Firestone Destination AT vs General Grabber AT2

A compatible tire will deliver a good performance for the kind of application you are looking for and just like everything else, we have to choose from the huge amount of options to make sure they can work the best. Among those many options, Firestone Destination AT vs General Grabber AT2 can be a great option to go. If you are also considering these two, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you and which tire is the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Choosing an All-Terrain
– What are Firestone Destination AT and General Grabber AT2
– How are the Tread Pattern on Firestone Destination AT and General Grabber AT2
– How are the Performance of Firestone Destination AT and General Grabber AT2
– Firestone Destination AT vs General Grabber AT2

All-Terrain Tire

One of the most unpleasant thing when you own a vehicle is a changing the tire and since they are not something that will last very long in your wheel, we need them to stay as long as they can. Depend on the model and manufacturer you are choosing, each set of your tire may or may not last as long as you expected combined with how and where you are usually driving such as on smooth pavement only or also some off-roading.

Beside how good they can last in your wheel, another thing you may want to consider when looking for a new tire is probably the type because we will need a different tire to match the kind of application we need and this is important to make sure we always get the proper performance all the time. While we can change few types of tires in one vehicle, using only one that can deal with all of your driving conditions can be a great decision.

This is because we don’t have to change them when the season changes as well or when we need to drive on different conditions that we usually drive in. For example, changing your all-season into all-terrain when you want to spend some leisure time off-roading compared to your daily driving from house to office or vice versa. For people who are only driving inside the city or use a sedan and similar vehicles, you may want to stay with an all-season or highway tire.

All-season tire usually have the capability to handle different seasons and can be used as well on light snow as well as wet road depend on each model’s capabilities so we don’t have to own few set and change the tire often. At the other hand, those who are driving a light truck or any vehicles with an off-road capabilities, most of us are a loyal users of all-terrain tire because this type is the one that can handle both conditions we are used to drive in.

All-terrain itself is probably the most versatile tire option available today because this type of tire are made as a combination of an all-season and a mud tire with a capability to handle both city driving and off-roading due to their tread pattern design and compound or material. While each tires may perform differently, most all-terrain are versatile enough to be your companion in both working and play time. Their looks are also beneficial to enhance the appearance of your vehicles to become sportier.

Due to the huge option available in the market, it is understandable that sometime we can get confused when choosing the best tire for our vehicle and it can be harder if this is your first time looking for one. While we can save more time by asking professional to recommend the best option possible, considering them by ourselves will help our next shopping journey.

About Firestone Destination AT

If you are already checking what the best option on the internet are, chances are you already see many people recommending Firestone Destination AT. This tire is an all-terrain type and is designed to compete among the best since they are promising a capability to handle many situations while also delivering a dependable result. The tire is suitable with vehicles like SUV, a truck, jeep, or any all-terrain vehicles that mostly driven on both in and off the road.

Firestone Destination AT Tread Design

Let’s take a look at the tread design first before going to the performance part since this is important to see what they can offer to you later. In this side, the Firestone Destination AT is featured with an enhanced tread compound that blend both wet performance and wear when you are driving them on road combined with a cut and abrasion resistance when you are rolling them to play around off the road. This compound is then molded into a symmetrical all-terrain tread pattern.

As you can see from the sample picture above, this tire has a continuous center rib that flanked by independent and intermediate blocks with wrap-around shoulders to combine both highway stability but with off-road and wintertime traction. The circumferential and lateral grooves itself is great to channel water and enhance its wet weather traction while the faceted tread blocks and deep sipes will be beneficial when you are driving on loose surfaces like snow and loose dirt when off-roading.

Firestone Destination AT Performance

The tread pattern may sound amazing but if you wonder whether the actual performance of Firestone Destination AT is as good as the description, you will love to hear that this tire is indeed amazing. When tested on gravel, this set is capable of pulling an 8000 pounds trailer and working just like a mud tire since they can dug down the surface for something to grab on below; the same thing is also found when driving through mud.

If you are driving in winter or in a place where the piling up snow is quite high, you will begin to notice this set weakness since it seem like they can’t dig deep enough to get the proper traction. At the other hand, their on road performance is amazing if not flawless because it can deliver a well-handling as well as being very quiet, almost noiseless with a pretty much nonexistent tracking.

About General Grabber AT2

When you are looking for something including tire, it is probably wiser to consider few items to make sure we can get the best option available in the range if price you are willing to pay. If the one you are interested in is an excellent all-terrain tire then, try check one of General tire as well which is their Grabber AT2 model. This tire is said to be a great option for those who want a more aggressive all-terrain with trusted performance. Read also: General Grabber AT2 vs Goodyear Duratrac here.

General Grabber AT2 Tread Pattern

On the compound and tread pattern design side, this tire is already showing what it is capable of since it is featured with a chip and tear resistant tread compound that molded into an aggressive, symmetrical self-cleaning tread patterns that you can see on the sample picture above. It has 5 rows of independent tread blocks which is designed to deliver both handling when driven on road and the traction we need when taking them off road.

These blocks are featured with multiple traction edges and sipes as well as created to accept optional metallic studs when you want to increase its winter weather traction. To make sure these blocks are delivering a dependable performance, they are created with computerized technology and supposed to give a quiet and comfort ride with an even wearing during on-road and highway driving. On the inside, some of the sizes available are even reinforced with nylon as an addition to the twin steel belts structure.

General Grabber AT2 Performance

Thanks to the deep grooves between the General Grabber AT2’s tread blocks, this tire is amazing when you are taking them off the road since this deep grooves will help the tire to get more traction, especially when you are dealing with mud or any loose surfaces like soil or even snow. When on surfaces like gravel, the tire is working as good but they tend to throw some of the small rocks, so if you don’t use mud flaps, they may chip the paint on your rig.

When you are driving them on smooth pavement in both wet and dry condition, this tire is shown to work just as good thanks to the tread blocks siping and biting edges that make sure we are always in full control of our vehicle while the grooves channels water to prevent hydroplaning. Stopping with General Grabber AT2 is nice and quick that made driving in wet conditions is just as good as when in dry condition.

On the comfort side, this tire is surprisingly quiet and comfortable when driven in highway even when we are speeding a little bit. When on bumpy roads, as long as they are not very deep, the vibrations are mostly absorbed to promote an enhanced experience.


Now, let’s compare Firestone Destination AT with General Grabber AT2. As you may already know, both of them are proven to work amazing as an all-terrain in both in and off the road. The difference is on their tread pattern design which in our opinion can be a good side to consider these options since Grabber AT2 looks more aggressive compared to Destination AT from Firestone.

Firestone Destination AT vs General Grabber AT2

Firestone Destination ATGeneral Grabber AT2
- Less aggressive tread pattern - Looks more aggressive
- More affordable - More expensive
- Lesser size options - More size options


All in all, no matter which tire you choose, both of them are a great option and will deliver you a dependable performance. However, if you also pay attention to look and don’t mind spending more, we will recommend you to pick General Grabber AT2.