Toyo MT vs BFG KM2

A good tire is the one that will deliver the proper performance for the type of application you are driving in and matching your expectation. For those who loves off-roading, Toyo MT vs BFG KM2 can be a great options to go because as a mud-terrain tire, they can handle those difficult surfaces with ease. Go check our article below before you are picking them up at stores to see what they can offer and see which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Choosing a Mud-Terrain
– What are Toyo MT and BFG KM2
– How are the Tread Pattern on Toyo MT and BFG KM2
– How are the Performance of Toyo MT and BFG KM2
– Toyo MT vs BFG KM2

As a driver with an experience, we must already know what tire to use in different conditions or the place we are going to drive and this will affect our driving experience as well since a good tire should deliver the proper traction, grip and other quality matching the type of surface. Of course the one we use when running on highway and driving through mud will be different and like everything else, there is no perfect tire available that can handle all conditions to the maximum level.

This is also why it is hard to find the proper tire for our vehicle because besides the amount of types we must consider, we are also asked to select from the vast collections available in the market which is confusing even for people with more experience. The fastest method is probably looking at what people have recommended on the internet since popular tire will most likely to also offer a good performance and already proven by many other drivers out there.

Another thing that we should consider is choosing the one that match our application the most because a tire with an amazing performance on hard pack, sand, and highway will not able to handle mud, rocks and wet roads as good as the tire designed for specific areas. If you are looking for a tire that can deliver a maximum performance in one type of surface, we have to sacrifice their performance on the other side or simply go for an all-terrain if you want the most versatile option.

If you are here, chances are you are an off-road enthusiast and currently looking for a mud terrain tire. This type of tire is amazingly capable when taken off-roading whether you love playing with mud or climbing some rocks since the tires used for both of these conditions are very similar. Most if not all of them are featured with flexible treads that heavily interspersed with voids to both provide paddle movement and keeping the tire clean so it can work properly.

About Toyo MT

If you are already making up your mind and want to install a mud-terrain in your 4×4 vehicle, now is the time to look for the brand and model that can deliver the kind of performance you want. Among those many options in the market, if you are already reading some recommendation on the internet, we are sure you will be familiar with one of the most popular mud tire available today Toyo MT or Open Country Mud Tire which is just like the name, a tire specially made for off-roading.

It is said that Toyo pay close attention when creating this tire and talked to many car brand’s representatives to listen on what the pitfalls of other mud-terrain so they can make a better item. Overall, Toyo MT is designed for those who are looking for an amazing traction off the road while also boasting the longevity of their tread life.

Toyo MT Tread Pattern

Let’s talk about how good this tire from the outside because just like other tires, their construction and tread pattern does matter to make sure they are made to be capable enough. Its aforementioned longevity is supported by the high turn-up polyester construction while the performance is supported by the semi-aggressive pattern. It has a big chunks of blocks that are molded into a symmetrical design. On the shoulder, it has open, scalloped blocks to enhance the off-road traction.

This lugs are also beneficial when you are running on muddy, sandy and snowy off-road conditions since there is more materials to paddle your vehicles through them. The open design will also improve the self-clean capabilities to make sure mud and dirt won’t get stuck between the blocks. In addition, this tire model is also featured with additional tread located over the shoulder to improve deep mud and snow traction as well as supporting a thicker sidewall so they can take more abuse.

Toyo MT Performance

As you may already know, a good tire should offer a good performance as well and this is why not all tires with big promises will have the same result when taken or used in real life. In this side, Toyo MT is proven to work as good as the promise because no matter what kind of terrain you are driving, this set is capable of dealing with all of them effectively including hard pack, muddy roads, climbing rocks and even some loose surfaces like sand and snow.

Thanks to the big and open lugs, this tire is capable of taking our vehicle from mud and get a traction on deeper place where the surface is harder, the same like when dealing with snow. However, when the snow are piling higher, like many other similar tires out there, it will be harder to find the ground yet mild condition is still dependable. When taken to regular road, the tire is great in handling wet pavement thanks to the wide grooves.

However, there is a little issue on the noise because while the tire is said to be made with an enhanced road noise, unfortunately they are still not among the quietest mud terrain tires out there. Off the road, there is no problem with the sound since we are not using them to be quiet or comfortable but if you also plan to drive on highway, they can get quite annoying. Read also: Nitto Trail Grappler vs Toyo Open Country MT here.

About BFG KM2

Due to the huge options available, it is wiser to look around first before deciding on your previous option since we may find a better item or at least a similar model that is available in a more affordable price range so we can save more. Another good mud terrain tire in the market is BFG KM2 which is among the best you can get today since they are very popular due to how good they can perform especially when you are running on the wild.

BFG KM2 Tread Pattern

This model is the second generation if their toughest “E” and while the tread is new, the technology they put inside is not or not entirely new because they are retaining their older TriGard construction to improve this tire capabilities. On the construction side, BFG KM2 is featured with three polyester belts in the tread and sidewall that are fortified by two each of nylon and steel in the tread. At the other hand, what’s new in this part is they are also using Krawl-TEK design.

To improve the overall built, the poly cord used now is thicker until 30% over the previous tire while the sidewall compound itself is said to be more nick and cut-resistant. Their overall design looks appealing and in term or aggressiveness, they are not looking like a full beast yet is very attractive in case you also want to upgrade the appearance of your vehicle.

BFG KM2 Performance

When tested, this tire is just as good as what other people have said because when used to tackle some mud pit, there seem to be less effort to carry the vehicle away from those areas and even with some thick soils, there are less getting stuck in between the blocks. What’s amazing is even though there is lack of siping at least on the shoulder that we used to find on many other mud terrain, the small lateral side channels do its job in self-cleaning efficiently.

On rocks terrain, the Z-shaped longitudinal voids in BFG KM2 do provide a multiple biting edges and we find it good enough to climb some of lower elevations but if you compare this model to the older tire, it feels like the blocks somehow a bit stiffer, yet they are still able to ample flex over rocks. The only disadvantage is when you are running slower, because the handling will feels a bit rougher especially when you are driving on the pavement.

On the comfort side, along with the increased speed, the road seem to be smoothen out better and just as comfortable as many other mud terrain while in noise, we don’t think BFG KM2 is noisy and probably among the quietest mud terrain tire out there.


Now, let’s compare Toyo MT with BFG KM2. As you may already know, both of them are capable of providing a dependable performance as a mud terrain tire and no matter which model you pick, we can handle muddy road, loose soil, snow or even climbing some rocks. The prominent difference between them is on the noise because KM2 is not as noisy as MT from Toyo.

Toyo MT vs BFG KM2

- Louder - Less road noise
- More expensive - More affordable
- More size option - Less size options


All in all, the decision is all yours to make and we are sure you are already making up your mind. However, if we are to choose, we are going to recommend you to pick BFG KM2 because this model is not only quieter but also more affordable.