Dunlop D404 vs D402

Just like when looking for a tire for your car, looking a tire for a motorcycle is also a hassle since there are so many options out there that we need to consider to get the best and most suitable option. For those who ride a cruiser or big bike like a Harley Davidson, Dunlop D404 vs D402 can be a great option to go. If you are also wondering which model will match your bike the most, go check our article below to see their capabilities.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to Select Motorcycle Tire
– What are Dunlop D404 and D402
– How are the Tread Pattern and Construction of Dunlop D404 and D402
– How Well Dunlop D404 and D402 can Perform
– Dunlop D404 vs D402

Motorcycle Tire

Tire is expendable and will not be forever in your wheel since they are made from rubber and will worn out along the time you are riding with them both for car, motorcycle or any leisure sport vehicle like ATV. This making us have to be always checking on them and rotate for car driver to make sure the tread blocks are still enough to provide the proper traction and working like what you need them to. When the rubber wear, it is the sign to prepare for the next tire to install.

If this is your first time changing a stock tire then, there are several things you need to know first before starting your hunting journey. The first thing being the size of the tire you are wearing and we can check them on the sidewall part. There are few measuring types covering metric sizing which is most common, alpha numeric which is mostly found on cruiser bikes and inch sizing that we can find on dirt bike.

These numbers will contain information about section width, aspect ratio, rim diameter, load rating and speed rating. Width is the measure of the tread in a straight line from one side to another and mostly 3-digit numbers. Aspect ratio is the percentage of the height which mean, the higher the number, the higher the tire will be. Rim diameter is the space between one lips to another of your rim. Load rating is a code to specify how much weight a tire can carry.

The last is speed rating and this will show you how fast the tire is designed to run safely. Another thing you may want to consider is tube or tubeless and this is also a very common thing asked by many bike owner out there. While there is no general rule, most of the time, bikes with spokes will need a tube while those with cast wheels, mag wheels, forged wheels or billet aluminum will need a tubeless tires.

Now when you are already note the size of your tire, it is the time to look for another aftermarket items and we are going to be faced with a huge number of options and this can be very confusing even for those with some experience. This is because the limited information available for the type of tire we consider or the model we want and even when listening to other people’s opinion, we also find many of them with various pros and cons.

About Dunlop D404 and D402

If you want to spend less time and hassle, it is best to ask a professional to match them for you but if you want to know more about what you are installing in your bike, choosing them yourself will be very beneficial for your future shopping. One of the most popular tire brand in the market for motorbike is Dunlop and this brand is offering a wide range of options to match your vehicle’s type and the kind of capabilities you need with a varying price.

Another thing we love from this brand is they are also providing few original equipment tires that we can rely on when our stock tires are already worn out without the need to look around for another type of tires out there. If you are riding a cruiser then, you will need to check two of their tire, Dunlop D404 and D402. While both of them are very similar to each other, we have to be careful when choosing since they are made for different type of cruiser.

Both of Dunlop D404 and D402 are the favorite of many riders due to how good they can perform but with a price range not far from many other standard OEM tires you can get from different brands. As for D404, this model is developed as a street tire for many cruisers and even vintage model bike due the wide options in sizing while the D402 is meant for long-distance Harley touring machines due to its high-mileage capability. In short, the latter is what we use when you are riding an HD.

Dunlop D404 and D402 Tread Pattern and Build

As you can see from the sample picture above, both of these tires are identical and no matter how you look at them, they are very similar to each other which also sparks question from many people on why the same item made for different bike. The one we put up there are the front tire and both models have the same rear tire as well. While the tread pattern and design are looking the same, the inside is not and this is what separate both Dunlop D404 and D402 the most.

This is because as opposed to the regular bias-ply construction used to make D404, the other model D402 is built with a three-ply polyester casing featured with two fiberglass belts to provide more stability when you are touring riding. On the tread pattern side, these two are using the same design and they are made to maximize the mileage and grip. On the middle part, here we can see an offset center grooves that will promote a comfortable ride when driving in a straight line.

On the rear tire on both models, these two are also featured with siping on the tread blocks and this is will add some more benefit on the water evacuation to help riders when they are running on wet pavement or when the rain pours as well as add some grip to the surface. As for D402, there is an option to get a wide whitewall on selected sizes. Read also: Dunlop D404 vs D401 here.

Dunlop D404 and D402 Performance

On performance, both of Dunlop D404 and D402 are very similar to each other since the tread pattern used are the same and generally, they are very dependable with all-season traction and do work well under various conditions both dry and wet. Thanks to the offset center grooves that as opposed to continuous grooves, this design will promote a more stable riding even when the surface were a bit rough that often makes the bike going left and right while riding.

This offset pattern will keep your bike nice and going straight with the handle, making the steering very comfortable and overall very stable. As it has been mentioned above, the difference between these models is their construction because D402 is made with more plies and enforced with two fiber belts where the tread pattern is placed. Due to this difference, D402 tire is able to carry more load than D404 and suitable for heavier bikes like Harley Davidson. In fact this tire is the only model approved by the brand as their bike tire.

The good performance of these tires are also supported by the construction type itself since they are a bias-ply tire. As you may already know, bias-ply and radial tire have their own benefit and disadvantage but as a tire made with several layers, they are boasting the comfortable feeling when you are installing the in your cruiser which is what we are looking for when riding a bike that used to take a long distance as opposed to those who want more speed out of their set.

This several layers of material inside is also the one supporting their capability on handling heavy load and while both are the same bias-ply, depend on how strong they made the carcass, D404 is still not as rigid as D402. As far as a good tire can go, there is no perfect product out there but we still can get a suitable item for our application.

At the other side of the benefit, bias-ply tire like Dunlop D404 and D402 is they are not good when you are riding them at a higher speed. This is because they have more rolling resistance, thus when in higher speed, we may lose control of the vehicle and they are also retaining more heat compared to radial tire, so even though our bike is capable, the tire is not and will limit your riding experience.


Now, let’s compare Dunlop D404 with D402. As you may already know, the difference between these models is on their construction which make D402 have more rigid carcass due to the higher amount of plies used as opposed to the regular D404. This difference lead to different application, making D402 suit heavier bike like Harley Davidson while the D404 more suitable for any standard cruiser and vintage bike with their huge range of sizes.

Dunlop D404 vs D402

Dunlop D404Dunlop D402
- Made for standard cruiser and vintage bike - Made for heavy bikes
- More affordable - More expensive
- Less rigid construction - More rigid construction
- More size options - Less seize options


All in all, both of them can be a great option depend on what bike you are currently riding. If you are using a standard bike, D404 is the best for your budget but if you have a Harley Davidson, the suitable option will be D402.