BF Goodrich KO2 vs Nitto Ridge Grappler

A proper tire will improve your vehicle performance when tackling various surfaces and conditions but due to the huge option, we may have to spend some time choosing one of them. If you are driving a 4 wheel driver and loves some off-roading, BF Goodrich KO2 vs Nitto Ridge Grappler are two nice option to pick because they are made to do exactly the job. To know what they can offer and which the better option, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What Tire used for Off-roading
– What are BF Goodrich KO2 and Nitto Ridge Grappler
– How are the Tread Pattern in BF Goodrich KO2 and Nitto Ridge Grappler
– What BF Goodrich KO2 and Nitto Ridge Grappler can offer to you
– BF Goodrich KO2 vs Nitto Ridge Grappler

Off-Road Tire

Some people may feels relief when it is finally the time to replace their old tire because this is a chance for some upgrade as well and to try a new edition of tire which you may take an interest in but don’t feel like the old one is giving up yet. If you also have the same experience then, looking for a new tire can be a very fun activity to do but before going to shop, make sure you already have a list of things you want.

A different people with different vehicle will need a different tire as well including where we are going to drive them at especially those truck and SUV drivers who also need to consider performance in both types of terrain. It is true that different tires will produce a different outcomes as well in term of characteristics, performance and limitations so make sure you are getting the one match your need and the first step is probably understanding the type of tire you may use.

If you are driving a truck or an SUV or other vehicle with an off-road capability, you must want to mount something as powerful as your vehicle because for us who drive on rougher terrain or spend some leisure time in the wild, a proper tire is a necessary for better performance. The type of tires we used to choose between are either all-terrain or mud-terrain tire but in recent years, hybrid tire seems to also entering the market and attracting many users.

All terrain is created to bridge people who drive in both smooth city road and rough terrain or for some light off-roading while mud-terrain is designed to give higher performance while not very focused on the comfort, highway driving which is why MT can be very loud. A new tire called hybrid tire is placed between the two because the gap of AT and MT can be quite far and as the user, we want the most capable with lesser drawback.

About BF Goodrich KO2

Now let’s move to the hunting part to see what the market has to offer and if you are already searching here and there, we are sure most of you are already familiar with KO2 tire from BF Goodrich or even used one before. This tire is surely popular and being recommended by both casual and off-roaders out there due to the high performance and effectiveness when handling different terrains including both smooth highway and rocks or even mud in the wild. Read also: TreadWright CLAW II Tire vs BF Goodrich Tires All-Terrain KO2 here.

It is the new version of the old popular KO tire that has been released more than a decade ago and to improve as well as follow the advanced in technology for with the newer releases from other brand, BFG original KO won’t stand a chance anymore. Without necessarily being a hybrid tire, the company claimed this tire to be their toughest AT model and made to look like an MT tire so not only performance, you will get a look upgrade with KO2.

BF Goodrich KO2 Tread Pattern

When taking a closer look at the tire, the first time we notice is the different tread pattern compared to the older model which is nice to upgrade the footprint and it is not only for cosmetic purpose but also for the performance. In material, BF Goodrich KO2 is made from racing derived cut, chip, tear resistant tread compound to give you a longer wear up to 2 years from the older model in both roads and gravel.

Its tread now designed with computer to optimize the performance and aggressiveness with that interlocking, bulky tread blocks like in the picture above. It is also featured with innovative siping technology with loose object ejection to make sure the tire can handle off-road condition and still acceptable in term of road noise. Moving aside, the new upper shoulder sidewall armor is improved to be tougher and doubled in thickness with serrated design to provide some traction and clawing option as well as steering control.

BF Goodrich KO2 Performance

A good tire on paper doesn’t always mean it has a good performance outside so we have to check how they work and be sure about our decision. On dry pavement, BF Goodrich KO2 is working amazing because there is no difference in feeling while driving with this tire to another all season often used on smooth surface but the road noise is indeed not going to be whispery quiet here. When tried on sand or dry dirt, they are very nice as well and doesn’t show weakness.

When the road is wet, it is time to test how good the tire handle hydroplaning and how good they will act when stopping the vehicle. The tire stays amazing even in wet road as well because it resist hydroplaning very well in both slow and higher speed such as when driving on highway. When trying to stop the vehicle, braking performance seems to be improved from KO model and you can actually compared it to the popular DuraTrac from Goodyear.

Now let’s see how it works in the wild because many of us must be very curious to know how good KO2 can handle off-road condition. Mounted on a truck, it works well on dirt, grass, sand, rocks and creek beds as well as when driven through muds, overall, it is a nice tire. But, if you are planning to play with a deeper mud, we don’t think it can work as good as dedicated MT.

About BF Goodrich KO2

If you feel like KO2 is not fulfilling your activity requirement or need a tough tire that can tackle almost anything out there then, Nitto may have what you are looking for. The one we are talking about here is their new Ridge Grappler which is actually a hybrid tire between their all-terrain and mud tire so expect to see some decent design and wonderful performance here. The tire itself offering great traction on trails, aggressive face and wide-void but with smooth and quiet noise when you have to hit the highway.

BF Goodrich KO2 Tread Pattern

When you see Nitto Ridge Grappler, the first thing you may notice is the combination design because as a hybrid tire, it mix both all-terrain and mud tire elements with big bulk blocks and deep, alternating grooves which creates zigzag pattern means to reduce noise. There is also alternating tapered edges on the tread pattern to add more bite and grip when you have to drive on trail while between the tread voids, they use stone ejectors to make sure small rocks are going to be automatically removed.

Another thing that play an important part in making Nitto Ridge Grappler looks aggressive is the wrapping sidewall design because it is now coming down more into the sidewall which is nice and bold. To reinforce the build, Nitto upgrade the tread blocks foundation to prevent unwanted flex and for those who drive with more weight, they even offer F-load to accommodate heavy-duty trucks.

Nitto Ridge Grappler Performance

Moving to the performance side, this tire is just as good as how other people describe it because if you are often driving on smooth pavement, there is nothing we can complaint about its performance whether the condition is dry or wet. However, what we have to note here is it not going to be very quiet like your all-terrain tire or Duratrac because with the aggressive tread pattern, they will be hard to be whispery silent yet, it is on par with regular good off-road all-terrain tire.

When the road ends, it is time to see how good Ridge Grappler as an off-road tire and thankfully, it is working just like you expected. There is no problem when handling sand, loose dirt or hard packed trails with some rocks and when you move to softer terrain like mud with deeper water, you will see how dependable the tire is because the tread blocks will dig deeper into the surface and provide a nice grip to pull your truck out of the situation which we find very satisfying.


Now, let’s compare BF Goodrich KO2 with Nitto Ridge Grappler. As you may already know, the difference between them is on the type and performance because KO2 is an all-terrain which mean we should not relying on them too much when it comes to mud especially the deeper one unlike Nitto Ridge Grappler with a better tread blocks to make sure we can always get the proper traction even on loose surface.

BF Goodrich KO2 vs Nitto Ridge Grappler

BF Goodrich KO2Nitto Ridge Grappler
- All-terrain - Hybrid (AT and MT)
- For lighter mud - Heavier mud
- Less road noise - Louder
- More affordable- More expensive


All in all, the decision is all yours to make for we may have different need and preference or budget to spend. However, if we are to choose, we do favor the Ridge Grappler from Nitto better for those who loves to drive through deeper mud and off-roading in general since this tire have some of the best capability from an MT.

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