ITP Mud Lite XTR vs Maxxis Bighorn

No matter what kind of vehicle you are driving, we will always need a proper tire to support the kind of activity we are doing including if you are a hobbyist who love to play in the wild with your ATV. In the market, there are various great tires to choose such as ITP Mud Lite XTR vs Maxxis Bighorn that are suitable for everyone who want to have a dependable performance all the time. Go check our article to see which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a new tire
– What are ITP Mud Lite XTR and Maxxis Bighorn
– How are the Tread Pattern of ITP Mud Lite XTR and Maxxis Bighorn
– How are the Performance of ITP Mud Lite XTR and Maxxis Bighorn
– ITP Mud Lite XTR vs Maxxis Bighorn

ATV Tires

Changing tire is not a pleasant part of having a vehicle and this is the same whether you are driving a car, riding a bike or playing around with your ATV. All of them will need a suitable set of tires to work according to your kind of activities. This is because a good tire is the one that can offer the proper performance as you want such as those with a smooth driving, great traction all terrain and those made to make sure you are always in charge of higher speed.

Each one of us may have different preference and it is fine but, before making any decision, it is better to make sure you are clearly understand what you need from your next tire. Those who drive with their car on various kind of terrain will love to use an all-terrain or mud tire when they only run on the wild but for city people, they will prefer to use an all-season or highway tire since they suit the kind of condition present.

This is a little bit different for people who are riding a sport vehicles like an ATV because just like the name, while they are literally mean all-terrain, most of us ride these bad boys on the wild with some mud, gravel, rocks and maybe sand. This condition is requiring a very different treatment from what we will faced out there and made specifically for the type of vehicle you ride. Additionally, some may still want to ride ATV on smooth pavement though we won’t have as much fun here.

The same like car tires, ATV tire are separated into several types and all of them serve different purpose. Most users seem to stay with an all-terrain standard tire but depend on what kind of extreme condition you are playing in, we may need a different tire like mud specialist or sand specialist that clearly have a different design than those we rode on rocks. If you are only playing on gravel, light rock and muds, all-terrain tire still a good option to go and versatile.

If now is the time to change your tire then, allow some moment to look around and find some information regarding the tire you want to make sure they are matching the kind of application you are preparing to and overall will provide the kind of performance you need.

About ITP Mud Lite XTR

In the market, we can find so many good ATV tires available and it can be confusing as well if you are considering many of them. Among those many collection, ITP seem to have the kind of tire you want. As you may already know, this brand is very popular and actually have a wide collection you can rely on to since we can choose from all-terrain, mud tires and even those used in dessert and snowy condition.

If you are looking for an all-terrain tire to make sure you can tackle those common conditions in the wild, ATP Mud Lite XTR can be a good choice. This tire while called as a Mud model, is actually an all-terrain which is designed for those who are preparing to run through the worst condition out there. ATP claimed that this model is offering a low-profile sidewall so the riders can handle their vehicle properly even under extreme conditions.

ITP Mud Lite XTR Tread Pattern

As you can see from the sample picture above, this tire is featured with a high tread blocks or pattern that is more than an inch in height and a wide space between one block to another, measured around the size of a children palm which is good to make sure we can handle slippery surfaces such as wet rocks and mud or big puddles after rain. On size, unfortunately, we only have very little options here compared to the other Mud tire from ATP.

ITP Mud Lite XTR is a radial tire and build with 6 plies to make sure they can take an abuse and provide you with a dependable performance on the wild with a very sturdy carcass that won’t be defeated with rocks or sticks we often meet out there. The hollow part on these tread pattern are also beneficial to make sure the rubber can move a little to provide more traction. Read also: ITP Mud Lite vs Mud Lite XL here.

ITP Mud Lite XTR Performance

If you are already reading a review about this tire somewhere, we are going to state the same thing about how good ITP Mud Lite XTR can perform out there. This bad boy is the match for you who are often running on muds and loose rocks terrain because they are amazing on such condition, the traction it can provide are dependable and users can ride with confident even when the terrain is quite extreme and you want to drive aggressively.

On snowy condition, the tire is also great because while they are not specifically made for snow, thanks to the aggressive tread pattern and deep lugs, they can provide a grip properly. However, a different thing happened when you are riding the set on regular road or anything flat like gravel because they are not going to provide a very comfortable ride and can even tear your surfaces since there is much traction here.

About Maxxis Bighorn

Since there are many good options out there, it is wiser to look around first to see if you will find a better item for your need to at least something with a similar performance but in a lower price. If you are in for a tire that can give you dependable ride on the wild, Maxxis Bighorn can be your next option. This tire is very popular among ATV owners because many of them are satisfied with the set due to how good they stuck to the ground.

Maxxis Bighorn Tread Pattern

Maxxis Bighorn is a radial tire and if you are already familiar with ATV tires and their types, we can instantly know that this model is made for desert, dirt and rock applications since the tread blocks are contributing into how they will work on such conditions. As opposed those that made specially to deal with mud, this type of tire have a tighter tread pattern to increase the contact between tire and ground as well as angled grooves to help you climbing those rocks.

This tire is also featured with an extra lugs on the shoulder which will be nice to have to protect the sidewall. Since Maxxis Bighorn is designed to maximize contact, the tire will have an enhanced performance in acceleration, braking and turning when you are playing around in the wild. As for the ply, this model is created with 6 plies and have a very durable carcass to make sure we can abuse them without worrying about damaging it too quickly.

Maxxis Bighorn Performance

Since they are made for rocks, let’s talk about good they are on the condition first. When tested, Maxxis Bighorn is indeed amazing and they do stick to rocks like an octopus and can do much better than many other similar tires out there thanks to the tread pattern. They do lose traction when things are out of hand but we are sure most users will still able to get a pleasant experience with the set.

On mud, we can say that the set is still good as a rock tire because this is where the model suffer the most and not performing very well when we use them in deep mud since they can get stuck several times. However, as long as you stay away from mud or huge puddle, they can handle wet road well. On snow, they are very good and you will see that this set somehow not digging into the snow like many others, instead they glide through them.

This is a very different experience from a mud tire but still very dependable and this is what you will also get when using them to play on sand. They are still good but, we are not sure they can handle desert area or snow mountain the same.


Now, let’s compare ITP Mud Lite XTR with Maxxis Bighorn. As you may already know, these tires are clearly made for different application because XTR specializing in mud with its amazing traction and water management tread pattern while Bighorn is made for those who love to play around and climbing rocks due to the more packed tread blocks.

ITP Mud Lite XTR vs Maxxis Bighorn

ITP Mud Lite XTRMaxxis Bighorn
- Made for mud - Made for rocks
- Amazing mud and water performance - Amazing on rock climbing
- Amazing in sand and snow - More comfortable on smooth road
- Not very good for rock climbing - Not very good and snow and sand


All in all, both of them are made for different users, so it is best to pick the one that will match the kind of conditions you are going to use them in. If you love rock climbing, Maxxis Bighorn is the better option but if you love riding through deep mud, we will recommend you to pick ITP Mud Lite XTR.

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