Michelin Commander 2 vs Avon Cobra

Riding a motorcycle is fun and all until you have to change your tire because the selection process can be complicated and time consuming. For those who are riding a cruiser, you may want to use a tire that are designed to handle and deliver the best performance such as Michelin Commander 2 vs Avon Cobra. Both of them are indeed popular but if you are considering the two, go check our article below to see which model can deliver the kind of result you want.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a tire for your bike
– What are Michelin Commander 2 and Avon Cobra
– How are the Tread Pattern of Michelin Commander 2 and Avon Cobra
– What Michelin Commander 2 and Avon Cobra can offer to you
– Michelin Commander 2 vs Avon Cobra

Choosing Bike Tire

Riding a bike or driving a car is fun when you are doing it for recreational activity such as touring or when tackling the wild with your friends. To give you an optimal experience or performance, we need to maintain the condition of our vehicle from time to time and make sure everything is in top condition. In addition, we also have to use the most suitable tire for our type of vehicle and application because this part is also important.

While tire may look the same from the outside and can roll your vehicle, they are not always the same and each model may better suit different type of application as well. Tire is not going to stay long on our wheel and there will be time when we need to replace them for example if the traction is no longer dependable or if you see a noticeable reduction on their tread. Depend on where you use the vehicle and habit, we may need to change the tire faster or later.

If you are riding a bike, the thing often questioned by people when choosing their next tire is whether to use tube or tubeless tire. Well, there is no fixed answer that can decide which model you need because it can depend on your preference. However, the popular guide is to pick tube type if your wheel has spokes and if yours is cast, chance is you will need a tubeless type.

The next and most obvious step is deciding the size and you can base it on your stock or previous tire to see the exact size. If you are riding a bike, just like with a car, the type of bike you own will decide the tire as well. Sport or trail bike have to use their special tire and cruiser also have their own tire. As for cruiser, the carcass may also play an important role when deciding the model because a lighter cruiser will have different tire to heavier bike.

A heavier bike will need a tire with sturdier carcass to carry the whole weight and application and if you are riding a Harley Davidson, you may want to take a look at Dunlop D402 vs American Elite. In addition, you may want to check some of its construction to determine whether it will be good for your bike or not depend on user.

About Michelin Commander 2

If you already have an image of what kind of tire you need, then now is the time to look for the item in the market. Due to the many options, we will need a time to select from those collection and see which fit you the best. Michelin is one of the most popular manufacturer of tire for both car and bike so they should have the collection for your vehicle as well and if you are riding a bike, their Commander 2 will probably suit you.

Commander 2 is a very well-known tire for cruiser rider and we are sure most of you are already familiar with the model because it has been around since forever being the option for many people. However, to upgrade the older model into a better item, Michelin release a new version in 2012 which in a glance, made it look like a contemporary tire but behind what we can see from the outside, there are additional features as well because it is claimed to improve both lifespan and handling.

Michelin Commander 2 Design

Commander 2 from Michelin is built for the cruiser market whether you are riding a Harley Davidson or a metric cruiser with a huge list of sizes to match your wheel; it also available in both radial and bias. As you can see from the sample picture above, this tire is offering an aesthetic look from the first time you lay your eyes on them but it is not only to make your bike look great because the tread pattern is an upgraded rain technology that has been developed by the manufacturer.

The tire is featured with a longitudinal grooves here and this design is claimed to be the one that increase their water performance when you are riding on a wet road especially the traction, maneuverability and stability so we can get a confidence riding experience even when it is raining. To add into its capability, there is an SRT technology here as well to improve the performance further. There is also an aramid fiber inside the plies to increase the density without really affecting the weight.

Michelin Commander 2 Performance

Moving to the performance side, Michelin Commander 2 is a nice option for many users not without a reason because they are proven to work well on different condition, for either dry or wet and smooth or curbs. What you will notice first when installing the tire is probably the handling. People said the usual grooves that grab your front tire and move your bike unstable is noticeably lessens. It is also feel nice and smoother when you are taking turn on the road.

Another concern when looking for a tire is the wet road performance and this tire not only has a good tread pattern but also nice wet road performance so there is no problem when driving either in dry or wet road. The treadlife is nice as well because the tire is showing quite a little wear even after being used for a while.

About Avon Cobra

As you may already know, there are so many manufacturers out there offering good tire for you so this is why it is important to select the best tire for your application. If you are looking for a nice tire, Avon may have the model for you. This British based manufacturer is also very popular when it comes to vehicles tire including for bike because they are proven to give you a decent performance with not so expensive price, matching many bikers need.

One of their popular tire for bike is Cobra which is available in a wide range of sizes so it can fit your bike nicely whether you are riding a metric or big bike like Harley Davidson. In recent year, the company also upgrade this model to a new tire called Cobra Chrome which is improved to be more long lasting.

Avon Cobra Design

From the outside, we are sure you can already see why this tire is called Cobra because the tread pattern here is already resembling this reptile shape and if you compared them side by side with Commander 2, they are actually look very similar. If you dig in a bit deeper into the outer design, there will be a small snake pattern here and there which may look attractive or not depend on your personal taste. Overall, this model is a good looking tire for those who want to upgrade their bike.

In addition, the tire also available in both black and white walled version just in case you are interested in these options. What’s different in the design part is the black walled version has been featured with a snake-skin like pattern that may won’t be very beneficial in term of performance but will give your bike a bit of an upgraded look.

Avon Cobra Performance

Moving to the performance part, this tire is also loved by many people because it is working well. This tire is proven to give the rider a nice performance since it can improved the stability and have a decent comfort when you are going for a long range. The bike seem easier to control and smoother than some cheap tires out there but there are some stray movement as well when you are running on scrubs especially on the front tire.

In addition on wet road performance, Cobra tire from Avon is also not disappointing because it can work well and thanks to the pattern, the water management here is dependable just like when you are riding on a dry road but with a slicker surface.


Now, let’s compare Michelin Commander 2 with Avon Cobra. In design, both of them are very similar and in our opinion, they are equally good looking for new bikes as well as older model as long as you like the look. In performance, they are also dependable but when you compare them both, Commander 2 seems better because it promote better stability when you are riding, especially in scrubs.

Michelin Commander 2 vs Avon Cobra

Michelin Commander 2Avon Cobra
- Have a tougher build - Use standard build
- Better stability - Not as stable
- More affordable - More expensive


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick the Commander 2 because its build is tougher with the aramid fibers to make the carcass stronger and has a nice stable performance as well.