type.

Shinko 777 and Shinko 777 HD Performance

A good tire is not the one that looks good on the paper but the one that proven to work good as well and both of these models will give you exactly what they promise. The first thing we love from these tires is when we took a ride on an old road especially against tar snakes. For those who are not familiar with the term, tar snakes is the crack in a surface where the road is old and aging due to the abuse they took from traffic and weather.

Shinko 777 and Shinko 777 HD are amazing in this part since compared to many other similar tires like Commander 2 or Metzeler 888, these tires ignore and make the rider feels much comfort unlike with other tires where they are just certainly know there are cracks on the road. It also doesn’t affect the performance much in whether dry or wet condition. No matter what surface you running on, these tire are working amazing and shown a quite well uniform wear.

Shinko 777 and Shinko 777 HD Wear

For those who are worrying about wear, it is probably good to check how these two last after getting abused and high speed riding. There are people who tried to see until when they can last both from a highway speeding and gravel ride. The tire feels good on the bike but it can get very hot when you are riding in higher speed and it may soften the tire a little bit. They do show quite the wear and even give an uneven texture like a build-up appearance.

However, when the temperature is lowering and not as hot anymore, these build-up will disappear and show the smooth surface again. For those who prone to speeding, they can last around 6000 miles but if you are calmer and prefer to ride leisurely, we think it is capable to be a 7000 miles tire. However, if it is only used for a daily commuter bike to go and get back from your work, they will definitely last longer especially with the HD model.


Now, let’s compare Shinko 777 with Shinko 777 HD. As you may already know, the difference between these two good, affordable tires from Shinko is on the load capacity because they improve the HD model to be able to carry a heavier load so they can suit those big bike like cruiser as well. In performance, they are still very comfortable and wear decently but not one of the best for long lasting tire.

Shinko 777 vs Shinko 777 HD

Shinko 777Shinko 777 HD
- Older tire - New model
- Lower load rate - Higher load rate
- Not suitable for bigger bikes - Suitable for cruiser
- May not widely available anymore - Replacing most of the original sizes


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference when it comes to the best tire for our bike but we do recommend you the Shinko 777 HD because not only it has a higher load rate but also because the original model may not available widely anymore.

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