General Grabber AT2 vs Goodyear Duratrac

All-terrain tire is a good option for anyone who are used to run on both smooth and off-roading but don’t want to suffer from the disadvantage of each best tire on different surfaces. Among those many options, General Grabber AT2 vs Goodyear Duratrac are two very good choice for your next daily use and adventure time. If you are also considering these models, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you and which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for an all-terrain tire
– What are General Grabber AT2 and Goodyear Duratrac
– How are the Tread Pattern on General Grabber AT2 and Goodyear Duratrac
– How are the Performance of General Grabber AT2 and Goodyear Duratrac
– General Grabber AT2 vs Goodyear Duratrac

All-Terrain Tire

Changing tire is one of the most annoying thing we face as a vehicle owner because not only they cost quite the sum of money, we also have to consider the options available to make sure we are already picking the best tire we can get with our budget. Tire is something we routinely change from time to time and they are not going to last very long in your vehicle if you are driving aggressively or if you also play around in the wild.

The best time to change your tire is when you realize that there is something different on the set when you drive and when they are no longer capable of providing both grip and traction you need. Besides being felt, we can check the tread pattern and measure them to make sure how much length have lost from the usage. Just for a tip, it is good to measure them when they are still new and write down it somewhere so you can monitor them.

Another thing you may want to consider is the tire type itself because different type of tires are made for different surface and not all of us are going to have the same requirements. People who mostly drive on highway or smooth pavement inside a city will mostly pick an all-season so they don’t have to change them when the winter is approaching and most of them are quite capable in handling different seasons while not necessarily being the best in all of them.

For people who are driving both in and off the road, we are preferring to choose an all-terrain because just like the name, they are very dependable when it comes to different surfaces whether you are playing with mud or driving on a smooth pavement. Unlike mud tire, an all-terrain is also comfortable and mostly quiet similar to those all-season but with a more aggressive design both of the shoulder and sidewall for maximum performance without actually being a the best in each surface.

Another benefit that doesn’t related to the performance is the look or appearance of this tire because most of them have an attractive tread pattern that will surely look great when paired with you SUV or light truck. At the other side of the hassle of changing tire, it is quite exciting as well since we can see how our new option will perform and see if they are going to be better from our older set or not. If you don’t want to spend much time looking around, it is good to look for professional advices or those who drive at the same condition like you.

About General Grabber AT2

Among those many options, we are sure most of you are already very familiar with General tire. This is a very famous manufacturer with a great amount of collection for the customer to choose. If the one you are looking for is a tire with an ability to perform on both types of terrains, the Grabber AT2 is a nice option. The tire is said to be the choice for those who are in the market to upgrade their older all-terrain into a more dependable one.

As you can expect, General Grabber AT2 is designed for people who are driving pickup truck and sport utility vehicles who are looking for an exceptional traction on an all-terrain tire. This model is also enhanced in design to promote a long wear whether you are driving in dry or wet condition.

General Grabber AT2 Tread Pattern

The tire is made with chip and tear resistant tread compound that are molded into an aggressive, symmetric and self-cleaning tread design. As you can see from the sample picture above, this model is featured with 5 rows of independent tread blocks to combine the handling when you are driving on the road and an off-road traction. For those who are planning to drive on snow packed surfaced, the tread blocks here are built to accept metallic studs to increase the traction under such circumstance.

On the internal part, General Grabber AT2 is made with twin steel belts which in some sizes are even enforced with nylon located on top of a two-ply polyester cord body to provide both strength and durability as well as a quiet ride we will surely love.

General Grabber AT2 Performance

A good tire is not good because they sound good or looks good but how they actually perform in real life situation. When tested, this model is indeed working well with the vehicle to provide a reliable off-road traction and letting the driver to drive through sand or gravel quite confidently. When examined, General Grabber AT2 seems to throw gravel when the tire is still new, so make sure to also use some mud flaps to avoid chipping your rig paint.

On mud, it is also working well though not as amazing as a mud tire, they can pull the vehicle from mud puddle very well but we still think it is better to avoid too extreme condition out there without proper equipment. When driving on wet pavement, these deep lugs are also proven to be effective when channeling water and still provide a good traction with dependable braking.

On the comfort side, while General Grabber AT2 is an all-terrain with a pretty aggressive tread pattern, the noise generated from the set is very quiet and comfortable enough for those who drive on highway thanks to the acoustic tread blocks that muffled up the noise.

About Goodyear Duratrac

If you are already looking around the internet for a new tire especially all-terrain, chance are you will see many of them recommending a tire from Goodyear. This manufacturer is very popular in the market and used by so many people for how good they can perform in real life though not all of them are equally dependable. For those who want to drive in both smooth pavement and off-road, one of their tire can be a great option to go called Duratrac.

There are actually many other tires in the same line but Duratrac seem to still occupying the top place due to its capability in handling those various conditions. This model is developed for people with multi-purpose full-sized pickups vans and sport utility or any commercial vehicles who are looking for a tire for both work and play. Read also: Goodyear Wrangler vs Bridgestone Dueler here.

Goodyear Duratrac Tread Pattern

Goodyear Duratrac is made with a tread compound which is designed to resist tread block chipping, chunking and tearing especially when used with heavy load or towing applications. It has symmetric tread design with large shoulders and highly angled center tread blocks to make sure they are going to provide the proper traction in both dry and wet surfaces. It also have TractiveGroove technology on the grooves with stepped shoulder blocks and zigzag sipes to give more biting edges when running in mud and snow.

Goodyear Duratrac Performance

A good tire will perform good as well and this is why we love Goodyear Duratrac. This tire is used by so many drivers and manage to give a pleasant drive in and off the road. When you take them to off-roading with some gravel and loose dirt, this model is very dependable with a nice grip to the surface and traction as well as on braking because they are indeed very responsive.

On the mud part, which is the most looked out part when we are choosing an all-terrain, this tire is still good and capable of handling any mild conditions as long as you are not approaching a very deep mud puddle. One wet road, they are also great and can keep up with the speed thanks to the siping and deep grooves. When the winter came, Goodyear Duratrac still dependable with a few inches snow and no problem in getting contact with the ground.

As for the comfort side, we are very impressive when using this tire because they are very quiet and most of the time we don’t realize any sound from the tire itself due to masks by the engine. Since the blocks are near each other, smooth pavement is also very comfortable and pleasant.


Now, let’s compare General Grabber AT2 with Goodyear Duratrac. On the performance side both of them are very dependable whether you are running them on gravel, mud, rocks or loose soil. The difference is on their tread pattern because Duratrac is combining an additional pattern on their outer shoulder to provide an additional protection for the sidewall which is not present in AT2.

General Grabber AT2 vs Goodyear Duratrac

General Grabber AT2Goodyear Duratrac
- No additional lugs on outer shoulder - Additional lugs on outer shoulder
- Longer tread warranty - Shorter tread wear warranty
- More affordable - More expensive


All in all, both of them are a good option for anyone who are looking for a versatile tire. However, we are going to recommend you General Grabber AT2 because with a more affordable price, we can already get a dependable tire and an amazing tread wear.