BFG AT KO2 vs Toyo Open Country AT2

A performance tire is needed if you want to get a nice driving experience because this is like the shoe of our running exercise that protect and add a traction as well as support to where we step our foot on. For those who want a versatile tire for smooth and harsh terrain, BFG AT KO2 Vs Toyo Open Country AT2 are two nice option to go. They are equally high praised but may not be the same so check our article below to see which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for an All-Terrain
– What are BFG AT KO2 and Toyo Open Country AT2
– How are the Tread Pattern in BFG AT KO2 and Toyo Open Country AT2
– How are the Performance of BFG AT KO2 and Toyo Open Country AT2
– BFG AT KO2 vs Toyo Open Country AT2

ALL-Terrain Tire

Tire is one of the most important part in our vehicle that we have to check from time to time to see if it is already the time to change them or if they are capable of handling the next season challenge. Since they are made of rubber, each tire will eventually worn out after quite some time and before they are completely fallen off, we will see some effects from the wear which can be easy to distinguish compared to how it formerly perform.

They are not a cheap pair to purchase so it is best to look for those that can last longer but if yours is not working great anymore, changing tire can be a very nice moment to look forward. For those who currently looking for a new tire, you must already know what kind of tire matching the kind of application you use to drive and what type of vehicle you are driving it with. Selecting tire is just as important for any vehicle no matter for city driver and off-road enthusiast.

However, since the off-road driver will need a more than just rubber to cover their wheel, we may also have to put extra effort when picking the one with a desired performance. Unlike SUV that only driven in smooth pavement and rarely gravel, an off-road vehicle will need a capable tire with several properties to make sure the rough condition out there is not going to make you have a hard times such as when driving in a desert, rock mountains and deep muddy trail.

Another thing to consider is whether you also drive inside the city because for those who occasionally drive off-road and spend more time on smooth highway surface, it won’t be wise to pick an off-road exclusive tire since we also need to consider the other side as well. If you are also driving in both pavement with smooth city road being the most occasion, an All-Terrain or AT tire will be the best option since it has the performance combination of both MT and All season.

About BFG AT KO2

All-Terrain tire is probably one of the most popular type of tire because they are versatile enough to be used in both terrain without being too good in either of them. When talking about AT tire, the one that instantly comes to our mind is KO2 from BF Goodrich. This well-known tire is actually a new model to upgrade the older version of KO which has been in the market for decades now. As a new model, we do hope to see improvement here.

The older KO is a nice tire but due to be made based on the previous design, it won’t be able to compete with new releases that has been using a better technology to support the vehicle and driver. The company claimed that their improvement increase BFG AT KO2 traction by 19% in both mud and snow, making the model achieves coveted Mountain Snowflake symbol.

BFG AT KO2 Tread Pattern

The improvement they put in this tire is very prominent when you check the whole unit for it is made to compete with those more aggressive AT that has capabilities mimicking an MT. What we can see here is how the tire inspired by Baja T/A KR line with the well-known CoreGuard technology to improve split and bruise resistance especially in their sidewall along with adding a thicker shoulder rubber. As you can see in the picture above, the rubber is extended a little bit further into the sidewall.

Due to this improvement, BFG claimed their new KO2 sidewall is 20% stronger than its older version. In addition, the tread pattern is also different from original KO because the new compound reduces chunking and let the whole tire to last about 15% longer and even up to 50% longer on gravel. The design itself is still very similar to its brother but also looks fresher with little redesign. It gives a new air into your 4×4 and when combined with the sidewall lugs, this tire looks more contemporary.

It will help BFG AT KO2 when rolling down the road but to compete with other vast collection of nice looking AT tires out there, a new face is indeed important. For those who loves wet mudding, the Mud-Phobic bars, serrated shoulders and stone ejectors as well as siping will support your play time out there.

BFG AT KO2 Performance

A good tire is the one that will give you the proper traction and great performance when finally installed in your wheel so sounds good doesn’t mean the unit is always working like the description. Fortunately, BFG AT KO2 doesn’t only sound promising but proven to be very reliable on the road. When tested, this tire is handling dry road with confidence and we have no complaint here at all. It is very stable and said to have a better performance compared to DuraTrac by some users.

It has Snowflake logo not without a reason because piled snow is easily conquered and definitely better than your regular All Season. It all thanks to these big, chunky rubber blocks and 3-D sipes to give that necessary bites so we can drive comfortably in the cold winter. As for off-road capability, it certainly shining in this part as well and you will know when passing dirt, grass, sand, rocks or creek beds and mud. Overall, we can count on them with confidence.

BFG AT KO2 will help you get from muddy road very impressively but we can’t compare it to Mud Tire in term of power because of its less aggressive pattern but in dry terrain or rocks, it is just as nice and even after a long ride, the tread doesn’t show any concerning effect. For those who want to play harder, check a good MT on BF Goodrich KO2 vs Nitto Ridge Grappler here.

About Toyo Open Country AT2

If you are not sure whether BFG AT KO2 is the perfect option yet, it is a nice decision to look around checking other product first since we may find a better option with a similar capability or a more affordable tire. For those who want to tackle both highway and off-road condition, Toyo Open Country AT2 is a perfect model because it is made with an aggressive tread pattern. It also the new model for its older tire so there are some enhancement we hope here.

Toyo Open Country AT2 Design

The first time we see the tire, Toyo Open Country AT2 is a very attractive tire due to its aggressive symmetrical pattern which is making it looks like a mild version of an MT. What has been improved by Toyo in this tire is Wear-Resistant tread compound to provide an excellent durability and claimed to have a 40% more tread life. It has a unique shoulder with “Z” shape and siping placed in all of the blocks.
Just like many other AT tire, this one also use an open tread block design to make sure the water, mud and stones that stuck between the blocks are going to be removed automatically. The outer lugs are also further extend into the sidewall for additional support and traction especially in muddy road.

Toyo Open Country AT2 Performance

Now come the testing part. Toyo Open Country AT2 is proven to be as good as what other people have said because it can roll on the road without a problem even when it is winter and there is a thin ice covering the surface. It is not going to make you resistant to slippage but can handle them very well as long as you don’t drive aggressively on icy road. Wet condition is a bit of problem however, with so many bad experience on grip.

This tire somehow hard to handle when the road is covered with water, making it lose some of the traction and when tested off-road with mud, we see Toyo Open Country AT2 doesn’t really provide the proper grip and power to carry vehicle out of the disaster which is surprising. The tire indeed rolling, but it doesn’t move even when the stone ejecting function is working very well. As for the road noise, in smooth pavement the disturbance is kept very low.


Now, let’s compare BFG AT KO2 with Toyo Open Country AT2. Both of them have a nice looking tread pattern that will support your vehicle appearance but in term of performance, KO2 is the winner here because it able to provide a great traction in hard-packed terrain or a loose surface including in mud so they can actually pull your 4×4 out of the situation. As for road noise, both are as quiet as many great ATs but not whispery quiet like a Highway tire.

BFG AT KO2 Vs Toyo Open Country AT2

BFG AT KO2Toyo Open Country AT2
- More aggressive tread pattern - Decent tread pattern
- More affordable - More expensive
- Better traction - Less traction
- Better in wet road - Not very good in wet road
- Better in mud - Can’t handle mud very well


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference and taste as well as favorite brand. However, we are looking for a capable tire and in this side, BFG AT KO2 is the better option for its dependable performance both on and off the road.

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