Toyo MT vs RT

One of the most important part in our vehicle is the tire because depend on where you are going to run them on, we will need a different type of tires as well and choosing them can take a lot of time. Toyo as one of the most popular manufacturer today is offering a wide options for people who want to have a versatile tire for their truck with Toyo MT and RT. If you wonder which the best for you, go check how they differ below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Tire for Off-Roading
– What are Toyo MT and RT
– How are the Tread Pattern on Toyo MT and RT
– How are the Performance of Toyo MT and RT
– Toyo MT vs RT

Choosing Tire

Unlike some parts of our vehicle, our tires will retire very soon in a few years depend on each user’s habit and the place where they often drive. If your stock tires are no longer providing the traction they used to have when you first getting your vehicle, it is probably the time to change them into a new set already. This can be determined by measuring the tread pattern as well and if you see a good amount of reduction, prepare to install a new one as well.

Looking for a new tire that is not what your manufacturer first mount into your car’s wheel can get quite confusing and will take some time to determine which model suit your vehicle the most. Of course depend on what you are driving with, we will need a different tires as well as where we are going to drive in. For many of us, those with a vehicle capable of some off-roading will prefer to pick an all-terrain or more aggressive tire while the rest are preferring an all-season.

In general, city driving is more suitable with an all-season since we only handle daily driving in smooth pavement and some light snow on the road depend on each area’s condition while people who also loves to play around off the road with their truck or SUV is more suitable with all-terrain tire or any model that also capable of handling the wild conditions. Except for people who live in certain places, many of us are driving in both smooth and wild terrain with different combination and habit.

If you are falling into this category, not just us but many other people out there will also recommend you to pick a capable tire which is not only dependable on the road but also off the road and the option will fall into either all-terrain, mud-terrain, or hybrid tire. Among those options, the latter is probably the newest type of tire which in last several years began to be produced by many manufacturers for those who are driving light trucks and similar vehicles.

Just like how the name suggest, it is the combination of both predecessors so for those who are confused about choosing which type, we can go with a hybrid instead since their quality are combined in one. However, they also have some drawbacks and can’t be said the perfect type of both due to some limitations.

About Toyo MT and RT

Another thing that you may want to consider when looking for a new tire is the manufacturer because depend on the company, their quality will differ as well and while many manufacturers also made different qualities, it is good to consider the one that trusted by many users. If you are also looking for a dependable tire for every use, mainly for playing around doing some light adventure off the road, go check what Toyo has to offer because they are among the most popular in this side.

For those who are driving in both terrains but want to be more capable in the wild without scarifying the performance when you are driving on city roads, Toyo MT and RT can be the two best options. Both of them are two very popular line from the manufacturer and in term of availability, the latter is just offered not too long ago following the success of its older brothers. If you wonder what RT means, it is the short of Rugged Terrain.

This tire model is actually the combination of Toyo AT and MT which making it one of the many hybrid tire available today that took the interest of truck driver alike due to the capability of handling rough terrain in a similar way mimicking a mud tire yet are still pleasant enough when you want to drive them on highway or pavement, the majority place we will took our vehicle to drive, making it another versatile option beside all-terrain.

Toyo MT and RT Tread Pattern

We can easily determine if a tire is meant for off-road, both terrains or on-road only when looking at the tread pattern because each purpose have their own unique pattern that show what and how they are going to be helpful in certain condition. As you can see from the sample picture above, both of Toyo MT and RT are rather similar to each other since they are equally made for an off-road purpose but if you see closer, we will notice that the gaps between blocks are wider in MT.

Both of them have an interlocking-like blocks in the middle and big lugs on the shoulder. While their chunks are equally big, since the space between blocks are narrower in Toyo RT, we can see that this model has more packed pattern as well. Those deep lugs are beneficial when you are running on loose terrain or a place when there is less traction to take rocks and make sure there is more contact to the surface like when you are driving over a light mud.

What’s prominent in design is their sidewall because when you look at their side, the MT tire is featured with additional tread just below the outer shoulder that in general will be helpful to protect the sidewall when we are dealing with rocks and small trees laying around on the wild. Another benefit of this sidewall tread blocks is to provide additional traction when you are driving on mud or snow where the traction from its main tread is low as well as improving the off-road handling in hard turns.

On the siping part, Toyo MT and RT are very similar and they have a fairly straight line of sipes in each of the blocks so it is not surprising to see many people are wondering whether they can work as great when in snowy condition like frozen road since many good snow rated tires out there are featured with zigzag sipes. Read Toyo MT vs BFG KM2 for more off-road tire options.

Toyo MT and RT Performance

Moving to the performance side, if you are already looking around reading many reviews about these two tires, we are sure you already know what we are going to say about their capabilities because they are indeed a great tires for anyone who are planning to drive in smooth pavement and spend some leisure time off the road yet they do stand out in this special part since the design are made to handle such condition so we can drive confidently anytime.

When tested, Toyo MT and RT are very similar to each other because when driven with a four wheel driver to handle terrains like hard packed surface with some loose rocks they are proved to provide a good steering and thanks to the deep lugs, there is low chance of rocks getting stuck between the blocks that may harm the tire when happened from time to time. In nature, they are as good as many other mud tires out there and while RT is hybrid, it shows no weakness in mud either.

If you like climbing some rocks, these tires can do the job as well since they can provide grip pretty effectively as well as when you want to glide on sand. In wet packed area, there seem to be no problem with each set but as far as off-roading goes, we rarely think about noise and yet the RT does quitter than MT even on the wild.

In smooth pavement testing, we don’t have anything to complain as well because dry or wet pavement are no problem and the steering feels pretty much the same regardless the surface with RT being very similar to many AT tires you have ever tried before by not wandering around in highway. However, users do notice the similar issue in noise here with MT being louder in highway and RT still as quiet as a humming sound that we can easily put aside.


Now, let’s compare Toyo MT with RT. On the performance part, both of them are very similar to each other because they can handle what main conditions we often faced when going off road but there is one thing that separate them from each other and it is the noise because due to the design, RT is quitter on both terrains while naturally, MT is more impressive in mud.

Toyo MT vs RT

Toyo MTToyo RT
- Better in mud - Dependable in mud
- Louder - Quieter
- Further gap between tread blocks - Closer gap between tread blocks
- Additional sidewall tread- No additional sidewall tread


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference and taste. If you are often driving on the road and want something that closer to an AT, Toyo RT will be the better option but for those who want to play hard especially with mud and have no issue with loud tire, MT is still the choice you may want to have.