Cooper Discover AT3 vs BFG All Terrain

We know that tires that are able to pass all obstacles are the most formidable tires. Tire manufacturers have produced tires for use in all terrain for which tire manufacturers around the world are competing to create tires that are able to deal with all obstacles with technology and innovation that has been carefully researched and designed. Offroad type vehicles are one vehicle that must be able to cross all terrain on the road. So from these two famous tire companies (Coopertires and BFGoodrich) developed tires for use in all terrain. They are Discover AT3 LTX and BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2.

Who Are They?

Tire manufacturers in the world continue to develop technology to satisfy their customers so that the tires used are guaranteed quality. The two tire manufacturers have long been established and have invented and found a variety of tires for your vehicle needs. Coopertires is a tire manufacturer from the United States which was founded in 1914 in Akron, Ohio, discovered by two brothers-in-law John F. Schaefer and Hart. The main objective of Cooper is to build a tire with innovation and technology and also provide security for their tire users.

In addition, Cooper has collaborated with various organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Discovered by Benjamin Goodrich in 1870. Previously the company was owned by shareholders by the American conglomerate, Goodrich Corporation and was later acquired by a French tire company, Michelin. Just as its competitors BFGoodrich has also made several technological innovations developed for tires made to make their tires the forefront.


Designed for the needs of pickup truck drivers, work vehicles and full-size SUVs that require tough tires in passing all obstacles in all terrain. Discover AT3LT combines off-road skills with comfort in exciting and traction roads throughout the year, including on light snowy roads. Designed using Durable-Thread technology and combined with damage-resistant silica compounds with all-terrain tread pattern designs which are the latest generation of AT3LT inventions.

In addition, the technology developed is the Even Wear Arc to optimize the footprint shape for balanced pressure in the contact area, improve handling and promote even treadwear. Tread patterns designed to help dry traction and Whisper Grooves technology located between outboard tread blocks help reduce noise during tire life.

The technology developed can also help prevent punctures due to rock drilling, and alternating scoop and lug cleats in odors designed to provide grip on rocks, thick mud and loose soil. Deep, circular channels and wide lateral grooves increase hydroplaning resistance, while some zigzag sipes independent tread blocks create the edge bits needed for traction in slippery conditions.

In addition to summer needs AT3LT also makes Groove Snow technology by using the edge of a saw-tooth block to trap snow on the site for effective snow traction. The internal construction designed by AT3LT consists of a strong two-layer polyester casing. Strengthening one-layer nylon over two high strength steel belts further increases durability and handling response, and provides high speed stability.

What about BFGoodrich All Terrain T / A KO2? It is undeniable that these two tires are indeed competing to win the hearts of consumers with the technology and innovation developed by these two companies. BFGoodrich also designed and engineered carefully to produce premium quality tires. On the sidewall, BFGoodrich designed it using Coregard ™ technology which can make the conveyor belt confident on the slope like on a hilly surface and make the tire control by itself so that the driver does not need to worry about the bad accident that occurs.

Apart from that, the technology used is Baja T / A®KR2 which makes tires durable with road conditions and any weather. Besides this, the sidewall of tire is designed to divert prominent objects so that the tire can predict not to snagging and splitting the sidewall.

In the traction section, BFGoodrich uses cutting-edge technological innovations so that tires can traverse the entire region without any interference. BFGoodrich made a traction innovation by making protruding sidewall rubber blocks that can increase traction in areas that are muddy, snowy and rocky especially when driving conditions on hilly roads. In crossing snowy regions BFGoodrich built a 3D Sipes technology that serves to provide more biting edges in increasing traction in snowy regions. Tread that has been designed in such a way using sophisticated technology so that the tread can last longer even though the tire has traveled for miles.


Designed and developed for the needs of heavy vehicles to cross all terrain, of course these two tires have the same purpose in terms of features. In dry conditions these two tires have the same ability and satisfactory performance with tires designed to hit gravel roads and unpaved roads. AT3 traction performance in wet conditions is very good so it can traverse wet and slippery roads but T/A KO2 is not very good in performance on slippery roads so that tire performance decreases slightly.

Handling in driving such as acceleration, reinforcement, steering and turning both tires are able to respond quickly without the need to worry so that makes the driver more comfortable and confident in using both tires. In winter conditions the two tires are very different in terms of performance because the performance of T / A KO2 is very good on snowy roads and light snow traction but it is not recommended if the road conditions have frozen and have passed the freezing point because both tires are only able to cross snowy area that is not too thick. The tire wear rate on both tires is different because AT3 is more durable while T/A does not. The performance of these two is backed by features that can help us across the all terrain. See also: Goodyear Wrangler vs BFGoodrich All Terrain

 Warranty Information
Both of these tires have different warranty policies. Cooper provides a tire test warranty that can be used for 45 days and at no cost so this trial is free. Unmitigated, the guarantee given by Cooper is very favored by its customers because there is no time limit for the replacement of tires caused by workmanship errors from the manufacturer. Even this warranty is provided free of charge without any charge.

This warranty policy is applied not only from Cooper but also all local dealers and online retailers who get authorized distributor authorizations from Cooper.

Unfortunately BFGoodrich did not provide satisfaction in terms of the warranty policy that was implemented. Through its official website BFGoodrich only provides a treadlife warranty with a period of six years and a distance of 50,000 miles and only for certain sizes other than that the warranty applied is another guarantee given due to errors during construction and poor manufacturing material in the sense of manufacturer’s error so the warranty which is given for six years from the date of purchase and no costs are incurred so that the replacement of the tire is free.

BFGoodrih also did not mention in detail about the warranty policy that was applied whether it was the same or different for local dealers and online retailers who had obtained official distribution authority from BFGoodrich. We recommend to you by asking your nearest local dealer about the warranty policy so that there are no errors in the future. See here for further information about warranty policy of BFGoodrich.

Size and Price

The sizes available from both tires have similarities with rim diameters from 15” to 20″ (There is no rim size 19 “so they are missed.) But from the TireRack site that reviews about these two tires the size of Cooper AT3XLT is only available with rim 16″ up to 19” but we don’t know about that because every site that sells this product must have different sizes available but from the official website it has been mentioned that Cooper provides the sizes mentioned above.

To get more detailed information about the available sizes, please come to the nearest dealer in your city so that there are no mistakes in the future. Regarding prices, we don’t get information about the price offered by Cooper because Cooper doesn’t sell it online, but from the online retailer site, the price offered is $ 190.54. Each exact price varies according to the specifications and policies of the dealers in your area.

The price offered by BFGoodrich can be seen on the official website because BFGoodrich sells it online. Prices offered range from $144.99 to the highest price of $401.99. Price provisions are determined by the specifications applied in each size. See here for the price imposed by BFGoodrich

Cooper Discover AT3 vs BFG All Terrain

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Overall, these two tires have greatness in their respective fields. In terms of performance, the Discover AT3 is better than BFGoodrich All Terrain, but in terms of the ease of buying BFGoodrich it is easier because it is sold through online and local dealers.